Katy Perry/Hudson

'I sold my soul to the devil'. - Katy Perry

'I am obsessed with cats.  I'm kind of trying to make that cat-lady personality cool. I want it to be chic!'

Produced by: Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke)

What is Happening to Katy Perry?

 "E.T." featuring Kanye West

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: One Big, Children-Friendly Tribute to the Illuminati

Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” : A Video About Monarch Mind Control  Katy Perry’s Wide Awake is a prime example of Monarch programming symbolism being promoted in mass media products. While it may be deemed “original” and “imaginative” by many, it is strikingly similar to other MK-themed video analyzed on this site. For instance, Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick also features a younger (purer) version of the singer, a flurry of butterflies, rooms full of mirrors and so forth. Why are all of these symbols found in these unrelated videos (any countless others)? It is because these symbols are, in fact, related: They are symbols of Monarch Programming mind control. This is the common thread uniting these symbols. It also explains the otherwise puzzling plots of the videos.  Although it is probably the most disgusting and vicious concept known to man, Monarch programming is often referenced in popular culture. And, since Monarch programming is one of the ways the occult elite keeps a stranglehold on many areas, including the entertainment industry, it is often subtly glamorized in mass media. Most people let all of this imagery go straight to their minds without even understanding its true meaning. However, there is one way to not allow these unwanted messages to reach our brains: Be TRULY wide awake.

Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’: Using Music Videos to Recruit New Soldiers  The prospect of future wars, along with the countless existing warzones around the world, are generating a great need for new soldiers military in the U.S. and other Western countries. Since military drafts are no longer an option, new and innovative ways are being used to reach the army’s target audience (teenagers) and to get them interested in enlisting in armed forces. Katy Perry’s Part of Me is an obvious Marines recruitment advertisement disguised as a music video, with the Marine’s “cool” weaponry, intensive training and soldier camaraderie all presented in a dynamic and appealing matter. The military and war are presented as ideal escapes from life’s bummers, like a cheating boyfriend, and geared to appeal to a generation of bored teenagers.

Hello Katy!

[2010] Katy Perry’s Illuminati, MK-Ultra Commercial This commercial intended for German television has it all: checkerboard patterns everywhere, transhumanism, deshumanization, mind control, alter-personalities, Marilyn Monroe (the original Monarch sex kitten), the colors white, black and red, etc.




PIZZAGATE  [2016 Dec vid] #Pizzagate Katy Perry connection | IT'S NO BIG DEAL, THIS IS HOW WE DO

Selling Soul

Reptile eyes (slits)  [vid] A Real Reptilian Shapeshifter - Close Up  Katy Perry 2

Reptile eyes (slits)  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhwuuj_parental-advisory-katy-perry-e-t-feat-kanye-west_music

Katy Perry Tells young girl to sell her soul to Satan for power

Katy Perry's New Alter Is Born - Kathy Beth Terry Pushing The Pedophile Agenda

[vid] Sex Kittens

Monarch  Cat/Kitten alter
A. Purple Cat Suit with Animal Print: Symbolizing Beta ‘Sex Kitten’ Programming + Purple represents the color of dissociation in Monarch Programming.
B. Purple Cat Mask: Symbolizes the slave’s alter ‘sex kitten’ persona.
C. Reflection: Representing the multiple alters of the Monarch Slave (Katy Perry).
D. Shadow: Represents ‘shadow’ alters (created to hold the pain when the main alter dissociates from torture).
E. Ball of String (wrapped around wrist): Represents a Ball & Chain (symbolizing the slave’s imprisoned/restrained mind).

Christ mocking (Crucifixion)

Cat/Kitten alter  Masks

Katy Perry’s “E.T.” Lyrics And Video — Alien Deception Strikes Again

[vid] Katy Perry Says She Sold Her Soul to the Devil

Before and after (visual)



Sexualizing children


Eye (all seeing)

Hand sign (Satanic--music)

Finger (Saturn/the)


Death's Head (Skull & Bones) (between legs)