The Burial of Tesla and Rebirth of His Discoveries

Nikola Tesla was buried, both literally and intellectually, in January, 1943. In 1993, I disinterred his most important work, the discovery of electrodynamic space propulsion, which he discovered in the 19th century, and documented it more fully in 1998. Does the name Nikola Tesla even ring a bell with you? If not, let me first say that Tesla was a pioneering inventor and technological philosopher whose science and ideas we use today more than ever before, yet only recently has his name resurfaced in alternative literature. His name was once a household word, sixty or seventy years ago. Thirty years ago, only a tiny few faithful and persistent admirers and experimenters knew of Tesla's work, yet there are those within the inner sanctums of the 'national insecurity' establishment who have never forgotten it. You've most likely heard the name being used in current alternative literature by the many johnny-come-latelys who have recently jumped on the bandwagon of nouveau "Tesla experts". That's O.K., but what took them so long? You can't really blame them for being so suddenly astounded, considering the long and thorough eradication of Tesla's name from encyclopedias and books on science, invention and technology, becoming the "invisible man" of science history.

The conspicuous vacuum created where the mention of Tesla should have been, as one who made such important contributions to science, technology, and the quality of our lives, raises ominous questions as to why his memory became virtually stricken from history almost the day after his death. What did Tesla discover which threatened the powers that be? Since we already know about the many patented inventions, my assumption has always been that the unknown, still classified works were far in advance of the published ones, and were in realization of projects which Tesla had previously announced or had already tested and developed, but had not yet "...given to the world".

The discoveries in question—the very existence of which is categorically denied by establishment and corporate scientists—were such things as........

- electrodynamic flying saucers
- "free" or "environmental" energy discoveries
- transmutation of elements
- alternative "ether" physics and science
- Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity

We know from available documentation and reliable sources that these discoveries and developments were actualized by Tesla before his death, yet are still classified. Within his many patented inventions, numerous startling discoveries and surprises have been recently found by careful researchers and experimenters, which show in retrospect that his claims were modest.

Tesla was born in Smiljan, Lika, Austro-Hungary (now Serbia), in 1856, and died Jan. 3, 1943 in New York City, An early biography, Prodigal Genius, the Life of Nikola Tesla, by John J. O'Neill, was initially published three times in November, 1944. In case you are wondering, the three publishings in the same month were not due to landslide sales at the bookstores, but rather to O'Neill's having been threatened and censored by the FBI, and forced to republish several times because of their deletion and censoring of material which to this day is still classified. It was odd, given Tesla's repeatedly unsuccessful efforts to get the attention of the War Department, met with ignorance and shoddy treatment. It was not until after it came to their attention in 1942, that the Nazis were building flying saucers and other 'fantasy' weapons based on Tesla's inventions, that the U. S. Government became so concerned. So why hide something from the American public today which the Nazis stole before 1934? In the case of (flying saucer) electropropulsion, this invention is not only classified, but the very existence of it is categorically denied by the government, while its covert agents in the UFOlogy. community attribute it to extraterrestrial, "alien" origins. What better way to deter civilian scientific investigation into the obvious?

I first heard of Tesla in 1943, as a child of four, when his death was lamented by Elmer Schlosser, a neighborhood adult friend who first told me about him. I also once had in my collection of old books a well-preserved, beautiful old commemorative volume issued by the 1893 Chicago World's Fair---the Columbian Exposition— which featured Tesla as its honored guest. There were numerous photos of Tesla's inventions and some articles. Today, over 54 years after Tesla's death, experimenters are still conducting exciting and trail-blazing experiments with Tesla's discoveries of over 100 years ago, and continuing to find 'hidden' meanings in some of his early writings and patents.

There have been countless speculations as to what Tesla's most secret discoveries were. At the time of his death, there was the approximate equivalent of a railroad boxcar load of Tesla materials confiscated by the FBI, from around four different storage locations and Tesla's hotel storage and hotel room and safe. Of this, a total of only about 150,000 documents were released to Tesla's Yugoslavian relatives, now held by the Tesla Institute in Belgrade. These documents and old models, primarily of a historical nature and already in the public domain, comprise most of the published Tesla materials of the institute, and of the world.

The rest of the huge volume of Tesla documents and models was retained from early 1943 to late 1945 by the Custodian of Alien Properties, unclassified, in a warehouse in New York City, because the government's "experts" had declared in 1943 that none of it was worth classifying. The government "expert"—the equivalent of today's director of the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence—was a professor at M.I.T. In 1938, Tesla had written a critique of the huge Van de Graaff generator, and pointed out that one of his small Tesla coils would outperform the huge Van de Graaff, which was so large that it was housed in an aircraft hanger. That critique and Tesla's opposition to Relativism provoked the ire of the M.I.T. professor, a proponent of the "new" Relativism. For that infraction of the "rules", Tesla's lifelong work was treated to the posthumous revenge of the MIT Relativist professor, by having his work stored in a dark warehouse until the end of WW II.

Following the arrival in America of the scientists and the secret war files of Nazi Germany, acquired in 1945 under Operation Paperclip, the spooks from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base hurried up to the warehouses of the Custodian of Alien Properties, and took possession of all the Tesla materials. They removed them to Wright-Patterson, and every bit of them have been classified at the highest level ever since; the government having since declassified NONE of them. Thus, the Tesla materials, which the government's Relativist "science expert" had declared in 1943 contained "nothing worth classifying", is still classified today, 58 years later.

The government distributed false rumors that "Tesla never kept notes", which was known to be a blatant lie, since the government had the tons of notes, papers, models and related things, and knew Tesla "kept massive notes". The notes on his Colorado Springs experiments alone (1899-1900) were enough for a large-format book of 433 pages.

Considering the fact that Tesla continued to do research at his Colorado Springs laboratory for at least six more years—for which we have no notes—there is ample cause for believing that those subsequent experiments involved discoveries that are even more astounding than any nuclear weapons research. It is known from Tesla's own words that these additional experiments at Colorado Springs were 'much more far-reaching' than his disclosed experiments.

The remainder of Tesla's papers and possessions which were still classified—literally tons of notes, documents, drawings, models, and plans—have been the subject of a lot of speculation. In 1979, when I requested access to Tesla papers held at the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center, at LANL ("Los Alamos National Laboratory"), the government admitted possession, but denied access for lack of the appropriate "badge" (security clearance). So I know that Tesla's papers are now held at least in part, in Los Alamos, New Mexico. On that same day, I found the hydrogen bomb plans on the public access shelves, yet was denied access to Tesla's papers. What could be more sensitive than the hydrogen bomb, which was invented by Tesla prior to 1943?

After the war, in 1946, at age 8, when our family returned to the little west Texas town of Kermit, I visited the radio shop of my old friend, Elmer Schlosser, and lugged home a pile of salvaged electronic components that he gave me, after a savvy little Tesla talk. That was the same year that I began to research the German flying discs seen over the region. Elmer, who had grown up in the Cimarron Territory, near Tesla's Colorado Springs laboratory, during the time that Tesla was experimenting there, said the discs were "Tesla discoveries".

I assembled the components that Elmer gave me, ran a ground line up a tree, placed my newly assembled device in my tree house, erected an antenna constructed of screen wire, and attempted to 'radio in' some power. Unsuccessful, I nonetheless continued my experiments with electromagnetism for eight more years, until I set them aside for twenty years. In 1975 I resumed my "Tesla project", eventually built a number of Tesla coils, and even began giving some lectures and demonstrations in the Santa Fe area to small gatherings. In late 1974, the CIA had commenced a pattern of harassment originally intended to "motivate" me to accept an executive position later offered to me by George Bush in early 1975. I rejected the offer and immersed myself deeply in intense research, and the harassment continued and intensified so much that it finally brought my research to a temporary standstill between 1986 and 1992. As soon as I had time to catch my breath, this provoked the first publication of my book, Space Aliens From the Pentagon, in 1993, Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It (revised second edition, 1998), concentrated on the 19th century "aether" science leading up to Tesla's discovery of electrodynamic space propulsion, and I also included a couple of astounding, Relativity-destroying "free-energy" discoveries or rediscoveries.

Tesla's holy grail was to build his "electric flying machine", and to draw some of the "environmental energy" out of the cosmos- This plan involved a theory of radioactivity under development by Tesla in the 1890s, which entirely presaged and conflicted with currently accepted Relativism, quantum mechanics, and nuclear energy theories.

To Tesla, so-called "atomic energy" was in fact the result of "environmental energy" emanating from the cosmos, and made known to us via "radioactive" matter, which he said had the peculiar property of resonating and reacting with ubiquitous "cosmic radiation"—a term used by Tesla before 1900—which he called "Primary Solar Rays."

The "cosmic radiation" of which Tesla spoke was of much higher frequency than what we call "radioactive emanations", which to Tesla were the result of a 'step-down' process, in which certain peculiar matter reacts to and converts the ubiquitous, omnidirectional cosmic radiation—which today we call "zero point radiation" ("ZPR") —from higher frequencies, to lower, more useful and appropriate frequencies, such as gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared radiation, as well as magnetism and even electrical current. These step-down frequencies are much easier to detect and measure than the ZPR. Relativists deny the Primary Solar Rays exist.

The existence of the ZPR was well known to Tesla in the 1890s, but it was not until recently that it became scientifically permissible to even suggest a wave theory, since Relativists cling to their corpuscular theory. This radiation is of such high frequency that it normally passes through space, the earth, and our bodies without harm or incident, in constant equilibrium, because its short wavelengths do not normally react or resonate with the atoms of most matter. It is so-called "radioactive matter"—according to Tesla—-which has a peculiar atomic structure which reacts with this radiation to produce radioactivity. Atomic energy, to Tesla, comes from the ZPR, not atoms. If a lump of radium, for example, could be shielded from the effects of the ZPR, said Tesla, it would no longer show radioactivity.

Most naturally radioactive elements are dense and "unstable"—that is, they are said by the Relativists to "decay" as radiation is emitted, to elements of lower atomic numbers. The Relativists—with whom Tesla vehemently disagreed—believe that naturally radioactive elements spontaneously lose mass in the process of such "decay", so that the energy released as radioactivity is equivalent to the lost mass according to Einstein's equation, E =MC2.

This always seemed untenable to me, since such elements would have to have been, by the related cosmological myth of the "Big Bang", older than the earth, yet geological examination shows that they are found to have evolved through physical processes which have occurred within natural structures here on earth. If such elements had been part of the alleged Big Bang, they would have fully decayed before now. On the other hand, if such elements are in the process of being continually evolved by natural conditions within earth, as well as in outer space, through electrical, magnetic and other physical forces, the reasons for their presence is more reasonable. I don't think this is any surprise to the national security elite. Something else is going on, and someone else knows it.

If non-radioactive elements are converted into radioactive ones by the forces of nature, what are these processes? In 1937, in one of Tesla's famous birthday announcements1, Tesla stated that he had developed a process for the "manufacture" of radium (transmutation from other elements), which was so efficient that it could be sold for $1.00 per pound. He also announced that he had "absolutely developed" a system for the interstellar transmission of energy. He said he had been working in "several laboratories", but refused to disclose their locations. His working model, he said, "...employs more than three dozen of my inventions. It is a complex apparatus,

1 New York Times, July 11, 1937 (pg. 13, col. 2)

an agglomeration of parts." It could convey "...several thousand units of horsepower to other planets, regardless of the distance", traveling "...through a channel of less than one-half of one-millionth of a centimeter." Further, he said, "...it is not an experiment. I have built, demonstrated and used it. Only a little time will pass before I can give it to the world."

That time never came. In less than six years, his death occurred in the presence of two FBI agents and a German nurse2, and the Nazis had his plans under active development as early as 1934.

2 John J. O'Neill, Prodigal Genius. The Life of Nikola Tesla, John J. McKay Company, Inc. NY (Nov. 1944)

These facts demonstrate that even in his 80s, in 1937, Tesla was involved in secret research at several undisclosed laboratories, on technology which today remains highly classified, yet neither the general public nor anyone at the International Tesla Society seemed to have any idea as to the details, since they had been concealed from us by the "powers that be". In fact, the CIA itself had a hand in the founding of the International Tesla Society in Colorado Springs in 1986, to avoid the contingency of Tesla's electrodynamic discoveries coming to light. When this began to happen, the society was folded up.

Through some ingenious investigating, it is possible to reconstruct some of the facts. In focusing on just Tesla's publicly available technology, it is obvious that, even in it, there is the air of the fantastic, the almost incredible. Taking this a step further, it is possible to reconstruct much of the unknown Tesla discoveries from available sources, in order to see what has been carefully hidden from us by our own government and the corporate fascists who control it.

Tesla's Extraction of Cosmic Energy

According to Tesla, the ether is not an "energy source", since it is composed of tiny independent "carriers immersed in an insulating fluid"3. The ether, therefore, is a "medium" through which energetic transferences and transmutations can be effected, and electric and magnetic "tubes of force" can be created and carried into a body from space, giving it momentum to propel it. "Cosmic radiation" is not the ether, but "starlight"—what Tesla called the "Primary Solar Rays".4 This extremely highfrequency light—of much tinier wavelength than visible light, U.V., X-rays, and gamma rays (also emitted by our sun and other stars)—is the ZPR. Tesla stated that the Zero Point Radiation gives rise to secondary radiations through impact with the cosmic dust of space, which are commonly called "cosmic rays" today.

In 19355 Tesla objected to the observations of the German radiologist, Dr. Werner Kolhoester, saying his observations were another confirmation of his own theory of cosmic rays originally advanced in l896, but asserted that Kolhoester's 1935 theory was erroneous, because light is a wave motion of definite velocity (C), determined by the elastic force and density of the "medium", while cosmic rays are "...particles with velocities determined by the propelling force...", which therefore could be much slower or faster than that of light. Since the velocities of the two radiations would not (and could not) coincide, Kolhoester's observations which coincided with the light observed, would not be accurate. Here, Tesla distinguished between the "cosmic radiation" he proposed in 1896, which was particles, which were propelled by ultra-highfrequency "primary solar radiation", which I equate to the ZPR, which are light rays traveling at C. Because of their extremely high voltages levels and frequencies, they can propel "cosmic dust" articles faster than C, when of sufficiently high voltage levels and frequency.

3T.C. Martin, The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla, The Electrical Engineer, New York (1894)
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In his "objection" letter of 1935, at a time when he was involved with the German "p2" project which I wrote about in Pentagon Aliens, Tesla gave a clue to his electrodynamic space propulsion system, which if one is to take Tesla's statements seriously, means that a "particle"—or a ship—in space can be propelled very fast by electromagnetic wave radiation—light waves—which in this case are the "Primary Solar Rays", the ZPR.

The Primary Solar Rays (the ZPR) are ubiquitous in the universe and in direction of approach at a given point, with frequencies so high that there is normally no reaction with atomic matter, being able to pass through "...thousands of miles of solid matter..."6, and therefore can approach an object on earth even from the direction of the ground. This makes this invisible "solar energy source" available around the clock, though it is said to slightly vary cyclically. This radiation should not be confused with so-called "photon energy", which is a Relativist fantasy involving "corpuscles" or "particles" of light. What a laugh.

In the on-going Relativist theory, Wolfgang Pauli, in 1933, invented the neutrino theory, in response to Niels Bohr's radical finding that, if experiments say so, the Law of Conservation of Energy does not hold for ("beta" or electron) emission and absorption processes.7 Pauli's theory sought to explain a loss of heat energy in beta decay, which the Relativist theory was unable to account for or measure in such processes as K-capture, in which a neutrino is emitted when a proton is converted into a neutron. The reverse process is the conversion of a neutron into a proton, thus emitting a beta particle (electron) and sucking a neutrino back into the atom from surrounding space. Other particles are involved, but these are the ones of interest. It should be of interest to you that Bohr was not a Relativist, and held a sort of "free-energy" view. It is also interesting to note that Bohr attended the opening of the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Without Bohr's work, the A-bomb would have been impossible at that time.

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The acquisition of energy from the ZPR was regarded by Tesla as a "step-down" process, in which the super-high-frequency light waves were stepped down to a more familiar and usable form, such as 'normal' radioactivity, heat or electrical energy. In the K-capture process, an element is transmuted into another element, for example, iron to manganese—and in the reverse process—manganese to iron. Monoenergetic neutrinos are ejected in the first process, and sucked back into the iron in the reverse process, but what happens to the damned X-radiation emitted in the first half of the reversible process, Einstein? And how is it mysteriously "replaced" in the reversed half?

The neutrino explanation has always appeared as a loophole in the Relativist theory, since the missing momentum and heat, and misconceived "photon energy" (actually electromagnetic light wave radiation), were impossible to explain without the invented neutrino theory. Furthermore, since the neutrino is a neutral particle, it is composed of tiny positive and negative charges which do not exist according to Relativism, since Relativism holds that the electron is "indivisible", as the main foundation of quantum mechanics. With this argument, I now have some of my Relativist friends denying the existence of neutrinos.

In contradicting their own theory, admitting that the tinier positive and negative charges composing the neutrinos exist, the Relativists inadvertently acknowledged the "building blocks" of electrons and protons. As such, neutrinos appear to be the aether.

Since neutrinos are so tiny, they must have the capacity to react with the ZPR, in bringing about so-called "nuclear radioactivity". In so doing, what are the nuclear characteristics of an element which produces radioactivity naturally? How can a non-radioactive element be made to mimic these qualities, in artificially-induced radioactivity"? If neutrinos are prevalent in K-capture (transmutation), and its reversal, it seems that an element which is made to oscillate between two elements (to transmute and detransmute), would have to react with the ZPR. Since there is excess energy involved, as the neutrinos (ether carriers) move in and out, energy is being transferred to and from the element, the ZPR, and the ether.

We know that synthetic radioactivity can be induced by exposing an element to appropriate radiation, which is only a reversal of the process which initially created the radiation, as a verification of Tesla's theory.

In K-capture in iron, when the K-shell electron passes into the nucleus, converting a proton into a neutron, not only is a monoenergetic neutrino emitted, but also an X-ray, when the vacant K-shell takes on another electron. Though the iron atom is now a manganese atom, and has emitted energy, it has the same mass number. Shouldn't the mass number reflect the loss of energy?

Where is your damned "E = MC2?" There is also the question, "Where did the incident particle beam energy which induced the Kcapture go? If the neutrinos taketh away, they also giveth back, as "carriers". Of course, one can say that the electrons involved do not weigh enough to be reflected in the mass number. The Relativists admit (or assert) that the neutrinos carry energy, just as the aether carriers do. Recent Japanese experiments showed that neutrinos are plentiful in space. The greatest source of free-energy appears to be the ZPR.

If the number of neutrons in a disintegration product (the atom transmuted to) is too small compared to its number of protons, the nucleus will tend to reduce its charge by one unit by positron emission, and will always have 1 Mev less kinetic energy than if beta decay had occurred.8 Since a light element (below atomic number 19) will transmute in U.V. light, radioactivity in light elements can be induced very easily. When Joliot and Curie bombarded aluminum with alpha particles, they observed that neutrons and positrons were emitted. When they removed their alpha source, the positron emission did not cease, but decreased exponentially with time, as if the aluminum were a naturally radioactive element, for a period of three minutes.9

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The positron will always carry 1 Mev kinetic energy, and may be used for energy production. Since this process can be effected by use of an U.V. incident particle beam on the light elements, and will produce positrons at 1 Mev of kinetic energy, it may be used in what I call "leapfrog technology", which can be used for transmutation processes which will manufacture elements in much greater quantities than could be effected by the huge accelerators at such places as U.C. Berkeley.

Based on the Tesla Primary Solar Ray theory, using the Kcapture process, this is my explanation for a device I call Free Energy Surprise (© 1997, Wm. R. Lyne, ISBN 0-9637467-6-6, $10.00, Creatopia Productions, General Delivery, Lamy, New Mexico 87540, Tel/Fax 505-466-3022), a technical report which includes a set of plans and documentary photos.

I got the idea for this device from a statement by Nikola Tesla, concerning "special" uses for iron, to capture the ZPR/Primary Solar Rays. Whether or not this is exactly what Tesla meant, I believe it verifies his statement concerning special properties of iron. The device, composed of steel pipe and bar stock (about 10 lbs.), is stimulated with a 15 kv, center-tapped transformer. It operates in several modes, but in what I call the "hum" mode shows an input of 35 watts and a secondary activity of 42.6 kw, operating at or beyond the approximate K-capture voltage on each leg, ca. 7,110 volts (the K-capture voltage for iron), at the standard 60 cps. The low frequency current goes into the mass of the iron (not a 'skin effect'). The iron seems to be going to manganese and back to iron, 60 times per second. This idea is based on what appeared to be the appearance of a purple area near the top of the pipe which I recognized to be the color of manganese dioxide. The extra electrical

energy might be the product of interaction with the ZPR, the ether (neutrinos?), and the iron. Since manganese is the next element down on the periodic chart, with the same mass number as iron, it sounded like a reasonable hypothesis. The voltage is not really critical, as the effect could occur so long as the voltage passed through the K-capture voltage on its way up and down, and is only supposed to cause a somewhat more definite effect when it is right on the "absorption edge".

It appears that the electrical energy in the secondary output circuit can be converted into usable electrical energy, especially by using a resonant transformer, tuned to the same, 60 cps frequency.

Corporate-government disinformationists have already tried to debunk this device. One "debunker" inadvertently revealed the fact that he didn't actually do the experiment, when he described the device when assembled as weighing "two pounds". No reputable "scientist" could confuse "ten pounds" with "two pounds", so I knew he was lying. Naturally, his assessment was negative. He was either a lightweight, who didn't do the experiment as described, or a liar with a concealed agenda. This discovery may prove to be a new way to produce K-capture, and to transmute elements in a reversible process, by stimulation with simple, standard 60cps electric current, at or near the K-capture voltage, or at some other appropriate voltage, without the necessity to use an incident particle beam accelerator, vacuum chamber, etc.

A good free-energy process, therefore, can use an element—conveniently a light element—as a "medium" to induce another "medium"—the ether, or another element—to interact with and acquire energy from the ZPR, which is then stepped down to either a synthetic radioactive output—which can be further stepped down to manageable electrical energy or heat—or perhaps converted more directly to electrical energy by some ingenious means.

The attempted destruction and concealment of Tesla's work has now been exposed, and will soon be reversed. The factions which were responsible for this still exist through perpetuity, but will not be able to control the technology when it finally emerges.