Mean Mister Green

By Don Bradley

After viewing the documentary link provided earlier today, many questions come to mind.

How did Kinsey come to know these secret mass-pedophiles?

Especially circa 1940s and 50s?

Long before the internet?

Is there a secret "network" of pedophiles? Who are they? How do they operate? Communicate?

Why aren't these questions being asked?


The answer is already given. The Network. And you can ignore the stated bio bit on Kinsey himself being raised in a strict chrstian home. If my research has proved anything to me more clearly than ever, is that the Network uses christianity as one of its long-standing covers for its DARKEST members. I found through the decades of my research into churchianity, new age modalities, et al, that in EVERY case, the network was already there. In most of the churches, its elders and such, are openly gay, in clear defiance of the Bible. Most of the bigger churches are well-financed fronts for the CIA, as has been well-established many times over by other researchers. The lesser churches are simply covens, operating as reactionary bible-thumpers to make sure anyone with REAL spirit and guidance is turned off by the dogma, reactionism, and idol worship so common to churchianity in our time.

"God is not found in a building made with human hands" New Testament.

"The Kingdom of God is within you" Jesus