Nature Spirits and What They Say: Interviews with Verena Stael Von Holstein

a book by Wolfgang Weirauch

Nature Spirits and What They Say: Interviews with Verena Stael Von Holstein by Wolfgang Weirauch

Convincing humans to artificially iodize salt is a great feat of the Ahrimanic beings.  He (the human) changes his ability to know his own self.........Fluoride is a halogen. Halogens make it simpler for beings to gain access to the human self and possess it.  p 130

(When a plant is genetically modified) Life is changed. The plants represent the forces of life. When you humans change the life of plants you change the life of the whole world. A genetically engineered change is a violent change. Something gets cut. With every genetically modified plant you change the etheric body of the earth. Have you no idea at all what you're doing? Don't you know what will happen in the future through life being changed?.....because genetically modified plants have less life and because of this, the quality of the etheric body deteriorates.
....Above all many more metabolic disorders will arise as a result. But you're making your bodies sick even without genetic engineering, because simply too little life is flowing into the human through present-day food. Every intensively grown potato or any other intensively grown food doesn't nourish very well, it contains very little life forces. The life force can't just be increased like that. Using chemical fertilizers doesn't increase the life force, just the physical components.
Chemically fertilized grain leads to the organs becoming weaker and the etheric organs no longer being able to reach their physical counterpart so effectively. Each organ requires specific cosmic and etheric forces, and when the physical organs are weakened these forces can only be insufficiently taken up. Each organ and every plant has a relationship to a planet. With an apple you're eating in the truest sense of the word Jupiter, and when an apple tree is chemically fertilized, the Jupiter force in the apple becomes weaker.

A cloned animal for example, has no soul. At least it doesn't have a soul like other animals, a soul which has been planted into the animals by the group animal. The human, in fact the human who cloned the animals, has to give them souls. A cloned animal shares the soul with the animal from which it's been cloned. In the process the human being makes himself guilty. But he is not advanced enough to be able to give an animal a soul.

(Lucifer) He's a very beautiful being and was at one time a higher angel. He's a powerful being. (Lucifer task is) to enthuse humans and make them progress. But he's always trying to do everything too soon. Lucifer inspires and brings things to mankind which leads them on. He brings important things from out of the spiritual world and transforms them to human abilities. When seen in this light he's very helpful to mankind. Through their deeds, the powers of evil are making a great sacrifice in the background. This aspect of theirs has always to be kept in mind. But that doesn't mean finding everything the powers of evil achieve good......On the one hand there are Luciferic beings, who bind themselves to sense impressions and can inflame and enthuse humans. When humans, especially young people, become highly excited or go into ecstasy through music concerts, then that's connected with the little red, hot devils, the Luciferic ones, which slip into the human with the appropriate sense perceptions. When perceiving with the eyes or perceiving something intellectually, dark beings slip into the human.

(Ahriman) He's cold, he's cold as a CD. And he's extreme clever. He's brilliant, but not inspiring. He's much cleverer than you can imagine. But he's ugly.  ...You're all still not strong enough to protect yourselves from Ahriman. For that you'll have to get to know yourselves a lot better. Know yourself — that will best protect you from him.  Although at present he's still being very careful so as not to make too obvious an appearance. He's also not quite completely here. But his power will increase. You should say his name as little as possible if the room is not filled with prayers. ...He forms the counterweight to Lucifer, which is the most necessary thing there ever could be. He fixes matter and prevents the earth from turning into a fireball. Matter can only exist through both being in balance.

Q. What arises between an animal and a human when they become friends? The Brown One: A new piece of friendship, that can form a space for other beings, that is, positive beings who belong to the ascending spirit. When a human makes friends with an animal, and the animal with him — as it takes two to make a friendship — spaces are created. And beings always fill up these spiritual spaces. You would include these among the harmonious ele­mental beings.
Q: How do you care for the various animals? The Brown One: My chief task is to explain humans and their behaviour to the animals. The animals are often shocked by the behaviour of humans. Therefore I go to the animals — from time to time to the group animal, the animal "ego" — to explain human behaviour to them. When the animals are kept in a natural environment this task is easy. But in the case of animals kept in crowded conditions I have to do much more because I also have to help them just to survive. These animal souls are so miserable they need a being who's constantly comforting them. For you humans it would be roughly like someone hav­ing to live the whole of your life isolated in a prison cell, and then on top of that being constantly given disgusting food which you can't refuse. These animals are greatly in need of comfort. I sing children's songs to them — as you would put it in human words — so that these animals simply feel some warmth.