Gang symbols

Gary Webb

Masonic Gang Symbols
The Illuminati created Gangs, Mafia and the Mob to sell government shipped drugs
Do the Illuminati run the Street Gangs?

the crips and the bloods were created using mk slaves created in CIA facilities like the Jonestown compound in Guyana, which was a CIA trauma camp used to breed and brainwash vicious criminals . It operated in conjunction with the Ukiah State Mental Institution
and several orphanages. Jonestown was the only facility of its kind ever fully revealed (no doubt there were and are many more just like it around the world) and to this day very few know that Jim Jones was a CIA programmer & that he ran the San Francisco Housing Authority.(aka the 'projects') Most subsidized housing projects are CIA projects.

The main branch of Jim Jone's 'People's Temple' was located in the former Albert Pike Memorial Scottish Rite Temple in San Francisco.
The Scottish Rite is into witchcraft and mind control, and covens of witches are also referred to as groves or klans. The KKK is a coven of the Scottish Rite occult, as is Bohemian Grove.