Was the Profumo Affair A Honey Trap?

May 25, 2008

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

As a fan of the 1989 movie Scandal,  I recently bought Christine Keeler's memoir "The Truth At Last" (2001) at a used book store.

Keeler's memoir casts a totally new light on the movie version and public perception of the scandal which helped topple Harold Macmillan's government in 1963.

Keeler's mentor Stephen Ward was a Russian agent, part of a ring that included royal art curator Sir Anthony Blunt and Sir  Roger Hollis, head of MI-5 (1956-1965.) In her presence they conspired to give British Defence secrets to the USSR. She told the police and Lord Denning but it was suppressed.

This is confirmation, added to what we know about Victor Rothschild and from Heinrich Muller, that Communism was a creation of British Freemasonry which in turn is an instrument of the Rothschild banking empire. 

The British establishment is rotten with traitors if that word has any meaning when treason is the norm. Our view of the world as warring nation-states does not reflect reality.

History and current events are theater. A tightly-knit satanic sex cult subtly controls all states and pits them against each other in a profitable and diverting Punch-and-Judy show.  The nearly accomplished goal: world government tyranny.

Left-Right distinctions are also meaningless. Keeler witnessed the "Communist" Stephen Ward meeting with "Fascist" leader Oswald Mosley. (99)

In Oct. 1962, she overheard Ward tell Eugene Ivanov, his Soviet contact: "a man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I can assure you of that." (146)

Stephen Ward was prosecuted for being a pimp and Keeler for prostitution but this did not reflect reality. Ward (an Osteopath who committed suicide while on trial) was a spy master who used the innocent Keeler to get information from important men.

John Profumo, 48, married and a father, was the Minister of War, and touted to become Prime Minister.  Yet, he betrayed this great private and public responsibility by having a schoolboy affair with a nineteen-year-old girl. Keeler describes him as simply unable to control his lust. 

Ward made his subordinate Soviet Naval Attache Ivanov seduce Keeler in order to compromise Profumo. Stephen Ward was an Illuminati agent whose job was to undermine the Conservative government to make way for Harold Wilson's Labor Party. Most likely the "Profumo Affair" was staged.


Christine Keeler was a beautiful teenager who mostly gave it away in return for admission to the fast lane. She slept with everyone from Ringo Starr to George Peppard to the Captain and officers of the ocean liner New Amsterdam

"I had sex with captain and officers because I could, because I had the power to make them want me." (137)

She became a symbol for sexual "liberation" (or depravity) in the early 1960's, a siren like Marilyn Monroe.   But what was presented to the public as a relaxation of sexual repression was just getting the camel's nose under the tent. 

The Masonic elite were/are into every form of sexual depravity and have inducted society as-a-whole into what is in fact a pagan sex cult.  It's one thing not to be a prude; another to have sex shoved in your face constantly.

At Cliveden, the seat of the Astor family and a center of British power, Keeler reports finding in the wood "a witch circle, the real thing, about ten feet in diameter." (30)

Keeler describes orgies:

"Stephen knew all the Masonic handshakes and he said that at some of the parties the girls would just wear Masonic aprons. They would be flicked up and down like a sporran," he would laugh. Some of the women..were heavily into sadistic sex and there were 'black magic' parties which were  really just an excuse for group sex sessions. There would be phallic totem poles around which all these women would bow and scrape ." (39-40)

The "cream" of British politics, business, culture and law participated in this scene. The Duke of Edinburgh (husband of Queen Elizabeth) was known to have affairs and at least one illegitimate child. (41)

""Some of these people seemed insatiable," Keeler said. "They could go at it for ages and come and come and come. And after all of that, it was casual chat about government policy on this and that. That's civilization for you--I suppose the Romans started it." (43)

"It was always a posh crowd who would arrive in chauffeur driven Bentleys or Rolls Royces. It seemed to me  that having money dictated  that you had group sex as often as you possibly could." (45)

Perhaps sex addiction and a lack of what Mathew Arnold called "high seriousness" are prerequisites for our political leaders. After all, they must represent the interests of the Masonic central banking cartel, and in case they forget, must be easily black-mailable. This may explain the US Presidential candidates.

Mankind will continue to be a perennial underachiever so long as we are governed by ruthless greedy Satanists and their minions.

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