State of Darkness
US Complicity in Genocides Since 1945

a book by David Model


Bold, shocking, powerful, and authoritative best characterize State of Darkness which exposes the war crimes not only of President W. Bush but of nine presidents since 1945.  Public discourse in the United States has yet to debate these violations of international law despite the fact that they attain the level of genocide.  This is a groundbreaking work which for the first time exhaustively details American complicity in genocide


The book systematically and definitively prove that the United States is either guilty of or complicit in genocide in eight different countries since 1945.  Using criteria that is carefully established in the introduction along with documentation based almost exclusively on declassified documents and with rigorous reasoning, State of Darkness demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that since 1945, nine American presidents are complicit in genocide.


For example, American actions against Iraq are undeniably a case of genocide given the death of over two million people, the displacement of five million, the more than one million who are in desperate need of emergency assistance, and the complete destruction of the infrastructure of Iraq.  This level of death and destruction are a direct result of the 1991 bombing, the sanctions imposed between 1990 and 2003, the bombing between 1991 and 2003 in the no-fly zones and the 2003 bombing and occupation.  The impact of American policies in Iraq irrefutably meets the criteria of genocide in the Genocide Convention.


Debate on the issues raised in this book is long overdue and is imperative to filling a gaping lacuna in the historical record of the United States.  Knowledge of the suffering and loss experienced by the victims of American interventions has emboldened the author to write this book in the hope that awareness will promote activism.