Alex Collier

Interview with Alex Collier by Paola Harris
The Validity Of Witness Testimony

July 28th, 2000
Alex Collier: How did you find me?

Paola Harris: I think that I am a "bridge" that links people world wide and I am surprised that I am speaking to more contactees lately because I have been dealing with Military and government witnesses in my writings. I was asked to contact you by Rocco Maschitti who is a young Italian guy who lives on the Adriatic Coast of Italy. How could he possibly know of you?

Alex Collier: I donít know . I think this information has a life of its own. From every country in the world, we get e-mails, India, China, Russia, even Albania because a lot of people know. People know there is something else going on. That we are not the only ones. A lot of them have actually seen the metal themselves. They have actually seen the crafts or they know somebody who has.

Harris: Letís get back to you. Letís look at the foundation of this because I donít know the slightest thing about this. Is your information channeled?

Collier: No. Iím very suspicious of 95% of the channeled information.

Harris: So how did you begin then? As a child?

Collier: Itís all here in the book. It started when I was 8 at a family picnic in Michigan. I remember I was lying down in some tall grass and just hiding. Next thing I remember I closed my eyes expecting to be found and the next thing I know I am lying on a table looking at two men, a short one, who was very very old looking , very white skin and on the other side of him was a tall one , a huge man. They were hairless but they were human in every sense of the word even their eyes but there is skin is blue. It is because of their star. The frequency of their star is blue. The tall one is Morenae. That is not his real name but they are a telepathic race and they use symbols for names, like Mathematics. I knew them. I recognized them. It is hard to explain how I knew them. We are so much more than just this.

Harris: Did they tell you anything that you could understand?

Collier: Oh! Yes. Basically, they had a program in place. A message to re-educate me on who I was, which is one of the first things they did. They put something on my head which looked like a cap. But it had a hole in the center like a donut and it fit my head. It was a metallic structure. Morenae waved his head over something on the table and suddenly all these monitors appear on the wall out of nowhere. They just werenít there before so they just materialized and when it was over they disappeared. One of the monitors was measuring my heartbeat and all my physicality from this one little cap , on the right side. It was like it was reading my mind cause I got to see what I was thinking visually in space. That was very intense!

Harris: Really?

Collier: It immediately started showing me these scenes. It was like movie clips. And that I knew almost instinctively that it was past lives. They wanted me to know who I was and my relationship to them and they were showing me, and it is already in the brain. It is in that other portion that we no longer have access to because of DNA alteration.
Harris: I am going to ask you another question because of my research. None of this is Milab stuff, is it? Phychotronic interference.

Collier: Iíve been aboard the craft.

Harris: So they showed you this. What did you do?

Collier: They were basically educating me on who I was.

Harris: So are you from Andromeda? Is that what they are telling you.

Collier: Thatís right. My soul. They used to have an outpost here.

Harris: Ok. Andromeda.

Collier: Your soul wasnít born here either. Nobodyís soul was born and hatched on Earth. Virtually, all of us have come here in some physical form or another. We have come back or have chosen to be back or were killed here during some kind of upheaval or a war. There have been tons of wars here. I was very open with my mom for a very short time. After that It scared her. It scared her big time!

Harris: Iím sure.

Collier: Because of my relationship with them and the time I spent with them, I was able to hear thoughts. I used to tune into them and scream "stay away from my head" because I used to hear the thoughts.

Harris: Do you do that now?

Collier: Sometimes. Sometimes

Harris: O.K.. Were there other encounters?

Collier: Oh, yeah. There were a lot of others They would come over of the house at night and just take me out of bed.

Harris: There has been a lot of discussion about whether it is a "physical taking" or an "astral-body taking". If your mom opens the door are you still there? For instance in the case of Michael Wolf, his parents saw him disappear and he showed up in the woods.

Collier: It is a physical event. My dad experienced that too. My dad had the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and getting a little snack. And one night, as he turned, around and he saw a light in my room. But he said he saw me about six inches off the bed as I was floating down. There was a little light like a Christmas light, flicking across the room watching over me. Then he felt it looked at him as he opened the door then when I was down on the bed, it looked at me and flew out the window. We talked about it in the morning and he said" did you see your friends last night? I said "yes íand then we never talked about it again.

Harris: Does this still happen? Is there a blue light? Does a dimensional porthole open? What are the signs?

Collier: There is a beam ,like a laser pointer of light blue light that dematerializes all my atoms. What it does, is separate all my atoms and molecules so that I can pull through the light. It is light blue. I go up in the ship and I literally materialize.

Harris: Do you feel good?

Collier: I feel so free. You canít believe it.

Harris: No Physical Problems?

Collier: No , I never had any of that and I donít consider myself an abductee and I resent that people classify me as an abductee.

Harris: There is a difference between abduction and contact.

Collier: I know that and you know that. I am willingly part of this process.

Harris: If you are not at the intellectual level to accept contact, you will consider it a violation. It is too bad these experiences get" bad pressí Was there a feeling that you had something to do and you had better do it and you had agreed to do it before you were born. Are we talking mission here?

Collier: According to the Aís we are genetic royalty ,everyone on this planet and it has nothing to do with where we are on a soul level. People confuse the two. It is like people donít listen as well as they hear. They say we are genetic royalty because we the subtotal in our genetics of 22 different races. Many different races have been here, over millions and millions of years they have genetically tampered with us and left us and ended up mating while they were here.

Harris: What does this mean?

Collier: Some of us have chosen to be here at this time because the only way to make any some real serious change here without direct intervention would be for some of their kind to come into the physical body and effect change as part of the race.

Harris: We are not talking "Walk-ins" here, are we?

Collier: No.

Harris: At what age did you know all this? Can I ask how old you are?

Collier: What age am I? Iím 44. By the time I was 16, I had all this information. Everything I had been taught was reality wasnít. At that time, I was then a hell of a football player and a baseball player. It took a lot of years for me to figure this out. To be perfectly honest with you , it wasnít until my son Nicolous was born that I realized what I should do and what I needed to do and it all fell into place. Now I have an experience, I have a perspective other than Earth and Iím looking at this planet and Iím saying "you know what? This is an Asylum.

The "inmates" are running this society. It drives me absolutely nuts and nobody wants to hear it. I have been talking 11 years now to very small groups because I am a very private person. That is why I try to keep a very low profile. Provide the information and let it have a life of its own, whatever anybody has to do. I am not here to save the EARTH because I canít. It is not my choice. It is everybodyís individual choice and no one is coming to save us, not Christ not Krishna. God helps those who help themselves. "These things I do, yee shall do greater if yee have faith".

Harris: Did the beings actually take you to their planet or a ship?

Collier: I was on a ship and I had taken to another ship and I spent three months with them but in Earth time I was gone 18 minutes because they donít have time.

Harris: Was the ship big?

Collier: They are 900 miles square and located just outside the asteroid belt. There are different races that they call a consortium who are here, trying to figure out how to help us without disempowering us. and thatís the trick. How do we intervene without disempowering these people and without making them worship us?

Harris: Does this make you very dangerous because of this information.

Collier: They told me to take my site down. I did. I think that the rogue government is scared, really, really scared. They cut a deal with a group. They could not trust them but they did anyway. And now they totally lost control of the situation.
Harris: Who is the group that they cut a deal with?

Collier: It is not just one, it is a consortium as well. Zeta1 and Zeta 1 greys , Sirius -B Humanoids, Lyrans, Draconian otherwise known as Repilian races (Regressives negatives) are from the Orion, group who control some Zeta 2 Greys, others from Rigel and Capella Systems. It is the Regressives who have a negative agenda. They are controlling the situation. The Andromedans, Pleaidians, and Zeta Reticulan Greys are waiting to see what we do and are generally a positive races.

Harris: The Greys, a Nordics and...

Collier: the ones on the Planet are genetic modifications. The Nordics are clones and run by computers. They are not actually living souls. Here is the thing. The Clones are enough aware that they exist, but they know that when they die it is over. It is like the movie "Blade runner". That is why the greys are trying to genetically mix. 

According to the Andromedans, the third density will eventually implode and will cease to exist here and much of the third density is going to be raised in frequency and that which cannot be raised in frequency or chooses not to is basically going to compress itself, go through a black hole and create another space in which to continue to evolve. This is the natural progression. Apparently all this is supposed to happen now and December 30th 2013. (2012?)

Harris: The end of the Mayan Calendar

Collier: Now these other races that are not real and donít have "soul" realize this is going to happen because they are very scientific but they canít make this leap because they donít have soul. Now what is "soul"? The point of the Andromedans is "soul" is essentially... we are a conductor of light multidimensionality, we are a conductor of light with total self-awareness. We are light!

Harris: Well do they believe in the collective unconscious or do they mention God?

Collier: They refer to it as "is-ness". The Gods that they refer to. The Sons of God married the daughters of Earth and these would be extraterrestrial. There is this INTELLIGENCE! We use only 15% of our brain. matter. Thatís it! According to the Aís we will only understand the Universe to this level. Thatís it. Here we are trying to understand something that is so infinite that we could not possibly deal with it Here is. What is happening.

These races are trying to create "soul" and they think that if they merge with us and create our physicality, they will create soul. Hereís the thing. The reason they are so interested in us on EARTH, Paola, is that we are GENETIC ROYALTY. Do you understand? That is why they are forcing us to shift. We have an extreme of emotions.

We can choose to change frequency. We are amazing!!!