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Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society by David G. Guyatt

Holy Smoke and Mirrors The Vatican Conspiracy by David G. Guyatt [2000]

GULF WAR SYNDROME Biological Black Magic by David G. Guyatt

LOCKERBIE - THE SYRIAN CONNECTION By David Guyatt  The narcotics trafficking, gun-running and money-laundering cover-up of Pan Am flight 103

THE PEGASUS FILE by David G. Guyatt

Part 1 | Part 2
- by David Guyatt

Part 1 | Part 2
- by David Guyatt

One of Tatum's Pegasus duties included flying "Archer Teams" (four-man hit teams) in his helicopter to their insertion point. He states that Enrique Bermudez was assassinated in 1991 by a Pegasus team, adding he "was shot in the back of the head while walking down the street...from about 150 yards". Bermudez, known as "Commander Three Eight Zero" was the senior Contra leader. Another Pegasus assassination was that of General Gustavo (Dr Gus) Alvarez Martinez, the "cooperating" Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Honduras. Alvarez was assassinated in 1989, following his demand for a bigger split of the cocaine profits.  Tatum also describes his involvement in the assassination of Amiram Nir, the former Israeli Mossad agent who went under the assumed name of Pat Weber. Nir was scheduled to testify to the Senate subcommittee and it was feared he would reveal the truth. He perished, following the shooting-down of his aircraft with missiles from Tatum's helicopter. THE PEGASUS FILE by David G. Guyatt