Marion Knox is a farmer, Gospel singer, and counselor from Lebanon, Oregon. For several years, he has been helping set people free from the affects of ritual abuse and mind control. Although some may think of his methodology as unorthodox, it appears to be effective in eliminating highly-structured dissociation in many of the people he's worked with. While tediously assisting and supporting these survivors, Marion has uncovered startling information concerning the inner-workings of the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, and a possible end-times scenario. His conclusions are not only based upon what his clients are uniformly conveying, but also through Biblical and historical research. Mr. Knox would like to emphasize that some of his opinions are speculation or conjecture and need to be objectively verified and validated by independent sources.

Ron Patton: How did you get into counselling survivors of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and mind control?

Marion Knox: To begin with, my first experience with anything dealing with the occult was through a friend of mine who thought his house was haunted. So I volunteered. While trying to figure out what was going on, a woman living in the house felt she was possessed. We went through a deliverance session with her and she eventually became a Christian. After that, I worked with people who had common sexual abuse. It wasn't until several years later, in 1993, I started counselling on a regular basis those who were ritually abused. So as far as the Satanic stuff goes, I first worked with three women who had multiple personalities, put in several hundred hours with each of these victims and as a result, began to understand the belief system and motives of the perpetrators.

RP: So what did you basically learn about the perpetrators belief system and motives?

MK: Since I already had a pretty good understanding of the Bible, it gave me part of the picture. But what I learned from other sources and what the survivors were telling me help put it together more clearly. Basically, Satan's system is built on the mirror image principle to copy the kingdom of God. The perpetrator's goal is to gain power. They believe that the devil has the most power, and the most powerful component in the rituals is the blood sacrifices in blasphemy of Christ's atonement. Another very important component is the act of sodomy which is the opposite of the "new birth" we have in Christ. The ritual abuse system is normally built around a three year old child, because this usually is the optimal time to create dissociation or MPD. This system is actually a mirror image or reflection of what appears to be a shattering of the core personality. To illustrate it better, let's say you stand between two mirrors and look down the corridor. You can then see yourself in multiple representations to infinity.

RP: Can you elaborate further on how the ritual abuse system is formed and how it works?

MK: Well, as I began to work with more survivors, I gathered more details and was able to kind of form a victim's profile. So as I mentioned before, they take a child at approximately three years of age and make the child fast for several days, force the child to witness human sacrifices, and to participate in a cannibalistic communion service. In some instances, they physically abuse the child and then place he or she in a cage or coffin to further the trauma. The child is sometimes drowned in a baptismal ceremony and brought back to life. In the process of all this blasphemy, the child's mind is reversed or shattered into multiplicity. The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. During this vial act, a demonic system called, "Legion" is installed. In the King James Bible, Legion is refered to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot.

RP: How is your therapeutic approach different then others in the area of "deprogramming"?

MK: Well, the key to being healed is the blood atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know a lot of survivors and therapists have a hard time with this because they might have a distorted view of Christianity, but what we are dealing with is in the spiritual realm; it's a spiritual battle between Satan, who wants to steal, kill and destroy as many lives as he possibly can, and, The Lord Jesus Christ, who wants to save and bring healing to the afflicted. I may not have all the details figured out, but I have seen many survivors come to freedom.

You see, the integration route can produce containment, whereas I get to the core of the problem and knock-out the whole MPD system by exposing the lies and secrets with truth and casting the high demons out into the pit. Before I get into the actual deliverance, I listen to their story, take note of their symptoms, and ask a lot of questions. Once it's accurately determined they are ritual abuse victims, I start to investigate deeper by testing the subconscious mind; by the way, I do it without the use of hypnosis.

Once I locate the highest demon, called the "Strongman", I attempt to cast it out along with Legion.. In conjunction with the deliverance, we will sometimes have a Christian communion service but we try not follow a ritualistic pattern too much. After the deliverance, there needs to be intensified Christian support that should include, prayer, friendship, understanding, teaching, counsel, and accountability. The person needs to do whatever it takes to stay away from any relationships and associations that gets in the way of the healing process. I guess it seems too simple for some therapists to understand or comprehend because I have people come to me who have been through conventional psychiatric therapy for years yet I am able to get many of them free, anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days...

Let me give you an example of what occurred with one of the first survivors I was able to help. She was a twin who grew up in Great Falls, Montana and was programmed by Josef Mengele, who she remembered as "Dr. Mingles". Anyway, the unique feature about her, that I never heard about from anyone else until then, was her mind was programmed that someday her MPD would be reversed so she could be used as a ruler over many covens within the Illuminati. So, while working with her I discovered that one of her personalities was programmed that if we would give her a normal Christian communion service, her MPD would be reversed. We discussed it some and got approval from her husband to go along with it. At the end of the service, she fell over backwards and was unconscious. About 10 minutes later she woke up and knew she was no longer multiple. This was several years ago and it never did come back [the MPD]. Eventually, I developed more efficient ways of dealing with this thing and understanding the larger scope of what all is involved.

RP: I noticed you mentioned this woman was to be groomed at a high-level within the Illuminati. What's your perspective or insight into this nefarious organization?

MK: The Illuminati is a Luciferian religion that is counterfeit to the church of Jesus Christ [not the Mormon one]. Illuminati means, "Light Bearers" or "Enlightened Ones". The Illuminati belief system says that freedom is only obtained through the entrance of true or pure light (sodomy) and life (sacrifice) is only obtained through death. They tell their people that nothing can ever penetrate that power because the [unholy] trinity of Cain, Nimrod, and Joseph seals it in. The core religion of their belief system comes from the Cabala, a book containing mysticism, and written by a sect of the Pharisees who went into Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem. As a matter of fact, the holy language of the Illuminati is Hebrew... As history records, the official birth of the Illuminati was in 1776 and started by a trained Jesuit named Adam Weishaupt and financed by the House of Rothschild. The idea was to get together 13 powerful families or bloodlines; with the Rothschilds being the most influential, to rule the world.

RP: Can you be more specific as to the role the Rothschilds play into all of this?

MK: Well, most people who are into conspiracy know the Rothschilds are the most powerful family in the world. But you really don't hear about the details relating to how they have set themselves up to be "King of the Jews", and to usher in the Anti-Christ. It was the Rothschilds who financially backed the nation of Israel so they could eventually set up the throne for the Anti-Christ in Jerusalem. And yet during WWII, their money and resources were used to kill millions of Jews, but these were seen as the expendable Jews from the House of Jacob. Remember, these guys have the audacity to use the Bible as a blueprint to take over the world...

Let me give you some background information. On one level, the Rothschilds secretly call themselves the House of David from the tribe of Judah. Now, Rothschild translated from German to English means, "red shield". During Biblical times, the Edomite's fortress was the red rocks of Petra. Esau, the twin brother of Jacob, was described as, " red and hairy". So this information fits perfectly with what survivors have been telling me. That on a deeper level, the Rothschilds are also claiming to be descendants of Esau and thus, are really from the House or tribe of Esau. What they are trying to do, is to get the birthright back from the House of Jacob, who are the real Jews. However, the book of Obadiah talks about the destruction of the Edomites in the last days. So this leads us to another interesting point. In Revelation 3:9 it says, "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet..." Then I ask the question, "Who is the synagogue of Satan?" The only logical conclusion I can come up with is the Illuminati Rothschilds...

OK, now lets look at some other things. Mayer Amschel Rothschild had 5 sons and in order to keep the wealth in the family, there was a lot of inbreeding, like what the European royal families did. One of their hobbies was horse racing and they were known to be horse breeders as well. I think this may have given them additional insight into purifying their bloodline. Normally you would think that random inbreeding would bring degeneration to the genetic pool, but they had the mindset to eliminate the weak ones [offspring] and save the ones who were strong and healthy. So this is part of their master plan: to improve the genetics in order to have a superior bloodline.

RP: It seems identical to what the Nazis were doing in an attempt to create the Aryan race.

MK: Yes, but that was a smokescreen because you had Nazis like Hitler and Mengele who did not have Aryan features. The way I see it is that the Nazi's master race concept was a controlled experiment and the knowledge was used for the real master race, which is alive and well today... Adolph Hitler was more of a puppet for propaganda purposes, whereas , I believe Josef Mengele was one of the "chosen ones" [a Rothschild] to bring forth the Anti-Christ.

RP: What makes you think Josef Mengele was a Rothschild?

MK: To me, it's the only thing that makes sense. First of all, let's go back to the start of the Illuminati. The three men who collaborated and were able to put it together were Jacob Frank, Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Josef Johan Adam Weishaupt --that is Weishaupt's complete name, which begins with Josef. Now the Joseph in the Bible was the favorite son of Jacob and the savior of the 12 tribes while in Egypt. The survivors who were experimented on and programmed by Mengele, would refer to him by different names. Two of those names were David and Alexander, which happen to be the first names of the last two generations of Rothschilds. You have to remember that their genealogy and the names they choose for the "chosen ones" are very significant to them. Also, the name Joseph in the Illuminati is considered, "the name above all names". When Rothschild survivors are being sodomized, the name Joseph is chanted and inbedded into their subconscious. They inately know that Josef Mengele is a Rothschild... Another point to consider is that within their belief system, the three men that are immortal; that never die are Cain, Nimrod, and Joseph.

RP: Marion, if I may interject for a moment?

MK: Go ahead.

RP: I noticed Josef Mengele's father Karl did not look anything like him. His father was fair-skinned and robust while Josef had dark features and a slight build. Now I realize that some people would say that Josef inherited more of his physical traits from his mother. But, from several of the Illuminati survivors that I have been in contact with, this appears to be a consistent trend; that is, having one parent that is biologically-related and one that is not.

MK: Exactly. What the Rothschilds have done is to place their seed into other important Illuminati families. In this way, they can hide the true identities of their offspring... But getting back to Mengele -- He was a devout Catholic and was reported to have all the Catholic spiritual gifts, including, stigmata. At the same time, he was heralded as the top-ranking person in the Illuminati. The Vatican never did ex-communicate him or any other of the top Nazi's because the Illuminati and the Catholic church are part of the same Babylonian religion. His fascination with twins may not only have been for genetic experimentation, but to also play out the role of the twins, Jacob and Esau in the Bible, which states, "Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated". You see, Jacob got the birthright even though he was the second-born. Survivors have told me Josef Mengele is a second-born twin and they sacrificed the first one in order for him [Josef] to gain more power. The name of the first twin may have been "Kore" which is a Hittite name. You see, Esau's first wife was a Hittite and you can find that Abraham bought the burial place for Sarah from a Hittite whose father's name was Kore. Well then, the interesting thing is that Esau's first born son had seven sons. Son number 5 was Kore. From Mayer Amschel down to 5 generations may have been Kore and Josef, besides Guy, who is probably a half-brother and more of a "front" man. Another interesting thing is you'll find the name James in many of the Rothschild names, which is another translation for Jacob. Remember, Joseph was the son of Jacob, so they have made it look like the whole line of men leading to the Anti-Christ is from the House of Jacob -- see how this fits together?

RP: Yeah. It seems to make sense in a morbid and convoluted way.

MK: So in the book of Revelation it says that the Anti-Christ or the Beast is the eighth of seven. Starting with Meyer Amschel Rothschild and inserting Josef Mengele at the right place of the generation of families it comes out to number 5. The sixth is David, representing the House of David, and listed at number 7 is Alexander. He was named after Alexander the Great, who was not only a revered general, but was also the Supreme Pontiff of the Babylonian religion during his reign. He was the swiftest conqueror of the world and also a sodomite. These close-in Rothschild survivors all have this MONARCH programming, which includes an internal computer system called ALEX. In order to access it, you need to find the master access code number, repeat it three times in a row, and designate the type of information you would like to retrieve. What I have surmized from getting into the minds of these people is that Alexander may be the name for Anti-Christ. Alexander means, "mighty one of Cain", according to one researcher... The Illuminati believes they will win the final battle at Armageddon, seize the vineyard [the world], overthrow Jesus Christ and have Lucifer rule with the master race for 1000 years. Hitler even talked about 1000 years -- the Third Reich.

RP: Do you have any additional insights into the Illuminated Rothschilds?

MK: Now these survivors have told me that the, "Key of David" is the Rothschild sodomy. The penetration occurs at an upward angle, so it strikes the nerves at the end of the spine and produces white flashes of light in the brain. They do this on a regular basis -- sort of maintenance program to keep everything intact. As a side note, there are Catholic black masses where they sodomize children with a crucifix calling it the, "Peace of Mary" because once the dissociation occurs, it almost produces a calming affect; sort of a peaceful feeling...

Another ceremony described to me is that the Rothschilds take a pregnant 13 year old girl to a place like the Mayan pyramids and perform a ritual in which an Anaconda snake will swallow the baby as it's being delivered. This symbolizes giving your first fruits to god... OK, there is supposedly a replica of the Dachau concentration camp at the Aldin Plateau in S.E. Siberia. This is reported to be a major programming center for Rothschild offspring. On this site is a large temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse where they are stockpiling the skins off the backs of 12,000 sacrificed women from each of the other 12 bloodlines. These skins are being made into aprons for the 144,000 bodyguards of the Anti-Christ during the, "Abomination of Desolation", as mentioned in the book of Daniel. This is a counterfeit of the 144,000 in the book of Revelation who will serve Jesus. Something else I've uncovered from these survivors is that Area 51 in Nevada is called the, "New Jerusalem", where there appears to be a large underground ceremonial temple, lake, and oasis called the, "Garden of Eden".

RP: Do you think the UFO stuff there is a camouflage or diversion?

MK: I think it's a deceptive ploy to cover up what the Illuminati has there. No doubt, there are high-tech machines developed by the NWO, but you'll find that a lot of these secret underground places have a different agenda as to what they're feeding the public.

RP: I think there was one more thing we discussed awhile back that had to do with injections into the heart...

MK: Oh, you mean the blood injections into the heart?

RP: Yes.

MK: Well, they do that for at least a couple of reasons. One, is to traumatize the person so they dissociate more and the other is to weed out the weak ones -- some don't make it; you know, survival of the fittest.

RP: Have there been any repercussions, like threats on your life for helping Illuminati Rothschild survivors?

MK: Virtually none. The Lord has helped me to not be afraid and as long as he wants me to be alive and untouched, he won't allow anyone to get to me.

RP: What do you think of _______ (name of individual intentionally withheld), who is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the Illuminati and mind control and has written several books on the subject matter?

MK: I think he's a double-agent working for the other side [the Illuminati]. ______ never gets to the bottom line of what it takes to get people free of this stuff. He tells a lot of truth but complicates it and leaves a lot of people feeling hopeless and confused... I saw a video of when he spoke at the Prophecy Club about the CIA programming Amish boys for assassinations. He slipped up and almost said, "we" do this and quickly changed it to, "they" referring to the CIA. It seemed to un-nerve him a little bit... He says he's a Christian yet leaves his family and moves in with a MONARCH woman, who he says he's deprogrammed but the reality is she's still being controlled. And this is not just my opinion but also therapists who specialize in MPD or what they now call, DID [Dissociative Identity Disorder]. Some of these experts in the field who have evaluated him during his presentations say that he has the characteristics of a programmer and someone under mind control... He and ______ had gone to a church near Portland [Oregon] telling the pastor they have an Illuminati family in their congregation and would like to talk to them about it. My question is, "How did they know they were Illuminati without even knowing them?". What I think they are trying to do is gain trust by exposing the secrets but even in his book he says the Illuminati put out their secrets and plans up front.

RP: I have also read that book you are referring to and on one of the pages he discusses how programmers test young children at an early age to see what occupations they are best suited for. One of the specializations was that of a, "social and religious reformer". Interestingly, ______ was interviewed by Contact: The Phoenix Liberator, which is regarded as a CIA "front" tabloid. Anyhow, during the interview he was asked what his calling was and he replied: "to be a social and religious reformer".

MK: Yes, and I know of one survivor who drew a picture of a man at a ritual. Now this was several years ago before ______ became well known. I showed the drawing to his ex-wife and she knew right away that was him. She also showed it to her youngest son at he said, "that's daddy!"... I've seen the psychological evaluation of that young boy and it clearly shows PTSD [ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] through sexual abuse.

RP: Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

MK: Ah, yes... I understand how hard it is for survivors to break away from their tormentors or whatever you want to call them. If they have not truly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, I really can't help them much because we're in a different paradigm or mindset. If they are Christians wanting to get out, it's still difficult for them because of trust issues. When survivors make up their mind and come to me for help, there's a lot of resistance at first because they've been brainwashed to think there is no way out from this. I don't have any hidden agendas, I don't ask for money but I am up front and confrontational, which doesn't mean I don't have compassion for them... I've been accused of not being sensitive enough or not empathetic enough but that's not necessarily what's going to set them free from all of this. So the bottom line is this: once they get serious to the extent of committing their time and trust to me, I can probably help them -- and I think I have a pretty decent track record and reputation to prove it.

Marion Knox can be reached at (541) 259-1839. His mailing address is 35136 Hwy 34, Lebanon, OR 97355