RMS Lusitania
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Lusitania: The Pearl Harbor of WWI

[2008] Who Really Sunk The Lusitania? By T Stokes  So Churchill, a 33rd degree mason hatched a plot in the naval Masonic lodge, with Admiralty H.Q., the bosses of Cunard and the War Dept; to sacrifice Capt. William Turner, the Lusitania, its crew and passengers to ensure that America came alongside Britain in World War I......In the German view, one torpedo was seen as giving enough time for the passengers and crew to reach the lifeboats before the torpedoed ship sank. Yet the Lusitania went down in less than 18 minutes taking most on board with it. Moreover, we are told by the very few who survived, that after impact a huge explosion occurred away from the initial torpedo explosion.......The inference from this and other info, being a controlled explosion on board was designed to insure the Lusitania, its passengers and crew went to a watery grave.

[2008] Secret of the Lusitania

Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett