Gunderson Update

Don Croft
Gunderson Update - May 19, 2006 06:49
A few years ago, Ted Gunderson became the object of a concerted character assassination campaign, involving people who have no discernible reputations or credibility. I was kind of astonished to see how many people bought into this and even promoted it.

It was even more vicious than the campaign that Art Bell carried out against Ted and David John Oates, about ten years ago, that culminated in a gruesome personal tragedy in Oates' case. DB was on the lecture circuit with those two at the time, by the way--remember those weekend-long 'fairs' where you could buy conspiracy literature and listen to reputable authors?  These fairs also featured disinformants, unfortunately, like Lt Col Bo Gritz DB told me that he asked Gritz, at the time, why he was still working for the CIA as a disinformant and Gritz said, 'I tried to go straight, ten years ago, but they were just too rough on me.'

Carol and I feel sure that the feds have been trying to take Gunderson down on account of his monumental success, beginning in the late 1980s, uncovering the government-sponsored, nationwide child kidnapping ring. That information, which inspired some even deeper digging and exposure by a former Nebraska state senator and former CIA director William Casey (for which Casey was brutally murdered) has yet to reach mainstream awareness and it may be that the current plot to defame and murder Gunderson is the CIA's most desperate effort, so far, to stop this information from spreading.

The CIA's Monarch Program, including MK Ultra, is peopled by folks who were kidnapped and programmed in early childhood--perhaps countless millions by now in the US, Europe and Asia--but the children whom Ted and others speak of are used sexually by US Senators, White House staff, etc., and many are killed in satanic rituals. All satanic cults are subsets of the CIA, as are the Mafia and the plethora of Theosophy-based, newage  cults.

When a half dozen of EW members, here and abroad, were being psionically assaulted and poisoned simultaneously by the sewer rat agencies Ted was hospitalized for a heart attack. His friend, Ken Adachi, called Carol to ask for help. She and I did some work on him and the group went to work on Ted in the Sunday chatroom, which was the next day.

When Ted was in the hospital two tests disappeared: a blood test and one of the electronic tests. Ted managed to get a blood sample to Ken, who had it analyzed anonymously at an independent lab (Ken has some interesting connections) and the test showed high levels of strichnine, dioxin and antimony. STrichnine, in particular, is a substance that has to be tested specifically for; it won't show up in an ordinary blood test. I don't think Ted was using a zapper at the time but the rest of us were using zappers, which mostly neutralize chemical toxins and seem to minimize the destructive effect of toxic metals.

Ted had called us a few times over the past four years when he was under death threats and Carol and I kicked the etheric butts of the (usually) CIA would-be hitmen in each case but what's remarkable about the latest assault it that this one seemed to be connected with the sewer rats' simultaneous assaults on several of us in the US, Canada, Africa, and Europe; mainly 'chatblasters' in this case and especially three psychics.

Carol notes that the sewer rats are getting more and more desperate these days, which prompted me, last time, to assume that we'd have to leave the US pretty soon. We did a pretty good job rubbing the sewer rats' noses in their own poop this time and I don't think I'm being cocky when I say that Carol and I now feel more inclined to stay in the US and see this through to the end, which we assume will be holding the federal government to account for treason and then reducing it to the practical, tiny size that the more genuine among the  authors of the US Constitution visualized. It may be that the States will decide to be autonomous, but either way I don't think we're going to be plagued by centralized tyranny any more.

Ted's also assumed a more prudent attitude by leaving the condominium complex in Las Vegas where he had assumed he was safe on account of so many retired federal agents living there. The poisons were administered over a period of time by someone he regularly associated with, apparently.

He'll be living among some true friends after this, apparently. In our first conversation I asked him a lot of questions and he told me that he wasn't aware of this massive, ancient global  conspiracy until a few years after his 1979 retirement from the FBI. He was hired, as a private detective, to find some missing kids and when he found that culpable day care center owner's connection to the federal government he was as shocked as you and I were when we found out how deeply corrupted the US Government is.

I think he was mistaken to agree to meet with Michael Riconosciuto and then promote what the guy said as factual, by the way. I think those two interviews in a federal prison were tied in with the subsequent attempt to destroy his reputation with slander. It was harmless enough, though, and Carol feels that Ted was extorted to promote the false information.  His generation (he's 79) are more prone to getting extorted than the younger ones are, I think.  See how such a small error in judgement can be parlayed into a slander campaign?

Like you, perhaps, Carol and I are extremely careful, these days, about choosing affiliates.  The more viable a threat one is considered to be by the sewer rat agencies, the more ringers, backstabbers and traps that person is bound to encounter. 

We're all on a steep learning curve right now and discernment's our biggest challenge. Here's a case where the slanderers' own reputations and apparent character flaws ought to be considered before rushing to judgement. Really, when we get our first whiff of the stench of slander we ought to avoid it instead of basking in it.  People who dive into disinformation sites, hoping to glean a kernel of factual information, remind me of folks who dive through the content of dumpsters to get to a half-eaten candy bar. In either case, they come out with a whole lot of funk sticking to them.

Since Ted Gunderson is currently being shunned I want something on the record to indicate that this is being done at the behest of the CIA, not on account of any flaws in Ted's character or behavior.  Neither Carol nor I have found him to be dishonest or sneaky.  There are a lot of old-school FBI guys who are genuine, upstanding patriots who respect the US Constitution, regardless of the origins of that police agency.   I don't think there are many or any in the FBI who have that distinction these days, though, on account of the blatant treason they're forced to promote. 

I'm hoping that his phenomenal documentation of the US Government's institutional kidnapping and pedophelia infrastructure will reach even the PJ folks and the most sure way for that to happen might be his continued survival. Even most PJ folks loathe sexual exploitation of children, after all.