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Cover-Up of a Royal Murder: Hundreds of Errors in the Paget Report

a book by John Morgan


``When you put all the evidence together, you can see that driver Henri Paul was framed,’’ --John Morgan

Cover-up of a Royal Murder is a thorough investigation of the British inquiry - the Paget report - into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed. It uses eye-witness, documentary and other evidence to prove that the conclusions drawn in the Paget report are fundamentally flawed -- yet it is the Paget report that is set to form the basis for the upcoming British inquest. This is the book that proves beyond reasonable doubt that Princess Diana was murdered and that there is a lot more to the Paris crash than the French and British investigations have revealed. "Cover-up" provides credibility to the lingering doubts of a large section of the British and international public -- doubts that remain even 10 years after the crash. This book lays down a huge challenge to those who believe the death of Diana Princess of Wales was just a tragic accident. Cover-up of a Royal Murder exposes one of the greatest cover-ups of our time.

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Apr. 20, 2008 By Helen Moseley
"Cover-up of a Royal Murder by John Morgan"
Cover-up of a Royal Murder is compelling reading – I couldn’t put it down. John Morgan should be absolutely commended for this most illuminating book and the meticulous attention to detail he has displayed with regard to his research and analysis. I began it feeling slightly sceptical because, while I have always wondered if it was more than an accident, lately I came to the conclusion that perhaps it was just a tragic accident after all. I could accept Mohamed Al-Fayed’s belief that it was murder but the fact that he implicated Prince Phillip has, I believe, diverted people’s thinking and led them to the belief that he was just a grievinging father. Unfortunately, this has also given the Court a point to focus on to the exclusion of all else.

However I now firmly agree with what John Morgan has come up with and believe that she was in fact murdered by some group, possibly MI6 but maybe the French and Americans were implicated too. Who knows. I actually came to this conclusion very early in the book, especially regarding the unbelievable diabolical fiasco relating to Henri Paul’s autopsies and blood test results, and each succeeding chapter just reinforced this conclusion even more. Also it is extraordinarily inexplicable the length of time it took to get Princess Diana to hospital only a very short distance away and then not to the nearest one which VIPs used but one further away and with no doctor on duty when she first arrived. With the delay incurred, there was plenty of time to have arranged for someone to be waiting for her arrival. Explanations as to why she wasn’t moved to a decent hospital immediately, preferably by helicopter, are simply smokescreens. If Princess Diana had instead been some vagrant maybe this might have explained a few things but she was a VIP in every sense of the word and the shoddy treatment she received can only lead one to the view that it was a deliberate act which eventually achieved their aim – her death. Surely the French aren’t as incompetent as their inaction would lead us to believe!!

The Paget Report was a total waste of money. Lord Stevens was either coerced to cover this matter up, or was totally incompetent. I’m sure it was the former. This could also apply to everyone else involved, especially those who did the autopsies etc. The whole matter is shocking and I just hope the powers that be won’t have achieved their aim in producing the seriously flawed Paget Report followed by the very biased Inquest, which ended with a predictable result - and that it won’t go away but many questions will continue to be openly asked. Hopefully the real truth will come out one day. It must be very hard on Princes William and Harry, and it obviously wouldn’t be in their healthy interests to press this matter, but I know without any doubt that if it was my mother, I would want the absolute truth. So it is up to the public to keep this matter to the forefront and not let it be buried so that the real facts will hopefully eventually come out and enable that much vaunted word, i.e.. closure, to occur.

There is still very widespread interest in Princess Diana and this book should be widely available to as many people as possible, especially in the UK, the States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I’m not sure why it is not. This matter must not close before we have the truth. Excellent work, John Morgan!!