Mobius Coil
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[The coil used for a Succor Punch and Powerwand, and in Terminators,]

Mobius Coil Tutorial by Ryan McGinty

"A while back, a fellow gave me written directions for making a mobius coil, and warned me not to deviate from those, as it could lead to illness if not made right. It resembles a mobius strip and generates essentially pure chaotic electromagnetic energy. A Succor Punch is made up of one of these coils, wrapped around and glued to a substantial quartz crystal that has a distinct point on it. The terminals of the coil are connected via small alligator clips to a frequency generating box, powered by a nine volt battery.
    I glue the coil to the crystal because if the chaotic energy is not organized by the crystal or contained within a perimeter field it will make someone nearby sick and debilitated. This makes no sense in theory, since there is only 5 milliamps going through the coil, pulsed in a square wave at 15 cycles per second. This current is not even strong enough to be felt if you were to hold the two electrodes. We're using our zapper circuit for this. If you apply the electrodes to bare skin for at least 20 minutes, you'll be killing lots and lots of your parasites, even though you may not feel the current going through your skin.
    We're finding that just turning the thing on and keeping it in your car blocks the signals of transponders that the feds may have left there. If you're involved with the cloudbuster project I bet you've got at least a satellite transponder and a voice one in your vehicle."---- Succor Punch Explained By Don Croft

"I was given the design for the mobius coil by Gentry Smith, who got it from Flanagan when Gentry was his research assistant in Tucson.  At the time, Flanagan was involved in a US Navy 'dolphin-communication' study, seven storeys underground in the desert. " ----Don Croft