Michael Hoffman: Revisionist

Michael Hoffman is a well known Revisionist scholar, not only in his native America, but right across the world. As such FC was chuffed to bits to be able to interview him, thanks to the efforts of a TP colleague in America. A edited version of this interview appeared in The Voice of St George #18. http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/finalconflict/a23-1.html

1. Unlike most people who write for Nationalist journals, you once worked in mainstream journalism, thereby giving you insights that most of us never have. Can you explain the 'atmosphere', the 'people' in this journalistic world, and tell us why they are so anti-Nationalist, so keen on promoting what is objectively evil?

I can only speak for the American scene. The "atmosphere" is largely dictated by the assembly-line that churns out journalism graduates from the colleges and universities. The reporters all think alike because they were all filtered through the same sieve--the modern college and university with its fetish against everything traditional, heterosexual and white.

This wasn't always this way. In the old days, a high school drop-out could become a reporter if he had a talent for writing and digging up facts. Typically someone like that entered journalism through a form of apprenticeship, as H.L. Mencken did.

They started by hanging around newspaper offices as adolescents, changing typewriter ribbons, sweeping floors, toting dictionaries, doing some fact-checking. If they had tenacity and were willing to discipline themselves to the demands of the trade, they might eventually get the opportunity to fill in for a sick or otherwise absent reporter. It would be a one-shot, make-or-break opportunity and the better guys made it. They brought with them a world view as diverse as their own individual backgrounds. They weren't all cut from the same leftist university mould. You had some real independence, and this made for a news media with a more original and more open perspective.

That would be improbable now, except at the level of the lowliest small town newspapers, or 10 watt radio stations. Any hope for the future of mass communication rests with alternative media - forming our own publishing and Internet enterprises. This isn't to say that there are not some good reporters and editors around. There are a few, but not many - and even the few who are somewhat honest and independent are enslaved to careerism. They dare not buck the totalitarian dictates of their corporate overseers, because they have their eye on Joseph Pulitzer's prize and failing that, job security and a pension.

2. You have been considered an anti-Establishment figure in America for quite a few years now. Do you consider yourself 'anti-Establishment'? If so, how did you move from mainstream journalism to what might be called "the outer limits"?

I don't see how any thinking person can be anything but "anti-Establishment" these days, since the Establishment seems determined to flush 3,000 years of accumulated wisdom and heritage down the sewer in favour of the most unspeakable ephemera on the one hand, and obsequious pandering to foreign pressure groups on the other.

I was fired from my job as a reporter, because I dared to produce a documentary for radio on the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians. A Jewish medical doctor made it his life's work to see that I was sacked and he succeeded. My defenders on the staff included a sum total of one man. Outside the radio station, only two people came to my assistance. Two Jewish intellectuals came to my defence, civil libertarian, Noam Chomsky at M.I.T., and Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, but they did not prevail. So I was forced to resume my journalism outside the Establishment media.

3. Part of your recurrent critique of Hollywood and its products is that the film industry constantly targets Germans, Arabs, Christians and Whites in general. Why do you think that there is this targeting? What effect do you think this targeting has on both the targets and on film audiences? Do you think that Nationalists have any hope of countering this massive propaganda offensive by the so-called "entertainment industry" given the disproportion of means that exist between us and Hollywood? Are there any hopeful signs at all?

The targeting constitutes psychological warfare. It's all about imposing false guilt because such guilt leaves deep psychic scars and paralyzes people to the extent that they refuse to defend themselves against their own exterminators.

This trend can be combatted but to do so, people will have to work hard to gain the skills necessary to edit and produce our own documentaries professionally to expose the process. The technological tools are affordable and available. What is needed is the will to create our own media and the network to distribute it.

4. It is probably true to say that the label most commonly thrown at you by your enemies is "revisionist". Do you accept the label? If so, why? If not, why?

I wish that revisionist was the most common invective that was hurled at me. But because "revisionist" is an honourable and legitimate--if controversial-- term, in the history of scholarship, this is actually a phrase that is seldom used to describe me. My enemies prefer the terminology of dogma and hysteria, specifically the politicized taxonomy devised by Deborah Lipstadt, that of "Holocaust denier."

It's a laughable term, actually. I mean, imagine if someone was labelled a "Resurrection-denier" or "Virgin-Birth denier" in reference to doubts about Christianity. Anyone in our day who discriminated against such a "denier" of Christian truths would be regarded as a daft fool by "progressives."

Suddenly, however, when it comes to this new religion that has taken hold in the otherwise agnostic West, the religion of the gas chambers, it becomes a mortal sin in the eyes of the "progressives" to doubt homicidal gassings at Auschwitz, and the doubter is transformed into a "denier" and thereby made a candidate for imprisonment and impoverishment.

Since this is all done in the name of "democracy" by politicians and media executives who loudly proclaim the right to doubt everything except Allied World War II claims and Auschwitz "Survivor" tales, one discovers something humorous here--a pomposity and suzerainty that is laughable, given the milieu in which it is advanced.

A revisionist is a historian, who accepts the bedrock principle of historical investigation - that as a result of ongoing research, new facts about the past are constantly coming to light and in response to this new information, the record of the past is constantly undergoing revision, and rightly so. History and learning are the better for such revision, but dogma is destroyed by it.

5. Whatever your reply to Question 4, it is certainly the case that you have taken a great interest in the historical debates surrounding the events of the last war. When and why did you begin to question the views of 'orthodox' historians?

I was very fortunate to have been raised in a family of what might be termed extreme individualists. On my father's side were a number of inventors, pioneers, and �heretical� bibliophiles.

On my mother's side, my maternal grandfather was a successful businessman, who had inside knowledge of American political skullduggery. He knew, for example, in 1960 that Joseph Kennedy was a mobster who had bought the presidential election with votes furnished by the Chicago Mafia on behalf of his son, John F. Kennedy. I was a young boy at the time, but I remembered what grandfather told us and it was shocking. Decades later it came out that he was right. So from an early age I had an inkling that so-called �current events� and what is called history were not what they seemed.

I learned to doubt - to be skeptical - attitudes that used to be regarding as indispensable components of the scientific method, and still are, when applied to officially-approved areas of inquiry. Now that we are entering a neo-Bolshevik era, we must be careful about what we dare to doubt and what illusions we scrutinize and question, less we end up in a dungeon.

6. Some may say that this is all well and good, the digital/visual realm, but in the typographical realm of the old Gutenberg universe, it comes off a distant second in the eyes of the modern person.

The teaching of the Classics is an important antidote to our present ignorance. What could be more germane to the struggle for national renaissance today than the writings of Homer? Odysseus was a sole survivor because he learned the hard way that he had to pay heed to the laws of heaven. For a world drunk on this moment, the Homeric epiphany is anything but high-brow or irrelevant. It is in fact, vital survival lore, without which we may go extinct.

This is why it was preserved and passed down so assiduously, becoming, at the height of the English public school phenomenon, as it arose at Eton, Harrow and Rugby, the very font of English character.

It is catastrophic to depart from this wisdom tradition, to think we can dump overboard the lessons of millennia without ill effect. Chesterton put his finger on it, amid the mania for voting and democracy, when he said that he believed that we should give the dead a vote. We enfranchise our ancestors and fortify ourselves when we teach the real history of great men.

To this I add the necessity of resisting and exposing the "new religion" of the Auschwitz gas chambers, which is a covert attack on the whole of our traditional civilization as something so vile and wicked it requires the mediation of Judaism to re-shape and rescue it.

This is why so-called "conservatives" are so impotent. They pretend to want to defend classical Western civilization while at the same time making an accommodation with Judaism. This is impossible because the two are mutually exclusive. The canon of Western literature is brimming with very unfavourable appraisals of Judaism and its adherents, from Shylock to Fagin. The West, in its essence, represents hostility to the mind-numbing regimentation and racism of Talmudic Phariseeism, and the clandestine subversion and megalomania of the Kabbalah.

One cannot "reform" Western civilization into a "way of life" pleasing to Judaism without destroying it. This is what conservatives do when they continually repudiate a vast portion of what was central to their Western heritage, in order to win favour with media bosses and politicians. These "conservatives", in fact, conserve nothing.

7. You have written a number of books over the years, in addition to your extensive writings in journals and bulletins of all kinds. Two in particular seem to have garnered a lot of interest. The first concerns your book on the origins of slavery, and the second concerns your recent work on Secret Societies. Can you please: (a) give us a synopsis of each book (b) explain why you chose to research and write on these subjects (c) give us some idea of the positive and negative responses that you have had to these books?

"Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" is a book which I like to think takes the study of Freemasonry, and what lies behind it, to a new and different level of understanding. One cannot understand the history of Great Britain without grasping what happened to it beginning with Elizabeth I and the door she flung open to her court magus, John Dee, who is the actual godfather and architect of the occult movement that came to be known as Freemasonry; and which had nearly fatal consequences for the destiny of the people in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England.

The main insight I've tried to impart in this book is "The Revelation of the Method," the final dictum of the process of human alchemy, the transformation of Man into Beast. I'm afraid it's too complex to discuss in this brief format, suffice it to say it centres on the deliberate revelation of secrets by the Cryptocracy itself, in order to lock down its hold over humanity at this late stage in their peculiar game plan.

My other book consists of the history of the enslavement of whites in industrial Britain and early America. It largely arose out of my great curiosity regarding the fate of early factory workers and miners, workhouse children and so-called "indentured" labourers and "convicts." With all of the wallowing in the annals of black enslavement, I was amazed to discover how little attention was being accorded the record of white enslavement; after research on both sides of the "pond," I wrote "They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites."

As far as reactions and impact goes, there are more than one million youths in the U.S., who are being educated at home. We have sold many copies of my books to these eager and curious home-schooled students, who are learning outside the government-operated schools and who will undoubtedly form the leadership of the next generation.These modest sales figures might give some publishers a terminal case of ulcers.

Moreover, the nature of my material is so avant-garde and forbidden that an aura has arisen around both of my books, and they have had their entry in elite circles. Professors at the university level are beginning to write of other categories of "unfree" white labour, other than the rigidly and absurdly limited indentured and convict categories. They are beginning to approach the articulation of an awareness that white slaves existed. Two years ago, a major book from an establishment publisher used my white slaves' book as the basis of their mass market hardcover book, "The Redneck Manifesto."

Meanwhile, my book on "Secret Societies" has been translated into Japanese and published in a hardcover edition in Tokyo.

What the ultimate repercussions of my writing will be I cannot say with absolute certainty, and in one sense it does not concern me. We seem too obsessed with results and we often work less, or less than we should, unless we can be guaranteed "results."

The task of the writer is to do his duty, by doing the very best job that he can with the tools and talents afforded him. The results may be instantaneous, or they may be felt only in the distant future, by posterity; but the motive, the impulsion, has to be doing one's duty. As Dorothy Sayers said, "The only Christian work is good work, well done."

8. We understand that you are currently working on a couple of new, as yet untitled, books. Would you care to tell us a little about these books and when you expect to publish it?

Because 75% of my time is spent on fund-raising and only the remainder on writing and research, I confess to be working rather fitfully on these two books. One is for the commercial market, whereby I intend to "slip through" my themes in what I hope will be a popular, if macabre, history of the hanging of poor whites in 18th century Britain.

The other book is a paperback intended for mass distribution through Movement networks. It's on the religion of Judaism. There has never been such a study utilizing all the resources and, and is in fact inimical not only to the New Testament but the Old Testament as well. I am beginning my analysis with the foundational texts of Judaism, starting with the Mishnah.

9. How do you see the Nationalist Movement in general moving forwards? What do you think is being done that is wrong/misguided/pointless; what do you think is not being done which should be done?

I suppose the biggest problem is the lack of ambition, initiative and enterprise. We're keen on talking about the boldness of a Francis Drake, but personifying his daring and inventiveness seems to be another matter. We are too much focused on seizing national governmental power, and that focus blinds us to other avenues that are wide open to us if we have the character and the backbone to make our own way.

For one thing we should be trading with one another to our advantage and to the disadvantage of those outside our circle. The establishment of successful businesses and commercial enterprises is paramount. We should employ our own people and trade with our own and build our power and influence partly by such means.

Businesses can be made to flourish. Quiet networks can be developed. Loyalty must be rewarded and traitors strictly ostracized until they repent and reform. We have ideas and information for which the world is hungry. Why should we not use our ingenuity in marketing them and in building a community in the process? Reading, talking and praying are fine to a point, but by themselves they are essentially contemplative. Men and women of action, who have truth on their side, should be the most successful people by every yardstick - spiritually, academically, and materially. I think we're too fond of the image of the starving artist, the neglected visionary and the persecuted martyr. Our ancestors were not comfortable with such designations. They overcame all odds to be winners and achievers. Destiny will accept nothing less from us.

10. What signs, if any, do you see of an awakening to the catastrophic situation of our civilization? Do you think that thered. Many will mistake these necessary upheavals and growing pains as ultimate doom and decay. Others, endowed with a longer view, will recognize birth pangs, not death throes.

Certain Black Magicians - and I use that term in the sense of those who are adept at psychological warfare, not in the sense of stage magic or superstition - are intent on sowing despair, defeatism and fear in our ranks, preying on the disconnection of the "goyim" from their racial memories and classical wisdom.

But the only thing we ever have to fear is the wrath of God, and we can only kindle His anger by failing to do our duty. If we do our duty, God will be faithful and do His.

Toward the end of Bram Stoker's Victorian novel, "Dracula," as the wooden stake is driven into the heart of the fiend, the vampire is seen to smile in relief. Illusion and wickedness have no right to rule. When affairs become so unnatural that they reign, nature conspires in their overthrow, an overthrow in which even they rejoice, as Stoker suggested.

Those who desire evil work good in spite of themselves. The Columbine school massacre in Colorado last April has focused attention on the harm that TV, video and atrocious films have wrought. This attention is very welcome. Much good has come of it. Parents are withdrawing their children from government schools, and home-schooling is increasing in numbers due to the Columbine massacre. Evil was intended, but Good has come of it.

I emphasize the importance of family life to any Movement for national renaissance: stable marriages consisting of dedicated husbands and wives; large families with children, who are educated according to the great principles of our heritage. There is no substitute for such families. Where these are lacking, nothing much else can succeed. The roots such families plant take a long time to grow, that is true. But such roots run very deep and are difficult to uproot. We are in the predicament we are in today due to our own shortcomings and weaknesses.

Contraception and abortion have weakened us. We need to eschew these failures and build anew, beginning with the fundamentals and do so without any sense of panic, of having no time there be less in-fighting, hair-splitting and suspicion among friends and allies. So what if people don't agree with us with total unanimity? If they are of good will and kindred spirits, let us see what there is to celebrate among us. People are naturally attracted to joy and happiness. Such joy is infectious and highly attractive to others. If we are not enjoying the struggle we should get out of it. I'm having the time of my life doing what I was put on this earth to do. There is no happier destiny.


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