Gifting Lake Tanganyika by Boat--7 Days

Don Croft
Gifting Lake Tanganyika by Boat--7 Days - August 23, 2006 22:32
I had posted this in another thread but I feel it deserves it's own header.   The underground base map of AFrica that Georg acquired after Dr K's lake-gifting expedition shows a massive, ancient predator (draconian?) base under the lake, whcih was apparently neutralized by all that orgonite.   This is likely the source of the trouble in the lake itself.  Before long, I'm hoping to get some followup about the situation there and after the Doc gets back from his gifting trip to Ethiopia and Egypt I'll ask him to find out about that from his contacts in Burundi.

Dear Don,\

I am happy to be back home and I am glad that we share the same vision. After you visted Uganda I have never been the same and I tell you that many people will never realise how important is the work we are doing today.

I know that even if they don't believe us, now, most will eventually know what we've done.   Success is a long journey and we've taken the first step.

The trip was very successful and I have seen things that I've never seen before.  The witchcraft world has things you never thought could exist but when you get into the circles where they operate, then you know. 

When I was on the waters of Lake Tanganyika I heard a spirit crying out from below, 'Why are you destroying our habitation here?' 

The first day on the lake was peaceful but the second and the rest of the days, there was terrible wind. Thank God I hired a strong boat!  The wind turned the whole lake black.  When I asked the captain about this, he said, 'Maybe it's something you're doing. When it gets like this, a human sacrifice is needed to calm it down.'  He told me that a teen female is sacificed in this case, then it stabilises.

The conditions continued for several days and my travelling companion, Mr Ndahimana, told me that the lake needed a sacrifice.  On the fifth day, as I was getting out of the boat, the lake suddenly cleared and for the rest of that week fishermen didn't go out on the lake because it was dirty and the water was black.

On the last day of my healing of the lake the water cleared and on Friday night the fishermen went out. The catch was great.  I stayed on shore, in the Burundi capital,  to see what was happening, since the lights from the city gave a good view and the it's cool, there.

On Saturday, the fishermen's morning catch was even bigger than Friday nights.'  The boat captain told them what I had done and a group of them asked me to come each year during the season of human sacrifices until the problem was solved and I agreed.

That was an interesting experience on Lake Tanganyika and I am looking forward to continue gifing life to the world.  I am glad ot be part of the group and it is in line with my profession to make things happen and to see things change.

Nice time,

Remain your friend,

Dr Rushidie