Gifting trip to eastern Kenya
Gifting trip to eastern Kenya - August 22, 2006 04:17
I was supposed to go on a gifting trip a couple of months ago to the east of Kenya where I was informed the main voodoo activity is based.  That got delayed when my finances were interfered with.  Georg's map of underground bases actually shows that the place has a base - something I'd suspected when I first went there.

Well, I decided to make the trip this Friday, with much help from Don.  Am on track so far.  Do send me some boosts if you can, because today my son saw a strange looking dead dog dumped next to our house and got a negative energy from it.  I've also been doing battle with a personal attack on my energy, and one of the boys who works for me is very ill today. 

These tactics are not going to scare me.  The last time I visited this place, I got injured in a serious car accident.  There's a lot of work to do in Africa because the sewer rats resort to voodoo here, which is a lot more potent than their other miserable efforts.


No Subject - August 22, 2006 14:47
Way to go, Judy! The main thing I have learnt from my aborted Safari is that we must all work together to turn Africa around. Before that humbling experience, I somehow thought "I can do Africa" alone. I have that lonesome cowboy thing in me, I guess, alone against he New World Odor.

I 'm so glad, the East African  Orgone Network is taking off so strongly.

Will see you soon! 



No Subject - August 22, 2006 18:38
Thank you so much Georg!  I was to go with Shiro and two male friends, Amendi and Wambani, both eager to see the wonders of orgonite.  Now Shiro can't make it for health reason, leaving the two of them.  Then Wambani has been injured in a bus accident.

Last night we had to rush Patrick, (a young man who's worked for me for more than 10 years) to hospital.  He was doubled over in agony and couldn't walk or talk.  He's very dear to me; more like a son than an employee, because he's with us out of pure love. 

A couple of nights ago, my son Maina witnessed an armed robbery with shooting next to my house.  I had many robberies in this neighborhood when I started gifting to intimidate me, but we soon stopped that during our sessions.

I guess the heat is on.

For the record, am still going. 


Don Croft
No Subject - August 22, 2006 22:06

Judy, you've got things well in hand by now and I'm hoping one of the psychics will show up tonite in the chat so we can run some interference for your upcoming, crucial gifting safari and also provide some healing for your fallen comrades. We'll boost Amendi, too.

We measure our worth in this unorganized global network by our earned reputations, not by any other standard. It's awfully inspiring to us all that people like Judy, Dr K and Georg are ever willing to take on large-scale challenges which involve physical danger.
Humbling experiences are the best ones, Georg Cool and you & Alex aced the challenge in Zimbabwe glorioiusly and rubbed Comrade Mugabe's nose in his own World Odor excrement in the process without even trying.

At the time, these initiations might be traumatic but they tend to sharpen our focus and to still the ego's chatter, allowing us to see ever grander opportunities to exploit for our specie's and everyone else's benefit. The African continent is well known to foster that sort of fast-initiation process--who knows why? 'Kill or cure' is the order of the day, there.


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No Subject - August 23, 2006 02:00
Thanks for that Don.  Sometimes I feel, like Georg, that involving others can slow one down.  Three different people who agreed to take me shopping for the remote place with let me down today.  I needed them because I don't have my own car and had to go to three opposite ends of town and the shopping was going to be bulky.  Our public transport is nothing to write home about.  Neither of them really turned me down, they just kept dallying until I finally gave up I decided to take my power back and get a taxi.  That was the last resort because of the expense.  Guess where it came to a grinding halt before getting anywhere useful, and after the driver lost his way after taking a wrong turn?  The British Embassy.  Hahaha!  It couldn't start again, so I had to walk a few kilometers and ended getting exhaused with nothing to show for it. 

Well, there's still tomorrow. ;-)  There's something I thanked the operators for today - the feeling of calm and serenity, through it all!  And when I got a bit overwhelmed, I remembered to ground myself with Dooney's technique.  It works wonders for me, as does boosting through the dodec chrystals.  Now I can take care of myself.  Thank you Dooney! 


No Subject - August 23, 2006 21:46
I have put a page up to African gifting  with a few maps, and I am sending some metal to Kenya (Nyanza province Kisumu city), 5kg costs about 16 quid (lost my pound sign!).  Hopefully it may encourage more folk to send money or stuff. 

Anyone wanting stuff posted on let me know.  Don't know if I am more secure than these sort of sites. 



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My african sister! - August 25, 2006 03:14
You are like me: You have that impatience and you want to get things done quickly!

And it's great that we are not alone although we sometimes think we can best and quickest get things done alone.

But there are others who have the same spirit and get things done also, like the Doc in Uganda and some others in East Africa. So, sometimes we have to let go, relax, and allow others a bit of space as well, heh?

That's not meant to slow you down of course, the opposite is my intention.

Go get them, tigress! 

Your brother G.

No Subject - August 25, 2006 05:27
John, that's such a great initiative and I thank you for it.  We are destined for great things and I hope we will fill your pages with achievements. 

I got delayed a little, but am still very much moving forward.  I've gathered some used clothes, food and stuff for the family in the remote area, and today I made some more TB's. 

Georg, balance has been a life-long lesson, especially learning how to temper passion with patience.... hmm... still learning.  Sometimes in Africa, one has to strike while the rod is hot, because if one doesn't, the money finds other more urgent uses.  I like what someone once posted here about things happening slowly in Africa, but coming solid, lasting and powerfully and I believe that is going to be the effect effect of gifting here. 

Thanks for your support, guys.