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Masonic Ritual Murders AKA Jack the Ripper

by Uri Dowbenko Copyright © 2001

“Jack the Ripper is a misnomer," writes Stephen Knight beginning his landmark book, "Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution." "The name conjures up visions of a lone assassin, stalking his victims under the foggy gaslight of Whitechapel. It is just this mistaken notion, inspired almost solely by that terrifying nickname, which rendered the murders of five East End prostitutes in 1888 insoluble. For Jack the Ripper was not one man, but three, two killers and an accomplice. The facts surrounding their exploits have never before been teased from the confused skeins of truths, half-truths and lies which have been woven around this case." Likewise, the film "From Hell," partially based on Knight's book, is a horror movie and occult thriller-murder mystery, directed by Albert and Allen Hughes ("Menace II Society", "Dead Presidents") and written by Terry Hayes and Rafael Yglesias.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, "From Hell" is a richly sculpted, fictionalized version of the suppressed history of England - how a cabal of Freemasons orchestrated the so-called "Jack the Ripper" murders.

In the movie, Inspector Fred Abberline (Johnny Depp) tries to make sense of the serial murders in a lower-class London ghetto plagued by poverty and violence. When he's not on the job, Abberline tries to deal with the death of his wife by soaking his sorrows in absinthe and opium. Chasing the dragon, he's stoned again, when he sees the grisly murders through his astral vision - a drug-induced psychic journey through the netherworld.

Tracking him down to an opium den, his obese sidekick Peter Godley (Robbie Coltrane) brings him back to consensus reality with a well-placed bitch slap.

Meanwhile, Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) and her hooker friends are being extorted by a gang of thugs.

Abberline follows the clues, leading him to a conspiracy at the highest levels of Government and Freemasonry -- Sir William Gull (Ian Holm), the Queen's physician, and Sir Charles Warren (Ian Richardson), Commissioner of Police and member of the Ars Quator Coronatorum Masonic Lodge - confidants to Queen Victoria herself.

A gripping, well-styled movie, "From Hell" is a bold revision of history based on Knight's ground-breaking research.

Historically, this cabal of high-level Masons was determined to "protect" the Monarchy - and preserve their own control of the Government.

After all, conspiracies of States are always informative because of the depths of depravity that show what men will do to preserve the status quo of the Ruling Class and Power Elite. In this case, the movie deftly illustrates that xenophobia and unvarnished hypocrisy are the hallmarks of the outwardly prim and proper Victorian Age. The flood of immigrants. The rising tide of socialism. The perceived threat of Catholicism to the Crown. The possibility of working-class uprising. These were all political factors in an age when the debauchery of the Ruling Class was a fact of life, as were the ruthlessness and corruption of the Crown.

"A great deal is at stake if the Establishment considers it necessary to operate a full scale cover-up," writes Knight. "For the truth of the Jack the Ripper affair to have been painstakingly concealed can mean nothing less than State security was at risk, or that someone high in the Government or the Royal Family was involved."

Author Stephen Knight, in his out of print masterpiece, "Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution," explains how Britain's entire political system at the end of the 19th century was threatened by the hidden facts -- Prince Albert Victor ("Eddy") was not only bisexual, but he had married a Roman Catholic girl and fathered a child with her. Evidently these debaucheries were so scandalous that the Ruling Class would not abide even the slightest hint of this revelation.

When a group of working girls (Annie Chapman, Marie Kelly, Elizabeth Stride and Mary Nichols) decided to blackmail the Royals, the Marquess of Salisbury, then Prime Minister, had to take care of the problem. He entrusted Sir William Gull, physician and abortionist to the Royal Family, for the mission.

One of the country's most prominent Freemasons, Gull understood that "Freemasonry was the power behind the Government and it was the unseen influence of the Masonic elders which dictated major policies, not the pleasing façade of Commons debate."

The deliberately engineered panic, i.e., the murder of five prostitutes, was done according to Masonic ritual. The ritual murder and disembowelment "met with such ghastly success because of the audacity with which they were executed," said Walter Sickert, Knight's informant whose painter-father had intimate knowledge of the Cleveland Street murders. This so-called "audacity" is a trademark of Masonic "mischief-making."

"Freemasons applaud violence, terror and crime, provided it is carried out in a crafty manner," writes Knight. "Humor is all important and the most appalling crimes may be committed under its cloak."

In fact, one of the key Masonic insights into human nature, says Knight, is the reaction of people to terrorism and serial ritual murders executed with great skill. In other words, people will marvel and say, "What a dirty trick, but how skillfully executed. What a swindle, but how well and with what courage it has been done."

This macabre sense of humor (or base insanity) is the trademark of Masonic Magick - to cause an effect, by an act so devilish yet cunning, that the entire world pays attention - while it's virtually terrorized and traumatized in the same collective gasp of horror.

"Ghoulish murders with a Puckish sense of fun" characterizes these atrocities.

(For example - how could they possibly drive those planes into the towers?)

"If Masonic supremacy appears in jeopardy, it is reestablished by a show of strength, by crimes of violence, perpetrated to demonstrate the continuing power of Freemasons for the benefit of Brothers abroad," writes Knight. "Crimes of violence would have been committed to reestablishing Masonic authority in the eyes of Masons everywhere."

"All Jack the Ripper victims were dispatched according to age-old Masonic ritual," Knight continues. The mutilations of the "unfortunates" were done according to Masonic tradition, the standard way of dealing with "traitors." In fact, the oath recited by initiates promises a ghastly death and mutilation -- in the case of "betrayal."

"From Hell" actually shows a Masonic ritual of initiation, and the candidate's recited vow of promised retribution in the case of his "betrayal" sounds like a dictation from the devil himself.

It is, after all, the standard Illuminati Two Fer (Two, Two, Two for the Price of One). In this case, Number One is to eliminate the blackmailers and witnesses, the prostitutes who knew about Eddie's indiscretions. And Number Two is to instill terror in the general populace by horrific murders (and "unsolved mysteries"), which traumatize the people into deeper submission and subconscious programming.

The "deliberately engineered panic" to which Knight refers has been used historically to shift the paradigm from a scam which is about to be uncovered to a new collective "concern."

The movie "Wag the Dog," of course, illustrates this concept with unsurpassed brilliance. Divert attention from a potential scandal (the President's sexual indiscretions) to a greater potential problem (a "manufactured" war) and the entire population is once again under a "hoodwink."

As Dr. Albert Mackey, a 33rd Degree Freemason writes in "The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry," a hoodwink is "a symbol of the secrecy, silence and darkness in which the mysteries of the art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane."

In other words, when attention is diverted even for a nanosecond, the con artist (shell game practitioner, or magician) once again confuses his mark. The street-wise expression is simply "The House Always Wins."

Knight maintains that Inspector Abberline was historically part of the cover-up himself, and that the real "hero" was actually Ernest Parke, a twenty nine year old editor of the North London Press, "who pinpointed in his newspaper the deliberate mishandling of the brothel investigation and trial. He attacked the police not only for allowing one of the conspirators to escape to the Continent, but also for giving him so much time in which to do so that he managed to take his furniture with him. He attacked the court for passing a sentence of four months for Veck, who has been one of the worst offenders in an unsavory case."

Then Parke himself was charged with criminal libel in an unrelated case and sentenced to a year's imprisonment, effectively silencing him for probing much too deeply.

Though finding out that the "Jack the Ripper" murders, masterminded by Freemasons and perpetrated according to Masonic ritual, is an astonishing revelation to many people, the Whitechapel Murders are not the first to be attributed to Masonic skullduggery.

Freemason Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who left the brotherhood in his later years, was allegedly poisoned for his "betrayal," as well as for revealing their esoteric secrets in "The Magic Flute."

William Morgan, author of a major 19th century expose of the Brotherhood called "Freemasonry Exposed," was murdered.

Film director Stanley Kubrick mysteriously died after his ritual-obsessed movie "Eyes Wide Shut" was completed.

And yes, Stephen Knight, author of "Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution" mysteriously died after his best-selling expose' "The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons" was published in 1984.

The Craft is alive and (very) well on Planet Earth.

As a fictionalized account of the Ripper killings, "From Hell" gets closer to true history than any other work of fiction -- or even so-called "history" itself. It even shows the genesis of today's voodoo science and its bizarre obsession with psycho-surgery or lobotomies as well as cut-and-burn AMA-sanctioned "medicine."

Most importantly, "From Hell" shows, in gruesome detail, the deep long-standing connection between the world's most mysterious society and the world's most mysterious murders.

Conspiracy, after all, is not just "Business-As-Usual;" it's also "Government-As-Usual."

A Freemason Speaks http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Masonic_Ritual_Murders.htm

Author Stephen Knight wrote one of the seminal books on freemasonry called 'The Brotherhood' in 1983. During the course of his research for this book he was introduced to a man known as 'Christopher', a mason of the highest 33rd degree ranking. In the Cafe Royal, London, Christopher showed him the papers demonstrating the authenticity of his masonic rank and told Knight that he was keen to "stop the rot" in freemasonry. Stephen Knight asked him what a person might have to fear from a group of influential freemasons if circumstances made him, for instance, a threat to them in the business world; or if he discovered they were using masonry for corrupt purposes; or had fallen a victim of their misuse of freemasonry and would not heed warnings not to oppose them.

'Christopher', 33rd degree mason: "It is not difficult to ruin a man and I will tell you how it is done time and again. There are more than half a million brethren under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge. Standards have been falling for twenty or thirty years. It is too easy to enter the Craft, so many men of dubious morals have joined. The secrecy and power attract such people, and when they come the decent leave. The numbers of people who would never have been considered for membership in the fifties are getting larger all the time. If only five per cent of freemasons use - abuse - the Craft for selfish or corrupt ends it means there are 25,000 of them. The figure is much closer to twelve or thirteen per cent now."

Stephen Knight: "Christopher explained that masonry's nationwide organization of men from most walks of life provided one of the most efficient private intelligence networks imaginable. Private information on anybody in the country could normally be accessed very rapidly through endless permutations of masonic contacts - police, magistrates, solicitors, bank managers. Post Office staff, doctors, government employees. Bosses of firms. A dossier of personal data could be built up on anybody very quickly. When the major facts of an individual's life were known, areas of vulnerability would become apparent. Perhaps he is in financial difficulties; perhaps he has some social vice - if married he might 'retain a mistress' or have a proclivity for visiting prostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he wishes keep buried, some guilty secret, a criminal offence (easily obtainable through freemason police of doubtful virtue), or other blemish on his character: all these and more could be discovered via the wide-ranging masonic network of 600,000 contacts, a great many of whom were indisposed to do favours for one another because that had been their prime motive for joining. Even decent masons could often be 'conned' into providing information on the basis that 'Brother Smith needs this to help the person involved'. The adversary would even sometimes be described as a fellow mason to the Brother from whom information was sought - perhaps someone with access to his bank manager. The 'good' mason would not go to the lengths of checking with Freemason's Hall whether or not this was so. If the 'target' was presented as a Brother in distress by a fellow mason, especially a fellow lodge member, that would be enough for any upright member of the craft. Sometimes this information gathering process - often involving a long chain of masonic contacts all over the country and possibly abroad - would be necessary. Enough would be known in advance about the adversary to initiate any desired action against him.

'Christopher', the 33rd degree mason: "Solicitors are very good at it. Get your man involved in something legal - it need not be serious - and you have him."

Stephen Knight: "Masons can bring about the situation where credit companies and banks withdraw credit facilities from individual clients and tradesmen, said my informant. Banks can foreclose. People who rely on the telephone for their work can be cut off for long periods. Masonic employees of local authorities can arrange for a person's drains to be inspected and extensive damage to be reported, thus burdening the person with huge repair bills; workmen carrying out the job can 'find' - in reality cause - further damage. Again with regard to legal matters, a fair hearing is hard to get when a man in ordinary circumstances is in financial difficulties. If he is trying to fight a group of unprincipled freemasons skilled in using the 'network' it will be impossible because masonic DHSS and Law Society officials can delay applications for Legal Aid endlessly."

'Christopher', 33rd degree mason: "Employers, if they are freemasons or not, can be given private information about a man who has made himself an enemy of masonry. At worst he will be dismissed (if the information is true) or consistently passed over for promotion. Masonic doctors can also be used. But for some reason doctors seem to be the least corruptible men. There are only two occurrences of false medical certificates issued by company doctors to ruin the chances of an individual getting a particular job which I know about. It's not a problem that need greatly worry us like the rest.

"Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it's at work against them. Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though. It's.... you see, I... you finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of person's life. If they give in they go under. If they don't give in it's only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them. "There is no defense against an evil which only the victims and perpetrators know exists."