Mark Lane and Jonestown

by Christopher Bollyn

October 9, 2009

Having raised the subject of the Jewish lawyer/C.I.A. agent Mark Lane and his key role in controlling the Liberty Lobby in my latest essay "Why Are We Unable to Resist", the subject came up during my October 6 show with R.J. Hender on Republic Broadcasting Network. 

Mark Lane, the Jewish lawyer and C.I.A. agent who owns Liberty Lobby and American Free Press, was born in New York City in 1927, the son of Harry Arnold and Elizabeth Levin (Levin changed his name to Lane in the 1920s).

Michael Bernard Piper, a.k.a. Michael Collins Piper, who has worked with and for Mark Lane for many years, then attacked me in his radio show on the same network, which prompted this interesting email about Lane's presence during the mass killing/suicide at Jonestown in November 1978. 

Michael Bernard Piper, a.k.a. Michael Collins Piper

(It should be noted that Michael Piper, who brags about his Jewish ancestors and carries a portfolio from AIPAC, the Israeli lobby in Washington, lies a great deal and does so as a representative of Mark Lane and American Free Press.  This behaviour is typical of people who have the backing of an agency like the C.I.A. behind them.  Piper lies and slanders with impunity because he has what we call "a license to lie."  Piper has been attacking me since December 2001 when I was invited to speak about 9-11 in Moscow.  He continues his vicious attacks to this day.  He is obviously being paid to do so.  Why would a person like Piper be attacking me for my research on 9-11?  Why did Piper work to keep me from speaking in Moscow in December 2001 and again at the American Free Press conference held in Washington the week after I was attacked and tortured by a three-man undercover tactical squad at my home near Chicago?)

I heard a host on RBN railing against you tonight in an incredibly vile manner. [Michael] Collins Piper, I believe, was his name. He was so nasty that right away I found myself sympathizing with you. Anyway, after he got to the gist of his attacks and mentioned that you had accused Mark Lane of being an agent, I was completely won over to you. I have known since 1977 that he was an agent and spent a few years telling anyone who might be interested of that fact.  I would remind Collins Piper or anyone who doubts this is true, that Mr. Lane was in Jonestown (CIA mind control project) at the time of the massacre. He survived because he is very well connected to say the least.  Keep up the good work.

Mark Lane with Jim Jones (left) in Jonestown shortly before the mass killing of some 900 Americans.  (Photo by Jonestown victim Don Jackson from Chicago Tribune article "Exclusive photos: Prelude to tragedy", November 30, 1978)

Mark Lane took over the assets of the Liberty Lobby in or around 1993, when the lobby was on the verge of bankruptcy.  This information came directly from L.T. Patterson, the publisher of Criminal Politics, who was sued by Lane in 1994 for some $10 million.  Patterson was able to fend off Lane, a Zionist wolf in sheep's clothing, and learned that Lane owned the lobby during the legal process.  When I asked Willis A. Carto if this was true, he swore at me on the phone and slammed down the receiver.  Since my office at the lobby/newspaper was connected to Willis Carto's (from the summer of 2000) and having seen Lane, Carto, and Piper together on many occasions, I don't doubt for a minute that Patterson's information is true.  I have never seen anything that would contradict it.  This would mean that the so-called right-wing patriotic and anti-Semitic publications of the Liberty Lobby, such as the Spotlight and American Free Press, are actually controlled-opposition outfits controlled by the Zionist Jew, Mark Lane.

When I spoke with Suzanna, Lane's first wife, about his work in Army Intelligence, she joked that he was the head of the C.I.A.  Her joke is apparently not far from the truth.

Lane, it should be noted, was in U.S. Army intelligence in post-war Germany in 1945-47.  This is the branch that became the C.I.A. after the war.  Lane was paid some $5 million in legal fees by the Liberty Lobby, according to a veteran of the lobby.  None of this is widely known among the people who read and support American Free Press.  It is important because it shows how a Zionist Jew from the C.I.A. can actually control a movement the purports to be patriotic and is aimed at the American patriot audience.  Lane's controlling role at the Liberty Lobby should be kept in mind when viewing the photos from his visit to Jonestown.  Lane was a lawyer for Jim Jones and was present before, during, and after the mass killing.

Mark Lane (left) with Jonestown residents shortly before the killing.  He witnessed the mass murder and reappeared shortly after having "gone missing."   

Sources:  "Exclusive photos: Prelude to tragedy", Chicago Tribune, November 30, 1978)


To be continued...