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Diana Inquest: The Untold Story

by John Morgan


The Untold Story reveals how judicial corruption led to a seriously flawed verdict at the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. It provides a thorough record of the key evidence that was heard by the inquest jury and details the 143 important witnesses who were not heard from during the inquest. The book reveals the critical relevance of the evidence from the original police statements that the jury were prevented from having access to. This untold story destroys the perception that the inquest achieved justice for the deceased occupants of the crashed Mercedes. It clearly outlines the methods employed by the royal coroner to continually manipulate the jury throughout the six months of the inquest. This is the gripping, true account of a judiciary hell-bent on ensuring that the jury would not be permitted to return a verdict of murder in the most significant and high profile inquest of our modern era.