Happiness quotes

Only the soul that loves is happy.---Goethe

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts - Marcus Antonius

People who know me personally can see that I'm a happy-go-lucky guy. It's something that doesn't show up in posts like this but I can tell you that one reason I'm so happy is that I know that I'm a viable threat to the World Order and that helps me have a sense of purpose.  Lots of us are that way after we've distributed a few thousand towerbusters and helped a few people begin to escape the clutches of the Tavistock Institute's and CIA's dissociative programming. In my view, one has to go through the recognition of how bad things actually are and that we can do something about it before he/she can start to be genuinely happy. Until then, one's happiness is kind of conditional and based largely in denial.  Right now, things aren't like they used to be in the world, in terms of our ability to remain ignorant of pervasive tyranny but the next step is a doozy:  relative global peace, freedom  and prosperity; an end to excessive, centralized power in our world.----Don

If youíre a sparkle-box addict I doubt that itís possible for you to share my optimism and confidence because youíre still basing your worldview on the regurgitations of lying, expensive media whores. I think TV addiction is more serious and harder to overcome than crank, smack, pot, cocaine, or alcohol addiction is. Iíll stick my neck out a little to let you know that when Cbswork was a frequent guest on a well known daytime national TV talkshow in the early nineties he was shocked to witness the hostess going into a catatonic trance during commercial breaks and being induced by her CIA handler, who came and stood behind her during the breaks, to sort of re-animate on cue and do her act on camera otherwise. His initial response was disappointment because he wanted to chat with her during the breaks. [Nov 09, 2004]Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)--Don Croft