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CIA-Mossad Mercenaries Stage 'Al-Qaeda' Beheadings


It's truly saddening ?and frightening ?to see so many people from the 9/11 truth movement and the nominally intelligent sectors of American society duped by the new government fairy tales that Americans Nick Berg and Paul Johnson and Korean Kim Sun-il were beheaded by al-Qaeda terrorists when in fact the perpetrators were international mercenaries who draw their paychecks from the subterranean murder bureau run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency, Israel's Mossad and the hired henchmen of morally bankrupt and Bush-connected Saudi Arabian royalty.

Now that Ashcroft's fake terror alerts within the U.S. fail to draw even a ripple of attention ?except for honest intelligence analysts who quickly debunk them as calculated fantasy ?the forces of evil run by Dick Cheney and his Soviet-style hit men within the Bush administration have resorted to actual grisly performances of preposterous violence overseas in clumsy attempts to deflect attention from embarrassing news on the homefront and build a case for their incipient invasion of oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia as their brutal rape of Iraq continues unabated.


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CIA-Mossad Mercenaries Stage 'Al-Qaeda' Beheadings