Murdergate! The Presidency, the U.S. Government and the Politics of Murder

a book By David Hoffman

The book publishers said was too hot to print! Complete on-line text coming soon at the Constitution Society.

While the public is distracted by the daily dog and pony show of American politics, a hidden, darker side of political affairs - and the illegal covert actions that accompany them - go largely unnoticed. Since that fateful day in November, 1963, the American ruling class has increasingly operated like a fascist dictators club and a criminal mafia, accountable to no one. Its murderous antics cross political, military and intelligence lines, and can be traced straight to the highest levels of government and industry - indeed, the dictionary definition of fascism.

This book traces the deaths of leading political, intelligence and military figures, and the not so well publicized deaths of ordinary people - people who knew too much about government criminal activities. This work also examines how the government routinely utilizes discreditation, threats, terror and incarceration to silence witnesses and whistleblowers - those that it has a sworn duty to protect, including many of its own.

Also profiled are the two presidents most commonly linked to criminal activity, espionage and political murder: George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton.

See Table of Contents for sample chapters:

The Twin Faces of Evil
1. George Bush: World Class Monster
2. Slick: The Twin Face of Evil
All the King’s Men
3. America’s Golden Boy
4. Ron Brown: The Man Who Wouldn’t Go Down
5. Dead Men Tell No Tales
6. Daniel Potter
7. The Whitewater Deaths
8. The Fundraisers
Operation Murder
9. Operation Watchtower
10. Background: The Octopus
11. William Colby and Bill Casey
12. Admiral Jeremy Boorda
13. Semper Fidelis
14. E-Systems
15. Nighthawk One Eight
The Permanently Silenced
16. Starbucks
17. Kathy Ferguson and Bill Shelton
18. The Boys on the Tracks
19. Jerry Parks
20. The Waco Witnesses
21. The Oklahoma City Bombing Witnesses
22. Paul Wilcher
The Death Threats, Beatings and Smears
23. The Women
24. The Smear Artists
25. The Murder Attempts
26. The Beatings
27. The Harassment
28. The Reporters
29. The Incarcerated
30. The Silenced
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Appendix xx
Index xxv