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[2016 May] Big Pharma Exposed for Knowingly Causing Opioid Epidemic, Ushering in a Heroin Nightmare

Astucia, Salvador

[2005] The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11 By Peter Dale Scott

Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina by Peter Dale Scott
[2002] Opium Lords - Israel, The Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination by Salvador Astucia
The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America's War on Drugs by Douglas Valentine
[1985] Air America by Christopher Robbins

[1972] The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred W. McCoy with Cathleen B. Read and Leonard P.Adams II

[1978] Dope inc. Britain's opium war against the U.S  by Konstandinos Kalimtgis

Drug War: Covert Money, Power & Policy by Dan Russell
Drugging America by Rodney Stich
George Bush: The  Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin (Chapter 20)
Birth of Heroin and the Demonization of the Dope Fiend by Th. Metzger

Israel owns other entire states, virtually extant (lock, stock & barrel). The most famous of these is Burma, now called Myanmar (which Israel turned into a giant methamphetamine lab) and Monaco, which they own through the Grimaldi Royal family. Prince Rainier died recently of old age, requiring his son to step in and supposedly pick up the royal reigns. The old man, called Tax' in criminal parlance, was the only tax on Mafia heroin before it found its way to the United States. In reality, one civil servant in Tel Aviv kept the entire file and made all decisions, including the state of the Prince's pocket money and alimony. [2009] THE SEX COLLECTORS - How the World is run on Shame - Vol. II, MURDERS by Greg Hallett