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The labyrinth is completed

Why a labyrinth?  My friend Kathy asked in a comment on my last post what a labyrinth is actually for, which I think is a good question. Here are some quotes from my labyrinth book (”Labyrinths,  Ancient Myths and Modern Uses” by Sig Lonegren): “…these magical single-path mazes can enhance the possibility of bringing together our analytical or rational mode of consciousness with our intuitive or spiritual levels of consciousness.”
    I think this is really true. Stevo and I have been walking our labyrinth, even though it’s only 3/4 completed, and every time he walks it Stevo says he feels like the left and right sides of his brain are coming together. Today we walked it with Don, who came over to visit and gave us a 108 (Cesco’s orgonite creation) to put in the middle. We walked it and when we got to the middle Stevo said his hands were tingling. I noticed that my hands were tingling and pulsing with energy, and Don felt it in his hands too.
    “Labyrinths, which are sacred spaces, are marvellous tools to help you find new ways of developing your intuition.”
    “Sacred space is a place where one can go to get help in contacting non-physical realms. These can be places of emotion, intuition, and the spirit.”