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Date: Saturday, 26 June 2004, 11:52 a.m.

In Response To: Italian police on trial over G8 summit beatings (oliverhaddo)

When the NWO wants something that is GOOD for THEM and BAD for YOU - such as gun control... they go out and manufacture events that will cause the masses to actively ACT in ways that are BAD for the little people and GOOD for the Powers That Be (PTB).
During the Clinton Administration we had school shootings. This was supposed to bring about 1930s German Style gun control. When the guns are gone, the "little people" can't stand up and fight the PTB.

Our second amendment is REALLY about keeping an armed citizen militia active in order to protect us from our OWN government. For the life of me, I can't understand how ANYONE can object to keeping and owning now in this political climate! The Democrats think the Republicans are going to herd them into Gulags, and the Republicans think the Democrats are going to do the same to them.

There has NEVER been a time when owning a gun has been MORE of a necessity... and NOT for the reasons above, but because the Hegelian dialectic maneuver didn't work under Clinton, so the next step will be even WORSE for the little people!
The Hegelian Dialectic is tri-fold ...

1st step: thesis,

2nd step: antithesis,

3rd step: synthesis --
1st step: taking guns away from the little people,

2nd step: school shootings,

3rd step: draconian gun laws like in Australia now and Germany in the 30s.
Because Draconian gun laws are NOT in effect in the United States

Because the United States is now MORE armed and protected than it was BEFORE the Clinton years...

A new plan... or I should say, an alternate plan needed to be rolled out.

This alternate plan is a plan to destroy the moral of our military and our police officers. In other words, destroy the thin blue line that keeps order in the world and there will be chaos... oput of chaos comes the New World Order's One World Government.
The summit meetings have been a perfect way for the PTB to oversee a "controlled opposition" AND to bring down the police.
What happened in Seattle was a perfect example. What happened at Abu Graib is another example.

We have traitors and programmed useful tools in all aspects of life on a word wide basis. We have traitors in all military, men and women who do NOT swear allegiance to their own countries, but swear allegience to the NWO. ALL countries have this problem NOT just the United States.

First... all it takes is one or two brain washed programmed tools and you have all that is necessary for the creation of a Hegelian Dialectic designed to destroy the force that protects the little people from all things that can hurt them, including a take over of their country by the PTB.

One of the many purposes of placing NWO traitors in police departments is to create conditions in which good cops OR programmed cops will perform acts that will bring about scrutiny on a world wide level... under the eyes of the NWOs phoney "human rights" organizations. This scrutiny will usually bring several cops to trial, find them guilty and bring them to trial. This then institute changes that will cause most of the "old guard" to resign.

Why do the PTB want the old guard to resign? Because here in the United States, the old guard, police over 40, are still loyal to the American people. The "new police"... not just here in the US, but world wide, will be loyal to the NWO - aka the PTB - aka - the illuminati ELITE that run the world and want all useless eaters destroyed, and a strong slave force maintained under their draconian direction! And if the country's own police or military remain LOYAL to their own kind, then the PTB will send in their own Gurkas, in the guise of "Security Companies", and bring about their desired results this way.

In conjuction with several main stream reporters AND an advertizing agency that wanted to find out WHO was really behind the protests in Seattle, I and a fellow colleague made some calls about who or what really created the violence in Seattle.

I now realize that the two investigators, myself and the reporter, were being led down the primrose path by the advertizing executive who told us he truly wanted to get to the bottom of who created the violence. When our results pointed to an "unknown" group of masked "terrorist" that appeared to come out of NO WHERE, instead of the group HE wanted blamed for it, he stopped giving us access to his SOURCES! In other words, his sources gave us too MUCH information... not just the information he wanted them to give us!

What I concluded was "someone" had paid "thugs" to create violence, property damage and injury, in order for the justification of a crack down on mostly peaceful protestors.

Seattle backfired on the PTB... most of the peaceful protestors who were there, NOT the ones who get interviewd in the controlled media, but the REAL ones, have told me that there was a group of people who appeared to have a violent agenda. These violent people were supposed to have been traced back to a group in Eugene Oregon that was trained by a radical environmentalist with a communist pedigree.

But that aspect never happened, because there were too many people who knew the truth, that the Seattle agitation was created by unknown outside forces... forces that I KNOW, but can't prove, were in the employ of the PTB for the purpose of creating a Hegelian dialectic that would do many things... defang the police and put the NEW police under a NWO leadership, bring about more draconian laws, which will cause even MORE protests... probably REAL this time... which pit the "little people" against a NWO police force... and here you have all that is needed for martial law AND gulags.

I hope you are following this. Many times when a writer understands something as well as I understand what is going on here... we leave out what's obvious to us... and the reader is left wondering what we are talking about.

What I see happening with the summit meetings is the NWO/PTB create a climate in which the police are going to be battling street violence. They do this by sending in their own paid and well trained agitators to stir up the crowd and incite them to violence. If this doesn't work and the crowds remain peaceful, as they did in Seattle, then the NWO/PTB has to send in their own terrorists, or pay street thugs to cause terror. This is what was done in Seattle. Street thugs were paid to cause terror.

While I don't know the details of the case in Italy, it appears to me that the man who is on trial probably knows the truth of what really happened, and the PTB are trying to keep him from ever telling it in an open court. You see, the NWO/PTB isn't in control YET... there are still people who know the truth and can tell it... who can WAKE UP the sleeping masses. This is what the NWO/PTB can't afford right now.

They need to destroy all loyal police and military, or the police and military will side with the people of their country and protect them. Many have speculated that the reason our troops are not in the United States, but spread out all over the world, is so they can't be here when chaos and violence erupt, which will cause our President to ask the UN for help, and the NWO/PTB controlled UN will place a "peace keeping " force on US streets, and the United States of America, the City on the Hill, that beam of freedom and liberty that the NWO hates, will no longer exist.

Abu Graib is doing this to our military, and in Los Angeles, another Rodney King incident is brewing that will finally finish off the LAPD. Add to this the simmering hatred that is slowly growing in the Korean community for Muslims, throw in a few Black Muslims who shout down the Koreans who are protesting the beheading of one of their own, and you have the makings on an incident that will require the National Guard. Do we have enough National Guard left in California? Will we have to ask the Federal Government for help? Will there be enough men and women left in the United States to go in and patrol the streets of LA and bring peace back to the city? Or will the President be forced to call on the UN for help?

(no time this morning to proof this... when you see this gone, you will know I have proofed it and maybe cleared up any questions people had -- email me if you don't understand something. I will answer all polite emails that ask real questions. I delete hate emails and other psyops.)

The ingredients for a UN takeover are in place... not just here in the US, but in ALL countries world wide.

: John Hooper in Genoa

: Saturday June 26, 2004

: The Guardian

: A group of 29 Italian police officers, including the country's
: anti-terror chief, go on trial in Genoa today in connection
: with a brutal attack on protesters at the 2001 G8 summit
: and an alleged plot to justify the violence using
: fabricated evidence.
(more at:
: http://www.guardian.co.uk/italy/story/0,12576,1247672,00.html
: --oliver

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