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July 1, 2009

(An email from Greg Hallett to Henry Makow)

Hitler left the Bunker at 3.50 pm 30 April 1945 and hid in the bulkhead passage until 8 pm.

Martin Bormann left the bunker at 8.40 pm 1 May 1945.

Operation James Bond rescued Bormann by kayak. 

Operation Winnie the Pooh rescued Hitler by submarine, plane, then boat, then plane.

Op James Bond was originally captained by Ian Fleming.

Fleming left Op James Bond at 9.50 pm on 1 May 1945 and moved over to Op Winnie the Pooh, leaving Chris Creighton in command.

Chris Creighton then captained Op James Bond and rescued Bormann. They paddled down stream at night and camped during the day at Wannsee near Pfaueninsel Island (Peacocks Island). They left by night again on 2 May 1945.

The two operations happened concurrently.

Op Winnie the Pooh was kept secret from the team because Anthony Blunt was part of the team, but refused to attend training, he King George V's illegitimate son, and he was a Russian spy. The Russians wanted to take Berlin and Hitler.

Bormann was the Chancellor and had the money.

Hitler was the former Fuhrer who had the Swiss bank account numbers and larger secrets, some of them NAZI secret military. 

Bormann went to England.

Hitler went to Spain.

Hitler got out through the locks (the locks close off the water to the Upper River Spree).

The tunnels, between the upper and lower locks, were being used as a Red Cross Hospital. The lower locks were closed, the upper locks were opened and everyone was drowned on 28 April 1945.

The upper locks were then closed at 6 pm 29 April 1945 and the lower locks were opened partially draining the water and flooding the River Spree with bodies, which covered Hitler's scout party floating down the River Spree and breathing through snorkels. They got word back that it could be done . . . then

Hitler and Eva left the bunker at 3.50 pm on 30 April 1945 and hid in the bulkhead passage and locked themselves in until 8 pm.

The lower lock was fully opened at 10.30 pm releasing more bodies which helped hide the mini-sub when it got to crucial areas further down stream.

At 11 pm on 30 April 1945, the Hitlers (Adolf and Eva) and aides, kayaked through the tunnels to the open lower lock, and got into a WK202 mini-submarine (36.5m long) at 11.30 pm, submerged at 11.40 pm, and waited.

Just as the night sky was lit by flares from battles over the top of them from either bank at 11.55 pm 30 April 1945, they motored out into the current.

Five Hitler body doubles were then shot with state sanctioned 10.5 mm bullets on top of the bunker at 1.00 am 1 May 1945. Another Hitler body double had been killed down below, carried up outside and burnt 10 hours earlier. This one is commonly referred to as 'the dead Hitler'.

Hitler waited a day-and-a-half in the min-sub in Lake Havel under the shadow of Schwanenwerder Peninsula when Hanna Reitsch landed a Junkers JU52/3m g14e on Lake Havel at 4.15 pm 2 May 1945, opened her flaps and lowered the ladder. The mini-sub then rose up underneath the Junkers. 

Hitler and Eva nee Braun Hitler climbed up the conning tower of the WK202 mini-sub, onto the ladder, and into the plane, protected from any stray bullets by the flaps. They left the lake at 4.24 pm 2 May 1945.

They flew 15 minutes east of Berlin to Lake Muggelsee (31 km in a direct line) and were met by former Op JB Commander Ian Fleming in an acquired motor launch, and dressed as a Russian Officer, having left Op JB about 19 hours prior. 

Hitler gave Fleming the papers, then got into the launch and drove to the shore. Fleming only ever referred to Adolf and Eva Hitler as 'Mr Rabbit' and 'Mrs Rabbit'. 

They got in a Westland Lysander IIIA, Serial No. V9673 flown by Hugh Verity DSO DFC who had been waiting for 14 hours, since 2 am, 2 May 1945. The plane had been covered with branches.

Ian Fleming had placed a time-release bomb on the launch and soon after they lifted off, the motor launch exploded. This is the origin of the James Bond books and films - leaving with the woman and everything exploding behind them. Hitler was the original James Bond character.

Hanna Reitsch in her Junkers JU52/3m g14e flew with the Lysander, both of them to just outside Barcelona, Spain, arriving around 3 am where they were met by Ramon Serrano Suner.

Hanna Reitsch then returned to Germany three days later and gave a dressing down from Hitler to some of his key players.