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The Induction of Civic Insanity In The 'Age of Pharaoh'

By Michael A. Hoffman II

Osama called Bush Pharaoh while the Pentagon adopted Pharaoh's symbol

 "For this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth."
In a November communique attributed to "Osama bin Laden," President George W. Bush was referred to as "the Pharaoh of this Age." Of course we have no way of knowing if the communique (in the form of an audio-tape) actually comes from bin Laden, or rather from the stellar nether regions of the Cryptocracy's drawer 13. We content ourselves with analyzing the symbolism of the message itself and its intended effect on its target audience.
The signature symbolism of the western secret society known as Freemasonry is derived from the icons of ancient Egypt, for example, the pyramid and sphinx and the golden funeral mask of Tutankhamen. When Dr. Charles Eliot Norton of Harvard University analyzed the Great Seal of the United States and pronounced it "a dull emblem of a masonic fraternity," he was pointing out that one need not be a Harvard professor to grasp the blatant symbolism of the eye-over-the-pyramid icon most famously reproduced on the U.S. one dollar currency. The image on the dollar bill is of an unfinished monument of the Pharaohs. When the top tier or capstone of the monument is put into place by means of the panoptican surveillance system represented by the disembodied "All-Seeing" Eye at the top of the pyramid, Pharaoh's rule will have been reimposed upon the world.
Among Biblically-literate people, "Pharaoh" has been a synonym for rule characterized by chattel slavery and tyranny. "Osama" bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network are said by the White House, the Establishment press and their papal and Protestant partners in crime, to be Satanic and opposed to God and the Bible. Yet the communique attributed to bin Laden this month makes a Biblical identification of George W. Bush, as "the Pharaoh of the Age."
"Osama" bin Laden's well-publicized identification of Bush with Pharaoh coincided with publicity in November for the Pentagon's "Information Awareness Office" Surveillance System (IAO-SS). This massive, all-seeing eye enterprise is part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), headed by Admiral John Poindexter, the Reagan administration's arms purveyor to the Islamic Republic of Iran. IAO-SS purports to capture a person's "information signature" so that the government can track "potential terrorists" and "criminals" involved in what it terms,"low-intensity/low-density" forms of crime and warfare.
The stated goal of this System is to track individuals throughout the earth by using computer algorithms to detect "potential terrorist activity." The System aims to implement "revolutionary technology for ultra-large, all-source information repositories," which would create a "virtual, centralized, grand database." This database would include "transaction data" contained in current databases, such as financial records, medical records, telephone, mail, business and travel records, as well as unnamed "new sources of information." Intelligence data would also be fed into the database.
A crucial component of the project is the development of data "mining" and "knowledge discovery tools" that can sift through the vast information glut to discern "patterns and associations." Another item on the Pentagon's surveillance agenda is the deployment of biometric technology to enable the identification and tracking of people. For example, DARPA funds the "Human ID at a Distance" program, which aims to positively identify people through technologies such as face recognition and "gait" (walking pattern) recognition.
The FDA recently approved the use of Applied Digital Solutions' VeriChip in humans. The VeriChip is a tiny subcutaneous device that emits a 125-kilohertz radio frequency signal containing a code number detectable by scanners up to four feet away. The scanned code number is then downloaded to a computer file containing all relevant data on the subject. The biochip implants are officially said to be limited to tracking "at risk" children and those with life-threatening ailments, but classified portions of the Pentagon's biometric technology program include studies on the feasibility of biochip implants in persons labeled "unlawful combatants, terrorists, criminals" and "networked fund-raisers and sympathizers."
The motto of the Pentagon's Information Awareness Office Surveillance System is "Scientia est Potentia" (knowledge is power). The motto appears in Latin in order to instill awe and by such priestcraft "ad captandum vulgus" (dazzle the mob). The symbol of this new Pentagon agency is unmistakably Pharaonic, exceeding even the pyramid on the dollar bill in the boldness of its revelatory daring. The icon of the Information Awareness Office is an adaptation of the familiar All-Seeing Eye atop the pyramid, but with a newly added and paradoxical feature -- rays from the Eye are shown irradiating the earth's western hemisphere, rather than the Middle East. The exclusively western range of the Eye pertains to masonic doctrine concerning the geographic domain of Anubis, the dog-headed deity of Egypt's astronomic state religion.
While it may not take a Harvard professor to recognize that this symbol is thoroughly inimical to the God of the Bible and Christianity, the symbolic import of the Pentagon's new icon, will indeed be consciously lost (though subconsciously registered) on the masses of Judeo-Christians herded by their pulpit-pounding crypto-rabbis into the delusion that George W. Bush is the paladin of Christendom and goodness, and the Islamic resistance the paradigm of deviltry and darkness.
Throughout my writing about subjects such as the Cryptocracy, the "loyal opposition" of people like Pat Buchanan, the 9/11 conspiracy and lately, the D.C. Sniper(s), I have directed readers' attention toward the curious mechanism of the Making Manifest of All that is Hidden, wherein our rulers symbolically reveal the evil nature of their rule to us. One purpose of this Revelation of the Method is to instill a bipolar orientation and double-mind in the populace, in the expectation that the people will not consciously face the consequences of the revelation, and hence will continue to follow and obey the ruler even in the wake of the revelation that the ruler is another Pharaoh. The ruler then harvests and exploits the resulting, inevitable, profound emotional and intellectual malaise and psychological disturbance for his own purposes. The unchallenged, successful induction of this civic insanity is a hallmark on the path to the reimposition of Pharaoh's rule.
The Pentagon is on record boasting of the stealth, deception and psychological warfare it uses on its enemies. If one considers the possibility, in the wake of government atrocities such as Ruby Ridge and Waco, that the US government regards the American people themselves as a potential enemy, in that they pose at least a distant threat of resistance and revolt, one might reasonably consider the likelihood that some form of psychological warfare is being directed at us by "our own" government.
The recognition of the existence of this induced civic insanity and its arcane provenance, is the key to understanding why the American people cheer their own executioners; why online "conservatives" like Joseph Farah, who claim to be implacable foes of Big Brother tyranny, are complicit in ensuring the implementation of that tyranny by crusading for a war on terror that is pursued with state terror.
This induced insanity could also account for the behavior of a "populist dissident" like Mr. Buchanan, who wishes to be identified with opposition to Zionist zealotry and alien immigration, yet who repeatedly drapes himself in the mantle and mantra of Ronald Reagan, the president whom Yitzhak Shamir called the best friend Israel ever had; the president who ignited the greatest land invasion of American territory in our nation's history with the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty act.
This may also explain the suppression of this writer's books which reveal, as never before, the inner pyrotechnics of the <>secret societies, of the <>religion of Judaism and the <>Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians. These books are tightly suppressed not only by the usual suspects, but even by alleged allies who supposedly are fervently desirous of obtaining the most potent antidote to the toxins poisoning our people in this, the desperate last stand for the future of our children. They know of me and of the work, yet they have neglected to use their positions to lend a hand and spread the word. Some have even engaged in active obstruction. As Ezra Pound observed, "A man often fails when his friends fail him."
As stated at the outset, it's not cetain that the November "bin Laden terror tape" is authentic. What is of interest is the high media profile accorded it, and the title "Pharaoh of the Age," and the tape's ascription of that title to our President. Given the Bush administration's Pentagon enhancement of American Freemasonry's historic Pharaonic edifice-complex, it seems that the statement about Bush which has been attributed to bin Laden, contains a startling truth about the President of the United States from an unlikely source, indeed, from the very planetary bogeyman currently haunting our dreams; though I would not be surprised to learn that the tape actually emanated, by a circuitous route, from psyop impersonators within DARPA itself, as part of the Revelation of the Method.
Behind the facade of ordinariness in which our "news" and "current events" are situated, is a pageant, and within that pageant is a psychodrama whose subterranean root is a game, Kim's "great game." And who was Kim, but a scion of Walsingham, Cecil, Dee and the Maharal. And until such stuff as men are made of (as Shakespeare said of noble Brutus), arise again to break the pattern and smash this process by single-minded devotion, we shall continue to squirm in double-minded awe at the thrilling role assigned us, as pawns in Pharaoh's game.
Further Research
The Pharaonic sigil of the military wing of the administration of George W. Bush located (as of Nov. 20, 2002) at the Pentagon's own web page: <http://www.darpa.mil/iao/index.htm>http://www.darpa.mil/iao/index.htm
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