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Milligauss Readings and Health Issues http://omega.twoday.net/stories/315183/

I can provide you with the following information (I didn't check the links recently!):

1.. An Evaluation of the Possible Risks From Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) From Power Lines, Internal Wiring, Electrical Occupations and Appliance; California Departement of Health 2002;

2.. Milham, S.; Ossiander, E.M.: Historical Evidence that residential electrification caused the emergence of the childhood leukemia peak; Medical Hypothesis; 2001 Harcourt Publishers Ltd; doi:10.1054/mehy.2000.1138,

3.. Non-Ionizing Radiation, Part 1: Static and Extremely Low-Frequency (ELF) Electris and Magnetic Fields, Vol. 80 (2002), IARC, Lyon

4.. Lee, G.M.; Neuta, R.R.; Hristova, L.; Yost, M.; Hiatt, R.A.: A nested case-control study of residential and personal magnetic field measures and miscarriages; Epidemiology; 2002; 13(1); p. 21-31

5.. Li, D.K.; Odouli,R; et al: A population-based prospective cohort study of personal exposure to magnetic fields during pregnancy and the risk of misscariage; Epidemiology; 2002; 13(1); p 9 - 20

6.. Green, L.M.; Miller, A.B.; et al: Childhood leukemia and personal monitoring of residential exposures to electric and magnetic fields in Ontario, Canada; Cances Causes Control 1999 Jun; 10(3); p 233 - 243

I know, that - if you live in the US - the US power supply companies had (or still have?) also brochures concerning that topic.

In general someone can say, that these studies come to the conclusion, that starting from 2 mG (milligauss) the human body might react....

Kurt S. Renz