"Tolerance"- A Devious Attack on Your Identity

April 28, 2007 http://www.savethemales.ca/

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

For centuries the Masonic central bankers who control Western society and culture have been pushing "tolerance." Why?

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a notorious "forgery" that uncannily explains our predicament. It says the Illuminati bankers want to "dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us." (Protocols, Section 5)

The four major collective forces are: Race, Religion, Family and Nation. They are the four pillars of our human identity.

How do you undermine them? Certainly a frontal attack would meet with spirited resistance. Instead you promote "tolerance" which destroys these collective forces by erasing the differences between them.

Thus you have ecumenicalism in religion, miscegenation in race, and regionalism (i.e. EU, NAU) in nation states. You destroy family by erasing gender differences.

At this stage, the Masonic bankers perceive Christian and Islamic nations as their principal adversary. But eventually all national, racial and religious identity will come under their gun.

"Tolerance" is applied selectively. We tolerate what undermines these collective forces but we have "zero tolerance" for efforts to resist or uphold them.

Thus Black rappers can trash Black females but Don Imus is fired for a passing remark because he generally represents white Christians. Zero tolerance for white heterosexuals.

Gay activists can plot the end of "hetero-normative" society but the EU censors Poland for "homophobia" because it doesn't allow public schools to promote homosexuality.

Boris Berezovsky, the Russian oligarch in London can publicly plot the violent overthrow of Vladimir Putin from his London exile, and use Muslim Chechen terrorists to kill Russian children at Beslan, but anyone else mistaken for a Muslim terrorist faces torture or death. 
Tolerance for Rothchild cut-outs; zero tolerance for everyone else.

American Zionists can instigate a disastrous war in Iraq, but the EU declares illegal any scrutiny of the holocaust, which might deprive these Zionists of their impunity.

"Tolerance" (and "human rights") are nothing but Orwellian doublespeak for the banker world government agenda. I am in favor of genuine tolerance but no one should tolerate the Satanist agenda of our money lenders.

I will focus on one aspect of agenda: the attempts by the American Psychological Association to suppress therapies that help homosexuals assume a heterosexual life.

In our "tolerant" world, homosexuals are tolerated but heterosexuals are not.


In the one-race, one-religion, one-world government, we are to have one sex as well. The bankers are creating a homosexual society by blurring the line between masculine and feminine. 

In 1973 the Rockefellers had the American Psychological Association change the definition of homosexual from a disorder to an normal lifestyle choice. If you google "Rockefeller Foundation" and the APA, you will get about 500,000 links, indicative of how the bankers buy "scientists" and other "professionals" by the tonne. 

Some psychologists protested this banker takeover. One was Ray Johnson, who wrote that the APA "has been seized by political activists who have little regard for science or the democratic process. Since the seventies, the American Psychological Association has lobbied the government, filed court briefs, and engaged in and promoted boycotts on behalf of ..the ERA, unrestricted abortion (including abortion for children without parental notification and consent), sex and racial-ethnic discrimination, and homosexual politics."

The APA is lobbying to have homosexuals declared "a protected minority." It engages in intimidation and propaganda. It threatened with boycotts "states whose citizens passed APA disapproved laws regarding homosexuality. It has supported efforts to introduce programs into the public schools to "reduce prejudice" aimed at so-called "gay, lesbian and bisexual youth" or "prehomosexual" children." "American Psychology: The Political Science"

Does this sound like "tolerance" to you? The APA is vehemently against "conversion therapy" because they can't have homosexuals reverting to heterosexuality. That implies there is something wrong with homosexuality!

In 1979 the noted sex therapists Masters and Johnson published their findings that 72% of dissatisfied homosexuals who entered their program between 1966 and 1977 converted to satisfied heterosexuals, based on follow-up five years later. Immediately the APA attack hounds condemned their methodology and claimed the men weren't really homosexuals. The careers of the sex therapists went into eclipse.

Only in a Masonic Communist system like ours is science determined by politics.


To understand our world, we must appreciate that we are frogs in a large pot, having our identities boiled and blended. Our culture is the pot and the stove, largely a fraud.

The bankers want us to identify as consumers and producers only, and be amenable to guidance by their "experts", presumably members of the APA.

Let's resist by strengthening our identities: sexual, national, religious and racial, respecting but not deferring to others.  

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Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at henry@savethem