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Freaky Zapped-Worms Testimonials

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Post Freaky Zapped-Worms Testimonials 
Hi Don,

    Yes, we have a healing center here in Denver and see about 20-30 people a day here.
    Most of our regulars have been purchasing the zappers.

    You will love this.

    One gentleman was using the zapper and doing a ionic foot bath when 20 or so white worms (looked like thin white  
    pin worms) started coming out of the tops of each of his feet.  We took a plastic knife and touched them in the wate  
    on his foot while they were coming out and they would suck back into his feet.  He has now purchased a zapper.

    Another lady used the zapper at our center, and about an hour later when she got home a white worm came out her nose. About an inch long.  She came back and bought a zapper and continues to use it.

    One more lady had been diagnosed with lung parasites.
    She came and held the zapper at our center then drove home.
    On the way home just before she arrived her nose started to bleed.
    She pulled in her driveway and ran into the bathroom at her house.
    In the bathroom a long 4 inch white worm came out of her nose.

    Since then she has been told the lung parasite is gone.
    She feels that is what came out of her nose.  She then bought a zapper of her own.

    Many others are reporting no colds or flu this year and overall just feeling much better.

    We have one zapper for anyone who wants to use it when they come to our center.
    They donít have to pay to use it.  Just sit down and hold it.
    Then if they want their own, they buy one.

    Thatís it.

    These zappers are helping many people.  Thanks for making them available.

    Blessings in all you do.
    Thanks so much,

    Loriel Hanon


    431 E. Bayaud Ave.
    Denver, Colorado 80209


Thx a lot, Loriel--good stuff!  The photo of dead worms on our website [worldwithoutparasites.com] was taken by my the divorced mother of my children in '97 right after she used a zapper the first time during a colonic.  She was borderline cynical about the zapper's prospects but agreed to try one.  She  had been using anti-parasite herbs during colonics for nine months and never saw worms come out, so she was pretty impressed.

I told her, 'I'll make you famous with this photo but I won't take you fishing any more.' Wink


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Post Re: Freaky Zapped-Worms Testimonials 
Good stuff Don.  I've used zappers for many years. I find where the Terminator is superior is with the fact that it contains orgonite, a magnet, crystal and other goodies.  This I find makes the energy "smoother" and actually boosts the frequency of the body (at least thats the way I describe it).  I've given the Termiantor to other people who have plenty of zapper experience too and they say the same thing.  Its also brilliantly convenient to use (instead of holding two copper pipes...like in the old zapper models) so I sleep with a Terminator in my sock at night a few days a week.  Of course I have Georg's powerwand underneath my mojo bed so it's hard to say what is having what effect...but wow I feel something profound is shifting.  It's all extremely exciting...combining the Terminator zapper strategies I've shared along with the nutritional and detox protocols that Tina of Africa has implemented.  It will be interesting to see where this all takes us in the area of robust health and extreme longevity.

All the best...hkj