Hollie Greig Scandal

[The harrowing story of Hollie Greig, a Downs Syndrome girl from Aberdeen, now 30 years of age, who had been sexually abused in a systematic way for 14 years from age 6, not only by her father and brother but by a whole gang of paedophiles from among the so-called respectable class: a sheriff (still serving), a lawyer, social worker, policeman, accountant etc. whose names are all in the public domain now via the internet.  Reporting in the press is sparse because there is enormous pressure on the media not to let this story out, though the Press and Journal can be singled out for at least reporting on the “alleged” crime.
    Hollie was sworn to secrecy by the perpetrators on pain of even more horrible things happening to her but she finally told her mother Anne about it in 2000.  They went to the police, hoping for an investigation that would bring the culprits before justice.  But all they encountered, after the initial promises of action, was stonewalling and blocking on a huge scale.  Eventually, they received the help of a courageous journalist by the name of Robert Green who has spearheaded the investigation into this crime.  Needless to say, every conceivable obstacle was put in their way in order for this story to remain suppressed.]


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This story is truly sickening,
As off Friday the 12th of Feb, Robert Green has been taken into custody, while in Aberdeen to hand out information regarding this child abuse cover up.
Supposedly on a breech of the peace issue.
How convenient this must be for the people who have something to hide.
Not only are our banks too big to fail now, so are our corrupt polititians.

Surely this can only strengthen the case for Hollie, if only the Media would wake up and do the right thing in exposing this info to the public.