Project FUBELT
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    Project FUBELT (also known as Track II) is the codename for the secret CIA operations that were intended to undermine Salvador Allende's government and promote a military coup in Chile.
    The highlights of Project FUBELT are cited in declassified US government documents released by the National Security Archive on September 11, 1998, 25 years after the coup, as well as in papers uncovered by a 1975 congressional inquiry.
    CIA memoranda and reports on Project FUBELT include meetings between US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and CIA officials, CIA cables to its Santiago station, and summaries of secret action in 1970 detailing decisions and operations to undermine the election of Salvador Allende in September 1970, to promote the military coup that brought Augusto Pinochet to power, and support for the military junta in the early years of its rule.
The documents undermine the claims by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger that they had cancelled plans to bring forth a coup against Allende. (Wiki)

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