Frank Sinatra
Music Mafia  Frank Sinatra was twins. Fraunk first appeared, I believe, in From Here to Eternity and took over singing duty for Frank more and more as time went on, because he was sickly. Xander Taylor  The real Frank Sinatra in "The House I Live In" (1945) written by the later-blacklisted screenwriter Albert Malz (who later still wrote Spartacus). I think that the real Sinatra's "pro-communist" views and affiliations made him a prime target for the CIA's (founded in 1947) early imposter replacing of major media figures (Sinatra was replaced by the thuggish Fauxnk Finatra by 1952)

[2010] How the Krays ran a protection business for Sinatra and Co from behind bars  The Kray twins ran a lucrative bodyguard and 'protection' business for Hollywood stars from behind bars which prison officials were powerless to stop, secret documents reveal today. The gangland crime lords controlled the business from their cells while Reggie was in jail and paranoid schizophrenic Ronnie was in Broadmoor high-security hospital. The brothers boasted on their business card that their clients included 'Hollywood stars and Arab Noblemen', such as singer Frank Sinatra, adding: 'We have never lost a client.'..Sinatra was said to have recruited an 18-strong team of bodyguards from the firm, Krayleigh Enterprises, before his June 1985 visit to the Wimbledon tennis tournament.


Early 1940's with Nancy Barbato, the mother of his three children

Wife No. 2 and 3: The singer with Ava Gardner in the 1950s and right, with Mia Farrow on their wedding day in 1966

late 60's

'Obsessive Frank Sinatra took 12 showers a day and always smelled of lavender,' reveals his widow