Prince Harry

Prince Charles Not Harry’s Real Father; Ex Diana Lover Keeps Silents Because of Death Threats From Royal Family

Prince Harry is the toast of NYC this week.  Throngs of folks have lined the streets of Manhattan to greet Britain’s popular prince with open arms.  Little do they realize that Harry could soon be stripped of his royal title because he’s not the biological son of Prince Charles, an IUC investigation has revealed.

A longtime employee of Harry’s mother Princess Diana told IUC that the Royal Family was involved in a massive coverup to hide the fact that Diana’s ex lover James Hewitt is the Harry’s real father.  According to the source Prince Philip threatened Hewitt’s life if he didn’t go along with the coverup.  “They made him lie about the timeline,” the source told IUC.  “Prince Philip told Hewitt he would destroy him if it ever leaked out.  It’s impossible that Charles is Harry’s real father.  Hewitt was on the scene as Diana’s lover two years before Harry was born.  Diana stopped having sex with Charles years before Harry was born.  Harry looks exactly like Hewitt.”

The massive coverup involved Hewitt lying to the world about when his dalliance actually began with Diana.  Originally he told the world he met Diana in 1986.  Harry was born in 1984. 
Under hypnosis for a tv interview Hewitt admitted he met Diana in 1981 or 1982, had sexual relations with her then – some two years before Harry was born.  A relative of Hewitt told IUC that privately Hewitt has always believed he’s Harry’s dad but has denied it in public because he fears for his life.  He also wants to protect his son from being dethroned. 

“Bloody hell, Harry  should call James his real father,” the relative said.  “It’s the biggest lie in Britain since Neville Chamberlain assured the world some seven decades ago that Britain and Germany would never go to war. Prince Philip told James he’d kill him if he ever admitted the truth.  That’s why he keeps denying it.”

The relative added that this is another example of why the Royal Family should be abolished.  “They’re the biggest crooks and liars in the world,” he said.  “All the evidence clearly demonstrates that James is Harry’s real father.  Just the way they killed Diana they’ll kill James.  You’ll see, one day his body will be found mysteriously in a hotel room and the Royals will try to convince the world that James committed suicide.”  Devleoping…