British Politician Goes On TV Demanding The Truth Be Told About The Strange Death Of Micro-Biologist, Dr. David Kelly
Observers say Kelly was assassinated and didn't commit suicide like officials suggest. They also contend his death goes right to the doorsteps of 10 Downing Street and the White House.
5 Jul 2006


By Greg Szymanski


The strange death of British arms inspector and micro biologist, Dr. David Kelly, has always been linked to the fact he knew too much about the illegal arms trade to the Middle East, including the real story about WMD in Iraq.


Although the official story of his 2003 death tells a tale of suicide, many observers close to the case claim Dr. Kelly was anything but suicidal. They also contend the follow-up investigation was appalling, claiming the Hutton Commission set up by the British  Parliament to investigate Dr. Kelly’s death covered up important facts that would have implicated high-ranking British and American officials.


While the story remains hush-hush in America even though its implications lead right to the White House, this week Norman Baker, a liberal democrat in Parliament came forward publicly saying there was a high probability that Dr. Kelly was assassinated.


“I was unhappy and perturbed, like many people, about the story behind Dr. Kelly’s death,” said Baker this week on a London political talk show, who vowed on the show to try and get to the bottom of the case. “There are a number of very odd circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. Kelly and obviously this is a very highly charged political time in our country.


“I think he was a great servant of our country and the way he was treated by the Ministry of Defense was very poor. And the way the assumption of suicide was reached without very much evidence to back it up was curious. First, there appears to be no intent for suicide. And when you look into the alleged suicide itself, you’ll find the method prescribed for the suicide in the death certificate was very peculiar.


Baker added he has collected medical evidence suggesting the method in which Dr. Kelly’s suicide took place by allegedly cutting a deep artery in his wrist clinically could not have cause his death.


“The clinical evidence suggests Dr. Kelly was the only person in England that year that died from that particular type of artery injury,” added Baker. “The Hutton Commission actually did not address the important issues, as it was concerned more about the BBC behaved and the British government behaved and not about the particulars of Dr. Kelly.


Asked whether it was in poor taste to bring up the matter after three years, Baker disagreed, saying the Hutton Commission never put the proper witnesses under oath as required in an official death inquest.


Baker also added another irregularity rarely talked about was the official cause of death was released in the death certificate prior to the Hutton Inquiry, which was supposedly set up to investigate the cause of death, however, a fact that was already predetermined before the official inquiry.


“So there are a whole range of unanswered questions,” said Baker. “There is a huge level of disquiet from professional people who know what they are talking about who suggested the conclusion of suicide is simply untenable. Under these circumstances, it’s important that we the public at large get the truth in this matter. I think it is of great importance to this country since if Dr. Kelly didn’t commit suicide then the only other conclusion that can be made is that he was assassinated.”


Other new developments from insiders close to the July 20, 2003, death of Dr. Kelly reveal one he may have been killed due to his knowledge of covert research of the “black only bomb” in South Africa.


Although this has been reported once in a Sunday Express 2004 article, new information is now linking the connection to assignments directly from former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former Prime Minister John Major.


Kelly was said to be involved in the apartheid regime’s most secret project. According to a previous London press account, Kelly was involved in Code-named Project Coast, trying to create a genetically engineered weapon to attack only the country's black population and to develop a vaccine to block human fertility in blacks.


Dr. Kelly had visited the project's headquarters soon after he was appointed in 1972 to be head of the microbiology department at Porton Down, Britain's top-secret biological warfare establishment in Wiltshire.


Another reason for Dr. Kelly’s murder surrounds his knowledge of the B52 incident in Iran, where the U.S. is said to have drop-shipped or lost nuclear weapons in 1990-91 without reporting the incident to the United Nations authorities.


The British source provided new information about what Dr. Kelly really knew about the lost nuclear weapons, suggesting Vice President Dick Cheney had a very strong motive to keep Dr. Kelly silent about the B52 incident.


“We now know that Dr. David Kelly did in fact not know about the loss of the very big nukes from the B-52 plane,” said the source. “Kelly only ever knew about the smaller battlefield / tactical nuclear bombs that were made by Armscor in South Africa and covertly shipped in 1990 from SA to Oman where they remained during Gulf War-1.


“In July 2003 when Kelly was murdered the fear in The White House (USA) must have been Kelly would claim that the WMD not found in Iraq during Gulf War-2 were in fact the (smaller) lost nukes. The media would then have deduced that the rumour of the B-52g plane having lost the very big nukes in 1991 was probably valid.


“This revelation would have been most untimely for The White House in summer 2003. It would have killed-off the campaign to re-elect GW Bush for 2004, just as it was about to start. It seems more likely that Kelly's assassins were U.S. Navy SEALS under the direction of Dick Cheney?


“At the time of Kelly's death, Tony Blair was in the USA being lauded with the announcement of a Congressional Gold Medal. It seems that Tony Blair is now having second thoughts about taking that medal. It could be interpreted as 'Judas-money' for Kelly's death. Tony Blair even now nearly 3 years on has never gone back to collect that Gold medal.


“I occasionally speak to Michael Shrimpton the International lawyer who claims to be a devotee of the Neo-Cons. This could explain why Shrimpton is always trying to shift the blame for Kelly's murder away from the USA and onto French military intelligence.


Regarding Dr.Kelly’s death, one British observer who wanted to remain anonymous said:


“This whole thing is going to be far bigger than Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate. As soon as the story is laterally expended to include the nukes also lost from the B-52 plane, then it also goes into the Oval Office at The White House.”


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Greg Szymanski