http://www.djinnuniverse.com/  An ancient Arabian legend says that God made humans from mud and clay, angels from light, and djinn from smokeless fire. In the western world, many people readily accept the idea of angels and demons, but most have no knowledge of the djinn, called “God’s other people.” According to legend, the djinn were the first inhabitants of this world, where they lived for thousands of years before humanity arrived. In order to make room for humans, angels took the djinn out of this world and placed them in a dimension that parallels our own. There they stay hidden from our view. They have the ability to see and interact with us, but we have difficulty seeing them. They are cloaked in mystery, and it suits their covert purpose.
    The goal of most djinn is to retake this world, which they feel rightfully belongs to them. In order to succeed, they must make humanity give up stewardship of this reality. They are accomplishing this by stealth and disguise. They have great powers and plenty of time, for they live for centuries. Shape-shifting djinn may be responsible for many forms of paranormal phenomena and experience, such as UFOs, shadow people, ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic possession. In such ways, they gain access to us that enables them to steal our life force and information about us, and to manipulate and use us without revealing their true form and purpose. These negative experiences are on the rise.  Rosemary Ellen Guiley, one of the leading experts on the paranormal, along with her co-author, present the findings of her in-depth investigations of the djinn: who they are, what they are doing, and how they can be countered.

[vid] Rosemary E Guiley The DJINN  n this Bases Educational Suppliment with the AMMACH Project, The ultimate enemy of man kind is discussed here, with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the Vengeful DJINN, older, even before Man ever "arrived" The DJINN are rather annoyed, and they are coming. Seen as scuttlers, "mulitlegged" creatures, "Shadow People... all over this world.... black fluidic intelligent energy...  http://www.djinnuniverse.com/

Shadow beings work closely with the Greys, mantids and the Draco and other reptilian beings. They have their own agenda, and consider the Earth to be theirs, you need to read Rosemary Ellen Guilleys book the “Vengeful Djinn” to further understand this, but they have a vested interest in the manipulation of human beings, right down to a spiritual warfare game, which I personally believe has been played out on humans for millennia. I believe George Kavasillas also has huge insights here also. The Djinn are like smoke in form, and are certainly made of fire in terms of plasma. They are highly intelligent and it is my belief that they have also had a huge impact on magical lore and training of humans also. Enochian magic and Solomonic magic is much to do with Djinn as with other forces also. They were certainly used to train us psychically as children in MILABS and also observe us in the home setting...part befriending us and part brutal teachers. You get taught your psychic abilities through a fight or flight scenario with these beings, which really causes chakra problems later on in my experience. I believe that there are people in the military that have had much to do with these beings and I know from memories in that regard there is strange stuff going on, it is quite scary actually. Portal technology and Djinn technology have and are being researched, that should be making us shudder. [2013 May] An Interview with Angelia Cardwell, a Milab by James Bartley

JiNN and SHADOW Beings Simon Parkes New Horizons 2014

Vengeful Djinn by Rosemary Ellen Guilley

Stamp, Terence Interview. ("I can also reach into the Jinn sphere" 1:19)