Wakefield GMC Hearing 2007

GMC Fitness to Practice Hearing on Dr Wakefield, Professors Murch and Walker-Smith

Conclusion to finding of facts: GMC, London 28 January, 2 pm

CryShame is again organising a demonstration of support for the doctors outside the GMC building on the day, and we urge you to join us. This will be a landmark day in the long and exhausting fight to get justice for our children. Anyone attending the hearing over the last few years will be in little doubt of what the outcome should be. Each of the doctors presented a robust defence backed by solid documented fact to indicate that none of the allegations constitutes anything approaching professional misconduct. On the contrary, the GMC hearing has served to emphasise the dedication, care and courage of these three men in the face of a political trial that was triggered by a journalist and manipulated by a desperate system.

Please be there to support the doctors. Current expectations are that the decision will be announced at 2 pm on the 28th Jan, but do refer to the CryShame website (www.cryshame.co.uk) where news will be posted of any possible changes.

(The GMC can change hearing dates with 24 hours notice)

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Hope to see you there.

The GMC Click here for map is at Regent's Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN, between Euston and Great Portland St. tube stations – about 5 mins walk from Euston and 3 mins from Gt Portland St

Enquires rally@cryshame.com

Background to the fitness to practice hearing

After a protracted hearing which ran the course of over two years ‘The ‘Finding on Facts’ on the case against Dr Wakefield and Professors Murch and Walker-Smith is expected to be announced by the GMC in London on Thursday 28th January, 2010, at the beginning of the afternoon session. At this stage, the announcement will relate to which, if any, of the allegations against the doctors are considered to be upheld by factual evidence presented to the adjudicating panel.

Possible outcomes range from exoneration on all counts, to all allegations being upheld, with the possibility of a decision in which some are upheld and some are dismissed.

Following the ‘Finding on Facts’, there will be additional days set aside, should they be needed, in which consideration is given to (a) the seriousness or otherwise of any particular findings and (b) any sanctions deemed appropriate given the decisions taken in (a).