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Rockefeller: The Man Who Misrules the World

a book by Emanuel Josephson

[1952 pdf] Rockefeller: The Man Who Misrules the World by Emanuel Josephson

"This is an early exposť of Rockefeller's schemes in finance, education, medicine, social work, philanthropy, foreign and domestic policy. Josephson was one of the great all-time Rockefeller haters and wrote this pioneering study that named names and explained the nefarious methods by which this mafia-like family operates in order to ruin America and the rest of the world. He rigorously explains and documents how the family stood behind the I.G. Farben cartel which supported Hitler and his slave camps.
    Furthermore the author illuminates the "red" policy of the Rockefellers as they supported Stalin and his communist purges. It is today a fact that the Rockefeller family wields extraordinary influence over American political and economic institutions which in turn decide upon the lives of millions all around the globe. By providing grants to numerous universities, institutes and other institutions it in turn decides what kind of research policy will be implemented among the thousands of scholars and scientists.
    Is it a coincidence then that they always produce studies that call for a "new world order" or a "global citizenship" or even "reduction of useless eaters"? Today, "philanthropist", plutocrat and international banker David Rockefeller is still promoting his "one world" vision among global powerbrokers through the Bilderberger Group and others with no end in sight. Find out how it all began in this classic study that should be read by anyone who is wondering how this mania for a global society came about."---- http://www.conspiracyresearch.org