McCord AFB Pilot Reveals Chemtrail Targeting Of ECETI Ranch

Jan 2010
Post McCord AFB Pilot Reveals Chemtrail Targeting Of ECETI Ranch 
Hello all! Here is a letter from Jame Gilliland of ECETI ranch in trout lake WA (where I live now) We recently received a letter from one of our guests who had a conversation with someone from the AFB that we were being targeted, apparently the pilots dont know wha tthey are spraying but were surprised we even knew what chemtrails were (LOL!) I thought I would post James Letter for EQ forum members. I am introducing the power of orginoite (we do have a cloud buster here and some TB's but its not enough - the stuff is sticking and affecting many here. I also work with Sylphs and it has been quite effective for me peronally -- not all of our visitors (or our dog) seem to have a resistance to whatever it is they are spraying.. I will be teaching classes and workshops this summer as we have visitors from all over the world that come here to observe the ET/UFO activity and photograph orbs. we live on a vortex so the veil is very thin here... which is why we are targed on a daily basis. I am looking to purchae large amounts of resin so if anyone has any leads let me know!

Here is Jemes Gillliland letter sent out to our newsgroup on the ECETI mailing list (available at

[ECETI News] Airbase Targets Contactees‏
From: on behalf of JamesG (  
Sent: Sat 1/09/10 5:08 PM

McCord Air Force Base Insider Admits Chemtrails Target ET Contactees

This news only affirms what we already knew. Many people who have come to the ECETI Ranch have said it looks as if you are being targeted by chemtrails. For those who do not know what chemtrails are google it and look into William Thomas or Clifford Carnicoms site.
We have watched the skies turn from bright blue to a gray toxic mess. Sixty percent of the children in school are out with flu like symptoms after heavy spraying. Many are experiencing long term illnesses due to constant exposure. One episode of aerosol spraying was so thick it temporarily paralyzed the chickens of which two of the roosters died. A former McCord Air Force Base personnel said one of his friends was in the chemtrail program and they target, "The Ranch" by Mt Adams because of the ET activity. That would be ECETI. He said they used chemicals but did not know what was in the soup.

What we have here is an attack on civilians by our own Air Force, which is illegal, a criminal offence and falls under Treason by all definitions of the law. Most know in the military everything is compartmentalized and people just do what they are told. There is no oversight on this joint US and Canadian aerosol spraying program which is admitted to by a senior official of the FAA. Who is giving the orders for this toxic program and undeniable attack on civilians with sickening and sometimes deadly consequences? This has nothing to do with global warming, the planet is cooling down according to scientific data. Aluminum Oxide and Barium as well as Ethylenedibromide have serious side effects and are carcinogenic. These chemicals and biologicals, are accumulative, create upper respiratory, gastrointestinal disorders, muscle and joint pain and sometimes death to those with compromised immune systems. It is also said barium creates sterility.

These pilots know, the ones giving the orders know and now the people know. These pilots and those above them actually were shocked when they found out we knew about chemtrails. They actually believe civilians are totally clueless, the enemy to be sprayed like insignificant bugs. Dennis Kucinich, actually wrote a bill to stop chemtrails but was later pulled back for those of you who believe this is just a conspiracy theory and they don't exist. Everyone took an oath in the military to protect and serve the people from enemies foreign and domestic. The military services now serve the corporations with no civilian oversight. If there was one message in the movie Avatar it was the dangers of allowing the corporations to control the military. If there are any men of courage or integrity left in the military this attack on civilians would end immediately. Look at the tankers laying the X patterns and crisscross patterns in the sky. Watch the commercial planes, which leave a short contrail fly right through the chemtrails leaving no contrail. Notice how you feel three days after heavy spraying then tell me they are not real. Spraying toxic chemicals and biologicals on civilians is a criminal offense and how could anyone with any sense of pride, duty or integrity carry out such an order? What kind of human would sink so low as to do such a shameful act even when it would affect their own friends and family? Ones who ignorantly follow orders and those who are afraid of challenging what they know is wrong.

By the way we will be out of the state most of January so in the interest of saving tax payers dollars for toxic chemicals and biologicals you might want to wait till February to get more bang for your buck and continue your attack. Anyone in the military should be thoroughly disgusted. With over 94% of the American people according to poles wanting out of Iraq and Afghanistan we have to ask ourselves who's military is it? Certainly not the peoples. And who did all of these servicemen take an oath to serve? Not much time left to figure it out.

PS Don't think spraying at night or within storms is going to hide your deeds. We are not as ignorant as you think. We have night vision equipment and film your toxic plums across full moons and in the holes in the clouds. Next time you look in the mirror ask yourself what you have become and whom you really serve.

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Post Re: McCord AFB Pilot Reveals Chemtrail Targeting Of ECETI Ra 
Not surprising that the pilots don't know what they're spraying.  I hope someone will advise the fellow who is afraid of chemtrails, though, that chemtrails havent' sickened anyone in over seven years, as far as we can tell.

It's probably safe to assume that the vast majority of chemtrail jet pilots are not military, or at least not US military.   Military pilots are stretched pretty thin on account of the current molestations in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Our military is relatively small, in case you didn't notice. They're having to use elderly Vietnam era pilots, as you probably know.

Also, before the grassroot deployment of thousands of orgonite cloudusters in the affected countries in 2001 and 2002 chemtrails looked and behaved very differently from what you've hopefully been observing since then:

1)  In the early days the chemtrails very quickly spread out and covered the sky--turned blue sky white and obscured all the higher stratus and cirrus clouds.  

2)  Within fifteen minutes to a half hour all of the cumulus clouds below the level of the spraying were dissipated

3)  Hospital emergency rooms were filled to overflowing with cases of respiratory distress and many people, mainly elderly and infants, died of respiratory failure.

4) Between 1998, when the chemtrail campaign was fully deployed, and the middle of 2002 people in the healing trades tracked an exponential increase in chronic sicknesses and these new sicknesses began with respiratory distress.
There was a dramatic decline in the number of new cases sometime in the middle of 2002, corresponding with the evidently sufficient deployment of orgonite cloudbusters.  People who got sickened/damaged by the weaponry in chemtrails are mostly not recovering and I only know one physician who can cure these folks through the mail, based on a hair sample:  Dr William von Peters of .  The most common false diagnosis of this new sickness is 'candidiasis.'

If you travel in passenger jets you'll probably see chemtrails from above.  Watch for unmarked white jets or white jets with red tails, laying a trail of brown smudge. It looks white from below but brown from above.   Some have claimed, and my observations from below and above back it up, that chemtrails are spewed between 12,000 and 20,000 feet altitude. This is above ordinary rain clouds and below the higher clouds.  When you see a chemtrail jet it's easy to distinguish what kind of jet it is because jets that lay genuine contrails fly much higher, beyond the range of the eyes' ability to see such features.  Contrails are the condensation of ambient water vapor in the relatively heated air of engine exhaust and that won't happen below 25,000 feet altitude.  Passenger and military jets travel higher than that.

The number of new orgonite cloudbusters keeps increasing because even though hte chemtrails are now simply
harmless, seeded clouds that disappear as they drift horizontally through the sky the people who read disinformation websites become quite alarmed at the sight of them and many of those folks build or buy orgonite cloudbusters.   More is better, especially if you live in an area where there are tornados and/or flooding because an orgonite cloudbuster prevents tornados from forming locally and the evident ionization of water in teh upper atmosphere prevents flash floods by enabling the rain to soak into the ground instead of roll over the top of it.

If you're on a disinformation forum you're character will be assaulted if you mention any of this, of course.  Why do you suppose this is?  The disinformation forums that rave about the dangers of chemtrails are no exception but it's kind of cute that a lot of people who subscribe to those forums where orgonite is condemned are sneakily making or buying their own orgonite cloudbusters Cool  

The chemtral campaign was in the experimental phase for a number of years before it was fully deployed.  Remember when Art Bell was talking about it in the early 90s?  There are chemtrails seen in movies made in the 1980s.  

It was several more years before I actually saw an unmistakable chemtrail and that time (Nov, 1995) I got sick with respiratory symptoms and stayed that way until the first time I used a zapper, five months later--cured in a day.   I was in Southern California when I got sick.  The people in that regoin are guinea pigs for all sorts of biological and chemical weapons tests--remember Malethion? Malethion was AGent Orange and it was deployed by Evergreen Air helicopters--thousands of them. Evergreen Air is a CIA company.  They have an airfield north of Tucson, seen from Interstate 10, where dozens of chemtrail jets are seen on the ground on any given day.  The big hangars are used to put the spraying apparatus on the retired passenger jets. I know because a close associate at the time sold fire extinguishes and when he plugged his company, there, he was given a tour of the facility.   You and I can't get in there without an appointment Wink

Another place that works on chemtrakil jets is Mojave Airfield.  You'll need binoculars to see the outdoor assembly line where British and American passenger jets are painted white, then fitted with gear to spray the spew.  It's a hop away from Edwards Air Force Base.  The US Air Force and the CIA are fraternal infernal twins, in case you didn't know.

It was the repeated exposure that damaged people beyond the point where a zapper can easily restore them, of course.   Repairing these unfortunates is Doc von P's specialty.   I asked him to come up with a remedy, seven years ago, and after six months of reading available material on current bioweaponry, much of which was compiled by Dr Horowitz, my friend came up with ChemBuster.   He was astonished to see that it cures about half these chronic cases and I was gratified because my frustration was growing at not being able to help these folks get well.
It's inexpensive on by the way, which is one of his sites.

I spend lots and lots of time informing frightened people in email who are habitues of disinformation forums but never noticed chemtrails when they were turning our skies into checkerboards and sickening millions of people before 2002.  A lot of these folks decide to start gifting, then they gradually replace their hopeless terror with certainty, optimism and a more refined sense of purpose.  The confirmations we get from gifting tend to do that.


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Post Re: McCord AFB Pilot Reveals Chemtrail Targeting Of ECETI Ra 
I agree that it's depressing to see the chemtrail-seeded clouds.  An advantage for gifters is that as we go around and turn all the new death towers and weather weapons into life force generators, the seeded clouds dissipate a lot faster and most of us start seeing Sylphs in the sky.  Sylphs routinely gobble chemtrail clouds when the energy level in the upper atmosphere reaches a certain intensity.

How cool is it that harmless chemtrail-seeded clouds and the associated disinformation forums and websites are directly  inspiring a new international crop of gifters to get busy on the ground? Cool   I think it's just one of many examples of how the corporate world order is hoisting itself on its own petard (meathook).  Many of us enjoy watching these savages/parasites defeating themselves.


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Post Re: McCord AFB Pilot Reveals Chemtrail Targeting Of ECETI Ra 
I will continue to spread the word here though it does seem that the spraying is having a direct effect on many here at the ranch-- perhaps its a psychological affect - who knows, either way we are getting busy gifting the area and educating those that come here...  

funny today was our first clear blue sky day and the spraying they did late in the day didnt seem to spread or stick as we often see...we all noticed it as the blue was the kind that we rarely see anymore even on a clear day!

thanks for the info as always and we will march onward and continue to enjoy our simple life here being close to nature and out of the city!


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Post Re: McCord AFB Pilot Reveals Chemtrail Targeting Of ECETI Ra 
Pamela, the sight of chemtrails, especially for people who didnt' notice them when they were actually harming and killing people in most of the developed countries, is pretty daunting.  I don't know if there's any way to have confidence that they're harmless without getting out and busting a few hundred contiguous death towers and weather weapons, which is what it takes to cause these seeded clouds to consistently dissipate fast, even in areas where Sylphs occasionally feast on the stuff.

An awful lot of the newer crop of gifters were inspired to get busy because they were terrified by the sight of now-harmless chemtrails.  I love the irony, since this is direct evidence that the Chicken LIttles are producing the opposite effect of what they probably intend: to terrorize their readers into hopeless fury and to 'write their Congressmen,' which is like petitioning a drunk to smash all the bottles in his liquor locker.

The best advice I have for anyone who is psyched out by the sight of chemtrails is to focus on the obvious fact that they drift sideways; they DON"T come down to the ground.  The Chicken Littles don't want you to exercise patience; they want you to keep reading their droppings and only glance at the sky Cool

People like Gilliland focus on the mainstream media, I think, and also assume that the US Government are an honorable institution.  Anyone who still believes that corporate media is viable or even capable of revealing the truth is operating at a handicap.  That nice physician who has been pressuring the government to tell what they know about aliens is a good example.  I'll probably remember his name later but he sent his assistant to question me, several years ago.  The Doc and his wife were invited to supper, around that time, with the director of the CIA, so the gov't does take the guy seriously enough to lie to his face. He had persuaded several hundred government people to break their security oaths and tell about their experiences with aliens.  A bunch of them were at a press conference at which the press forgot to show up but it was covered on the internet.  Pajama People won't believe anything is real or worthwhile unless it's on TV, of course.  Pajama People are the vast majority and they include most of the highly educated people.  In fact, higher education is a characteristic of the gate keepers.

Those of us walking around who have had direct and indirect contact with extra terrestrials (the good, bad and indifferent species)  know in our hearts that the better groups/species know better than to acknowledge the federal government, much less deal formally with them. Why would they? Why would anyone?  Would you send an envoy to the North American Man Boy Love Association, Coca Cola Corporation, Walt Disney Inc. or the Church of Satan, to connect with humanity?  It's kind of like that with the better class of aliens; they contact a whole lot of us directly, perhaps because they're related to us.

Carol and I believe the little Andromedans gave humanity orgonite to use to take down this ancient genocidal hierarchy that pretend to govern us. I watched their nearby craff for about an hour during the time, driving along 'Underground Base Alley' (US Hwy 395, California) in the middle of the night in the fall of 2002 when Carol was given directions by one of them for making the Big Secret device.  I encountered a green-skinned alien on the street in Pasadena a few months earlier.  I think that one worked for the NSA.  I've seen reptilians in 3D a few times and LOTS of spaceships, including some humanly ones up close.  Psychics see and meet offworlders a lot; there are a lot of reputable psychics who corroborate each others' experiences.  The new science paradigm honors the grounded, non-Theosophy psychics and we probably need more and more energy seers to do legitimate subtle energy research and to invent new, strange but useful  things.

It may be that Gilliland and the Doc I mentioned feel too challenged to step outside of the old-science paradigm to look at reality in a newer way but if they want to really gain direct knowledge of extraterrestrials I think they're going to have to stretch a bit more and shed some prejudices.  When we die we have to leave our material goods behind and our prejudices no longer serve us; when we discover new dimensions of reality we have to leave linear thinking and the old institutional assumptions and affiliations behind.
I absolutely guarantee that the the aliens whom the government deals with are not someone you'd like to meet.  They really are (as far as Carol and I know) like the ones in the Twilight Zone episode who had the book 'To Serve Humans.'  At the end of the show we were shown that it was a cookbook Wink

Anyone who wants to explore the government's associatoin with aliens but will not digest Phil Schneider's lectures on YouTube is going to remain handicapped.  Phil's subsequent murder by strangulation is probably his best endorsement by the government, sad to tell.

I want to take Carol to Gilliland's place, not far from here,  to check out who's there.   I'm betting they're the good guys, like Pam, who invited us to visit her there.


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New post Re: McCord AFB Pilot Reveals Chemtrail Targeting Of ECETI Ra 

That nice physician who has been pressuring the government to tell what they know about aliens is a good example. I'll probably remember his name later but he sent his assistant to question me, several years ago.

I think you were referring to Dr. Steven M. Greer and his "Disclosure" Project:

I recently advised a friend of mine (A very, very, smart Physics Major working on a Doctorate) to advise a friend of his working on an over-unity Device to be very wary of Greer's organization. It seems that they are creating an umbrella for such research, and I fear it is to lure in researchers with a clue, identify them to the NWO Miscreants, and then squashing their efforts....

Greer is associated with the "World Puja" website:; and, following that thread Drunvalo Melchizedek (And we know who he his, dont' we...) at: claims that the "World Puja" website is an affiliate of his "Spirit of Maat" Partner Program. And, at Drunvalo's site, above, the next set of "Live Prayer" broadcasts include Gregg Braden also fingered as part of that "Clan of "Disinformant Sages"... Interestingly, also mentioned is Tom Kenyon a researcher in Sound/Consciousness technologies that I, as a musician, was very interested in at one time. He uses Binaural Beating Sounds similar to what the Monroe Institute does (I am a graduate of their Gateway Voyage Program: with its Hemisync Tech ( which I believe to be tremendously valuable as a tool (for either good or evil...) for training and focusing the mind. Kenyon wrote a book,  with the assistance of channel "Virginia Essene", AKA Virginia Varner, called the Hathor Materials (Ancient Egyptian "5th dimensional" beings, masters of Sound). Virginia Essene is a Theosophist, as per the following:

"Essene was originally ordained by the Unity-in-Diversity Church and later became a priest in the theosophically oriented Church of Antioch."

From: So, Kenyon, sadly is either wittingly or unwittingly tainted as working for the monsters...

Regardless, It seems that Greer is quite entangled in a number of threads... of the "Spider"....