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by David Moncoeur

A former police officer, plodding a London beat in the late 1960s to early 1970s described, over twenty years ago, how he had been part of a cadre of police officers briefed by Lord Carrington on methods of violent suppression of demonstrators, students, dockers, miners whatever. The tricks of their trade were sudden sharp kicks to their legs as the cops walked slyly shoulder to shoulder with the demo, or maybe they could hit in with their elbows, the tenor of this little tuition session must have been something like a martial arts class, as the best way to strike someone is shown - by Lord Carrington. The most crucial part of that which the former cop wished to divulge was the concertedness with squads of TV cameras - the BBC & ITV camera crews and any other relevantly involved film crews, the bluebottles were informed, were briefed already to capture the violent reaction of those people, editing out any embarrassing bits in the studios, i.e. preventing the public witness on film the surreptitious provocation process.

Of course this included working upon impressions of unbiasedness, the TV crews couldn't look as if they are obviously claw in vicious claw to the public, but the extent to which you watch a calculated impression via television is to the uninitiated frightening, and probably dismissed as unbelievable. They have a big thing about unbelievability, if the public won't believe it they'll tend to go ahead and do it. Did you say aaah, I don't believe that? They sat their in their studios and said, they'll say, naaah, I can't believe it. People who are well established as TV personalities have accepted long beforehand early in their careers some really heavy right wing people and their beliefs. Well in.

In 1992 a lady had come up to Edinburgh shortly after the London poll tax riots, describing how she'd witnessed during the poll tax demo, which would have progressed relatively peacefully, police suddenly rushing out from a side-street, piling into the people really battering into them, such that a wave of consternated flailing around propagated ripple, wave, like along the whole parade of characters. You all know what story you read in the papers, with Alistair Burnett a Brootish newscaster appearing to read The News on ITV looking a little bruised having been kicked around by some London rozzers/pigs/bluebottles, cops even, over footage of their treatment of demonstrators being broadcast by ITV. I'd be suspicious of that having been a carefully worked out impression, really.

So if you have naďve dreams of working for television………

Early 1980s, and it would be good to read this report again remembering the date, where on the front page of the Times it was stated that an 86-year-old woman grabbed a hand-gun, stepped onto a Kings Cross train in her home town of Newcastle, whereupon arriving in London she travelled to BBC TV studios intending to shoot a BBC producer, possibly just any member of televisual personnel. She only shot a guard in the hand, accosted at the entrance.

Her statement as to what her reason had been, was that she believed her mind could be tuned into over these hundreds of miles, that interference with her normal mental processes could be achieved by them, the technicians down there in those TV studios could reverse-wave propagate returns to her senses doing so presumably evilly in order to laugh devilishly over her confusion. She claimed also scenes appearing on television were worked out to be clearly connected with her personal life, deliberately making it obvious the Londoners' power. A definite schizo. So she was conveying everything seen by her could appear as a TV image, much as you can look around yourself at your surroundings and realise that all you see might appear as someone's televisual image hundreds of miles away, ideas, reasonings, love-making, the lot. An interesting view they may be receiving of us.

Let's return to believability. A friend confided he had been working for a furniture department store, Queensway in Fife, a county just north of Edinburgh and who should turn up one day at 9 o'clock in the morning but Esther Rantzen "doin' a thing on mah boss. She had aw reddy streaks in her hair and we were aw shoutin' hi Esther! an' wavin' at the cameras. She was claimin 'e was some kind of swindler, but we all knew the guy hadnae done anythin' o' whit she wiz sayin'. Rantzen was framin' him. Some rich wummin had jist picked up the phone and brought Rantzen doon jist like that, to do him in to show off the power."

Conspiracy theorists theorise, some of them, that secret societies like the Masons and the Knights of Malta (every single man under President Reagan was a member of the Knights of Malta) co-operatively co-ordinate scams such that that which the public perceive is such and such a paedophile, an embezzler, a favourite manipulation of a public image is merely suggesting someone has had a homosexual relationship as they see it as the most subtly damaging intimation, people are observed to be most reactively put off an image of homosexuality. Once you have had this confessed to you, by someone high in society probably much like Rantzen, dozens of newspaper stories instantly stream through your mind which you realise must now be secret society, s.s. fabrications.

"They realise they can hardly stick a knife in the back of every single "problem" to them, they can hardly have had dozens more people found dead in fume-filled cars, so early on in their conspiring they found it was better to just tell lies about some of their victims, which works because it conveys an impression of total control of the media, it causes such terror and sounds so unbelievable it shuts them up. They sometimes kill, sometimes put corpses under the jellyknees floorboards and frame them as killers, they sometimes just say you're a homosexual, all counted on as working because it's unbelievable. They've gambled on the public thinking if they stuck all the corpses under David Nielson's floorboards, someone acting up about that isn't going to just be called a poof in the papers."

I am interested in meeting the judge who expressed suspicion of Esther Rantzen during a trial, where she was claiming to expose homosexual molestation of boys at a boarding school. I know the masons, which she is a member of the female version of, do have a thing of working out as confusing and incredible a frame-up as they can possibly manage

So "they", large bothers, aren't going to be too keen on their thoughts being watched. One might assume if such technology exists there will be violent suppression of thought-display instrumentation, Two-Way Mind-Link, Remote Neural Monitoring, whatever you want to call it. These s.s.'s carefully make sure there is no identifiable pattern, each way of dealing with someone is as if committee ordered, structured. Nothing must be given away.

Perhaps this writer putting up this web-site has conveyed something of the 80s consciousness this writer will have had.

The '90s were to be even more fun.

In January 1990 "OPEN VERDICT: 25 Mysterious Deaths In The Defence Industry" appeared in the bookshops, written by Tony Collins, who is involved in the editorial staff of one of the weekly computing magazines. Now why on earth should anyone reading this be interested in reading that?

Each death, a bizarre suicide, had been of either a Marconi employee or employed with a Marconi subsidiary. It might perhaps be better if readers of this site strenuously strove to acquire a copy of this book, because this writer would prefer to refer to post-OPEN VERDICT mysterious deaths during this schpiel. Coincidentally in that January, two doors along from me in a certain bed-sitting zone in Edinburgh abided a third-year electronics student, aged 25, whose main other work experience had been two years as a male psychiatric nurse before studying electronics at university. I'd bought the book when it first came out and obviously the students were all interested in information to do with one of their main career options. This particular student living along from me was exceptionally brilliant, plus the psychiatric experience had given him some knowledge of ultra-low frequencies, which include wave frequencies our brains emit. My conspiracy theorist American sources have claimed ultra-low frequency knowledge is carefully held back from students and lecturers alike, certain persons select people (already well up in society) whom they strategically inform of the most serious aspects of ultra-low frequency phenomena, and that it is very difficult to find graduates from universities who know anything or much about ultra-low frequencies. In the years since 1990 this has seemed to be true so far, experiment yourselves and ask science graduates what they know of ultra-low frequencies. The only one who did was this psychiatric nurse, who had had to know about brain-waves combined with a keenness about electronics already preceding his National Health Service induction.

Now bear in mind all I am is a constant night shift worker, had been for a few years, cleaning trains for what was then British Rail, and would be doing this for a few years still, that was my 1990 image from the student's point of view. The situation is we occasionally encounter each other in the kitchen, initially engaging in inconsequential conversation. But intellectually I'm theorising about the Marconi deaths……..

"So you're an electronics student?"


"Do you think it's possible for brain-waves to be fully decoded hundreds of miles away, such that someone is hearing things you're thinking, seeing what you're seeing …..?"

"I wouldn't think it's impossible if they were receiving brain-waves in Australia. Brain-waves are of a particular ground-hugging nature, they're not what you're probably thinking of , they're longitudinal, and longitudinal waves from the brain are very deeply penetrating, they're not like, you know…"

"The waves we're mostly taught about in school."

"Yes, well they don't tell you much about longitudinal waves."

He seemed fully open to the possibility of brain-waves being fully decoded and listened in on in London TV studios initially, but I asserted it was a ridiculous crazy thing to suspect, and he seemed to give in to that. The copy of OPEN VERDICT soon attracted his attention however, this became a major conversational topic, he described how the mention of the word Marconi within the university lecture theatres caused miasmas of fear & disturbance. He said he would enquire about this, there were things he could do, people he could ask, being the son of a highly placed police officer he could possibly encroach upon Marconi's secrecy prerogative more effectively than most, as judges and sons of judges had always comprised a large quotient of his society. So, like, one day he came into my bed-sitting room sat down on the edge of one of it's beds, said…….

"The most serious state secret you can learn is that Albert Einstein was murdered in 1947 and a double put in his place. "

"The year there was supposed to have been a ufo crash at Roswell?"


"Was it to do with that? We know Einstein had been taken to the Roswell crash site in 1947. His amanuensis has communicated this to persons in the ufo community."

"I don't know. I just know Einstein was murdered and doubled in 1947."

"Hmmm. It would be a question of whether he died before he was taken to Roswell or after. Either way it's not going to be easy to find out."

Sitting here on Tuesday the 11th of May, it occurs to me to imagine he had in preceding days been set upon divining data regarding Marconi from arcane conversations with both electronics enthusiasts and police inspector society, and no doubt occasional other persons who combined these two aspects of their persona. So what he does is come in sit down and say Einstein had been murdered in 1947. One would think the logic of this extermination inextricable from whatever happened near to the Roswell town, but not absolutely necessarily. A Sunday Times reporter had pointed out all of the deaths of top scientists working for Marconi had been of electro-magnetic wavelength spectrum analysts, this had been one of their areas of expertise shall we say. Still, it makes it interesting to imagine analyses of photographs of Einstein before & after 1947, in case we spot a discrepancy. He certainly seems to have had an anatomy demanding of hospitalisation from 1948 on, & how likely is the real Einstein to have been photographed with Marilyn Monroe? Maybe all they had in common extensive plastic surgery.

And one could describe Ludwig Boltzmann's suicide and Alan Turing's as suspicious. There has been a half-hour TV programme on mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Paul Diracq, mathematiser of some quantum sea, who lectured in Bristol University up to his death in 1984, the near-epicentre of the Marconi strange death syndrome - to commit suicide a good number of these scientists had driven sometimes hundreds of miles to fling themselves off Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge. Obviously the intelligent man's decision. I'm going to commit suicide so I'll throw myself off Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The ufological community of conspiracy theorists had been pointing out a close connection of these deaths with laser beam weapon programmes, the possibility being that the scientists had been entrusted with inventing weapons to shoot alien craft down. One has to concede some justification here, while this Einstein doubled datum comes now solely from this source, at this point in time anyway.

The relationship between myself and the electronics student was one where he was surprised by me & I was surprised by him. My use of the term "reverse-wave propagation" seemed to surprise him, me theorising that impacts upon that old lady's senses in Newcastle via an ultra-low frequency transmitter should accurately be referred to as reverse-wave propagation of her brain-wave propagations. With that usual good man of science's desire to fan a flame of possible enthusiasm for knowledge, the student said he would bring in sheets explanatory of reverse-wave propagation, as I was struggling to recall the content of the Scientific American article where the phenomenon was of particular interest, a group of scientists had been excited about reverse-wave propagating from a receiving source such that the image sent from the primary wave propagation source was almost as really fully decoded, which doesn't sound all that fantastic. A mirror image except the mirror image is beside you, no longer in that mercury - backed old fashioned thing they used to use.

"We'll be getting taught reverse-wave propagation as a part of this year's syllabus, so when we get it, it should be in a few weeks time, I'll bring the explanatory sheets in to you."

"Yeh. Great."

Those weeks went by, then a few more weeks went by.

"Are you getting reverse-wave propagation yet?"

"No. I think I'll ask about it. It's been about four weeks now since the time on the syllabus."

So the student went out one morning curious as to what was happening regarding the subject of reverse-wave propagation, and came back one evening looking disturbed and shocked.

"What's happened?"

"It's the lecturer I asked about reverse-wave propagation. He took a huge fright when I asked about it, and he stuttered and stammered I-I-I-I c-c-c-can't t-t-t-talk about that I'm afraid."

"Did he do that in front of the class?"

"No, I asked when everyone else had left the lecture-theatre."

There is one thing he did do in front of the whole class, and that is never appear again in front of them. The day after this loss of control the head of department took over the lectures formerly apportioned to his subordinate, and a week after this latter person's unstating a letter of formal resignation was received. This guy was never seen again.

The pressure put on some people by the Marconi strange death syndrome has no cultural recording so far. It's not as if a book about a subject you can learn more about and more easily in the United States just simply came out repercussionlessly. George Bush had commented upon these deaths in the late 80s saying something like "Man, you guys make a lot out of the amount of non-accidental deaths in New York, but we no way could have that amount of strange deaths of top men associated with one single company."

Information about these bizarre deaths has been most difficult to come upon in the country within which they have occurred, Brootish Britain, and after the book came out my allies and myself have been slightly suspicious that more deaths were simply kept out of the Brutish newspapers. The March 1993 issue of "BusinessAge" magazine (if my memory serves me correctly) did however describe the death of Malcolm Puddy, and if any of these deaths is worth picking out and describing, it's a beauty for our files.

Late in 1991 Malcolm Puddy, a Marconi worker, was found floating dead in an English canal with a painter's palette tied round his neck, nearish to his home. He had approximately ten days before been in a Eureka-like state of mind as if having deduced something utterly incredible. He went into his Marconi works excitedly to tell his bosses he could do something fantastic, but was taken aside by some not quite so enthusiastic personnel. The frequently characteristic week went by whereby he was missing, then the corpse was found. Eureka. You're dead. His computer files mysteriously emptied themselves.

The Malcolm Bloody death is important for the sake of absolute certainty of evil. This is about the only good one can eke from this assassination. Certainty of small minds claiming a right to kill, without the physical ability to draw fantastic conclusions themselves, blighted with vicious greed.

Let's get back to three months into 1990, causing my memory to recall that elfin face.

He did a few other things.

"There's this judge whose been a friend of the family ever since I was a child, he almost always comes to Sunday dinner, he's that sort of really close friend of the family, I'll try asking him about these strange deaths."

He managed to get this judge along to an Edinburgh pub to sit and chat, but kept the conversation absolutely mundane for a long time. He then enquired:

"Er, what do you think about this Marconi business?"

The judge put the pint of beer down, said "Good-day" arose from his seat and walked right out the door. The student and his family never saw him again at their house.

It was in the weeks after this the student communicated his most sensitive confidence from the high-ranking police officer world, and if there are sensitive issues to learn of in Britain it's difficult to beat this one. One can only wonder now if the fright of this judge relates to this next divulgence:

"They do pass death sentences in Britain. A single judge is sitting in a chair in front of a table with a piece of paper on it describing what some guy's supposed to have done. The guy to be sentenced is then walked in with one other person beside him as a witness, and nine times out of ten the judge is expected to pass a death sentence. Sometimes he doesn't, very occasionally, but I would say nine times out of ten it is a death sentence." And surely after such a reaction from a judge one would wonder whether he had spoken to a man who had passed such death sentences.

So from approximately March 1990 we both had very high certainty these statements about bizarre suicides of scientists by the Brutish police were covering for a secret execution process. There were outward signs to the student providing him with anecdotes which merely indicate the sensitivity of Marconi's operations.

In Edinburgh a student in temporary employment was told to go and acquire a file, the boss specifying a particular drawer. The student went to find the file, opened one drawer through forgetfulness, then opened the right one. He took the file to the boss, but unfortunately, that was the end of the student's electronics career. He was asked why he had opened the drawer above, he answered there was no big serious reason why, but the boss said - quoting my student ally - "He wasn't just sacked from that job. They told him he would never have another job in the electronics industry ever again. He was sacked from the whole career of electronics. For having opened the wrong drawer."

One might imagine a tendency of that sacked employee to exaggerate his plight, but the student knew of another story from down south in England conveying a Marconi boss in Scotland was behaving no differently to a Marconi boss in England. "A guy given a job of just sweeping the floors in one of the depots swept out a particular room they hadn't asked him to sweep out. He was forced to work out that that was all he had done because when he went to the pub, and basically everywhere he went, he was suddenly aware of these really heavy people constantly following him around, he was really obviously watched everywhere he went. And he was later quizzed as to why he had swept out that particular room anyway, so he eventually knew it was that."

"They didn't hang him for having swept out the wrong room."


Meanwhile an epheobe named Doone Bailey was encountered attending the same Tai Chi Yang form demonstration by Mark Wright in Edinburgh.

"My father has a thing about a particular frequency with mysterious properties, he's believed for years you can build a device which you can tune into people's brainwaves with. He tries to convince scientists of this, but he never does."

When I found out he was a former BBC TV cameraman I became even more interested. "Yeh, Edward's fond of saying it's nothing but Masons in the BBC," said her boyfriend at the time, which is also what Muz Murray, a yoga teacher is fond of telling people at his group seminars, so this statement about secret society members infesting high society had some precedent in my mind. Edward was a Mason in his time, and Doone and her mother knew Edward as repeatedly embezzling businesses getting stuck in jail then using some "Get Out Of Jail Free" card. "He was always out of jail within days."

Godalming in London contained the bed-sit Edward slept in, the address of this involved "The Burrs" which his daughter's English accent took some reiteration for my Scottish senses before they cognited "You're trying to say the burrrrrrrrrs" which exploded into her English senses rolling every 'r'. "Yes. The Biiiiiiiizzz," she said with a feeling of success. "Aw, yeh, right, The Burrrrzz." Edward's phone number thankfully obviated any need to visit The Burrrrzzz and we agreed to meet each other in Old Street's Macrobiotic Resaurant (it was there at the time).

Edward Bailey sat opposite me at one of the wooden tables both of us having chosen Bancha teas. Edward was 64 at the time with no impression he needed any help. He had with him his treatise on this specific mysterious frequency range, down around .3khz, which he claimed would be the frequency you would want receivers to get down to if one wanted to investigate further such paranormal phenomena as telepathy, time displacement effects which some ghost stories sound like is really happening, telekinesis, all those kinds of things. He had drawn out a chart displaying the electro-magnetic wavelength spectrum with something specified that I'd not come across even in conspiracy theorist literature, the zone around .3khz. I pointed out that this was unlike any other electro-magnetic wavelength spectrum depiction, and I'd seen more than the average number of versions already.

"I'm known for being very well-read, I have read masses of stuff but not once have I seen .3khz specified."

All I remember in response to that is a load of non-specific mumbling, amongst which were the two words "it's obvious". Maybe it was to him, but nobody else from a book or in person had stated this that I could think of. The technical reason for a dubious response here is that the lower you go the more mysterious you get - in terms of 11hz, 2-3hz, 16hz, 12hz - when you concentrate the right half of the brain emits at around 16hz, the left half 12hz, for instance, and further technical data will later convey more objections to Edward's frequency of interest. My conversational decision was nevertheless psychologically supportive, & I asked him whether he knew about the strange deaths of Marconi scientists, it being exceptionally interesting that they each, according to a Sunday Times reporter been electro-magnetic wavelength spectrum analysts.

"It certainly looks like there's going to be something big about the electro-magnetic wavelength spectrum."

"Yes. Very interesting. I didn't know anything about these deaths."

Edward's reputation considerably preceding him, who would believe that!? I went through very perfunctory explications of the main terminations, at which he seemed to slaveringly enthuse.

"I'll definitely find out more about this. What's the name of that book? And the publisher." Openverdicttwentyfivemysteriousdeathsinthedefenceindustrybantametcetc. Very sceptical as I uttered that schpiel.

"I'll photocopy this treatise & send it back down to you."

"All right."

Edward left leaving me alone to consume a macrobiotic meal, contemplating returning to the London squat where I could crash for the night. One of those London friends' grandfather had died by throwing himself out of a window in 1941 whilst working for the Marconi company, so obviously this guy was interested in what I had to say.

"We just didn't think there was anything about it, loads of guys were dying working for Marconi at the time, but we were hearing it was mostly plane crashes that were killin' them. We didn't think anything funny might be goin' on at the time. We kept it from my grandmother that 'e'd flung 'imself out of a window, just let her think that he'd died. With the level of development of technology of the time we just thought it was logical there would be higher fatalities than to-day."

Right back to hellish reality. Looks like it's not all that easy to relax about this. The whole squat were also buzzing about a guy called Jerry, who had stood listening to aliens talking, the aliens having something about a "Nine", but Jerry completely disappeared from social accessibility, neither they nor I could track him down to find out what he really had to say, data about him remained nebulous and meagre. Thinking back upon this those twenty-four hours are incredibly dense with mysteriousness. Some things have to be skipped for the sake of some streamlining here. Skip to back in Edinburgh.

I showed the .3khz treatise to the student back in our bed-sitting land and he was immediately sceptical.

"Och…..you just don't understand. It's hardly even worth explaining…..the size of the antenna…."

"What!? Can't you do something, at least try to follow up what Edward Bailey is saying?"

"You just don't understand, the size of the antenna for such a frequency needs to be really ridiculous….it's impossible."

"You mean it needs to be something like the 28-mile antenna embedded in the Chequamegon bedrock forest? In North America."

"Yes. That is what I mean. But I don't believe such a size of antenna exists."

"If you don't believe that exists you're obviously not going to believe there's a 6,400-mile antenna the Americans have built."

"Aw, that's really ridiculous. I'll not believe that without seeing some really technical data about it."

"OK. I'll go down to SCRAM's office tomorrow and photocopy the material they've got, and I'll bring it up and show it to you."

"That's what you'll need to do."

I photocopied three consecutive articles written by Paul Brodeur each published in three consecutive New Yorker magazines then carried the photocopies up to the student. He looked completely amazed, and it was latently disturbing to him that in three years of electronics study these British students had never been informed of such a massive project as Project Sanguine, the project to construct a 6,400-mile antenna. To cut things short here, because there's a lot of important facts to put across, he said:

"Well, I can do a calculation on this size of antenna, it'll be interesting to see what the lowest frequency that this antenna can get down to is."

He certainly did some maths at this point I could never have done, then shocked me by looking completely astonished.

"Hm. That is odd. This antenna length would get down to almost exactly .3khz."

"So Bailey's right. There has to be something about this. Are you suspicious?"

"Yes, I am suspicious, because we get told some very sensitive things at our level of electronics study, and one of the main things we get told are the best frequencies for defence purposes which are much higher than this."

"Are you basically saying Reagan was lying about Project Sanguine being for defence oriented purposes?"

"Yes. Even more so because these ultra-low frequencies are very easily jammed which is why they have never been used."

"So you've got your whole tuition telling you why you can't use these antenna for defence and the United States is going right ahead and building an antenna virtually for specifically .3khz. So they're probably not wanting to talk about Bailey's reasons for investigation of this frequency range."

So went an historical sounding conversation.

And quite a lot of Americans are ill-informed of Project Sanguine, I described this antenna to Linda Howe the animal mutilations expert who had never heard of it when she was over in Britain in 1994, so it would seem to have been kept away from American consciousness quite successfully too.

The imprisonment of John Ford might be worth mentioning here, this is one of the ufo investigators who was/is a member of the Long Island ufo investigation group, John Ford has been accused of attempting to insert highly radio-active material into someone's toothpaste in order to kill them and put under psychiatric care. The Long Island investigators learned of a huge triangular alien-crewed craft being brought down by U.S. military, John Ford putting himself in the firing line for CIA/NSA tricks by being the main contact for a highly placed military guy, who was describing the crash to John. The ufo group weren't sure how important a little bit of technological information was, whether it was even worth including, but the U.S. army had towed in a vibration emitter which glowed blue as it vibed out a frequency of exactly .4khz. The alien craft suddenly split in half and dropped to the water. U.S. men approached on foot and some of them just dropped dead before aliens were captured. This incident occurred in 1989. …….

Interesting that .4khz was used interferentially of alien generators. Might one logically wonder if an important frequency to the alien craft's mechanism is .3khz?

Both frequencies' usage would require similar antenna lengths pre-constructed. Before going much further it's worth mentioning Mark Ian Birdsall's account of the Marconi syndrome, an account which keeps strictly to the deaths' descriptions, which is particularly perceptive on the death of Shani Warren, pointing out two further morbid incidents near-simultaneously with the Shani Warren incident. This is available through Quest UFO magazine, the one you'll occasionally see on shopshelves. I've wondered often whether her name could merely fatefully have rhymed perfectly with Larry Warren, the fellow who blew the whistle on the USAF Bentwaters incident, however I've said I'm not wanting to say so much about Marconi-related deaths before 1990 sooo............

Let's keep this to information about this frequency.

It was in the Sheffield Novotel Hotel where I was booked in for the first of the two ufo conferences which would have Linda Howe as one of the main speakers, in August 1993. A crowd had gathered round Linda and I made a decision there and then to not do the usual thing of struggling to meet the main speakers, but deliberately chose apparently separate people from the gathered throng, sitting in the hotel lounge. For the three evenings of the ufo conference two of those guys and myself merely sampled the various Sheffield beers, in respect of all the usual conference conversations it was probably the more unusual activity. It was only into the very small hours of Monday morning that things became informationally fantastic. Off to my right was a Sky TV technician, to his right and therefore second along from me was a guy employed by Marconi whose main work was driving sensitive equipment into various depots, and right in front of me was a guy employed by Cray technology on their defence side. You'll notice I'm not munchening any names here, writing this reminiscingly seems to remind me of someone holding their head with both hands, standing on a bridge as if suppressing an impulse to throw himself from it.

The Cray guy had kicked off by revealing a large perfectly circular dent in his wrist, on the underside, then displayed to us odd indentations into each of his knuckles. Around the age of three he remembered being lifted into the air as if by some three clawed hand which he thought he'd kicked sufficiently hard against to drop back down to his bed. Ever since then he has seen these marks around the end of his left arm, on wrist and knuckles. The Marconi guy chipped in next to say it was a really heavy atmosphere he had to enter the Marconi compounds in, saying to me if I write to his address he may well describe some of the things that most worried him. But the Sky TV technician was most useful to me :

"You know these mysterious deaths of Marconi workers? Well there's been four or five of these strange deaths of Sky TV technicians, very similar to describe to the Marconi ones except the Sky ones never got into the papers and this is in the eighteen months that I've been working there. It was after hearing something over some funny frequency or something. They were taken into a particular room that I'm not allowed to go into and it was right after that that they died. Really bizarre descriptions, dead in fume-filled cars, hung themselves and stuff, but with really bizarre aspects to the descriptions. And the funniest thing was, on my very first day of working for Sky TV this guy walks up to me friendly as anything like sayin' 'Wait'll you see what we can do with ultra-low frequencies man! Absolutely fantastic! Totally incredible!' Then he finds out I'm from Ireland then suddenly he's walkin' past me without sayin' a thing, wouldn't even give me the time of day."

Of course it felt like my big opportunity to say something. "I just might be able to tell you what that weird frequency is….." then ensuing the full low-down on .3khz. spilling forth from me. Bring all your reading intermingling minds up to 1999 and imagine asking - how many deaths of this sort have happened up to now, of Sky TV technicians because it is via one of them we have this important leak, and what is happening in other TV companies. Is this problem international?

Closer & closer to greater likelihood that from that type of secret room television personnel gloatingly freaked an 86-year-old woman for laughs, getting a kick out of the sheer confusion they plunged her into.

And if you think about that anecdote, the attitude to the Irish is worrying, as these English TV people were no way going to explain their political interference in Irish affairs. They made a bad mistake there because he is an Ulsterman, a fellow who sees himself as British via British possession of Northern Ireland. That fact conveys the sheer nervous reactivity of the word "Irish" behind closed doors. They took a bad fright when they found out this guy was "Irish". Ireland , where the job adverts say "Protestants Only Need Apply", Ireland, one of whose Prime Ministers for the Northern area has been photographed with a boulder raised above his head with both arms, stood upon an elevated rock outcrop beneath which is passing human rights demonstrators, beside him and a few policemen are two open-backed lorries loaded with rocks in order to maintain a bombardment of them. With that Sky TV Ulsterman these "bosses" took absolutely no chance, their attitude is vicious to the Irish present time. Is this the reason the demeanour of Peter Gabriel is so strange before Sinead O'Connor, for she has reported in the music papers during interviews that his behaviour is "not just odd, but really odd." Could the reason for this be that he's been filled in on the same thing? Why get funny towards Irish people? The British have in the past blocked entry into Northern Ireland of a Sociology teacher who wished to do objective reports on the Northern Irish situation: they stopped him getting in. Early 1970s that may have been but I still think its indicative of a vicious tendency which is not easily going to go away.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to my subject, mainly concerning remote mind control technology.

In 1994 I had attended a talk given by David Wood and Ian Campbell showing off their discoveries concerning Renne Le Chateau. After the lecture a few of these two researchers’ acolytes met in the International Hotel bar in Cromwell Street, me joining them. One of them, as unmunchenable as anyone else munchened on this site, began hushed-voice-wise saying besides everything else we’d been talking about, a lot of people in London believed "the Bulgur thing to be a Masonic initiation thing, they’re gonna let the boy who did it out sooner than he should’ve been allowed out of prison and he’ll be feted to rise quickly in British society, because they actually wanted him to do what he did." For foreign site visitors one boy of about ten or eleven had reputedly piled bricks upon the face of nine or ten year old Jamie Bulgur bringing about his death, this all sounds so childish one would hardly pay attention to what sounds like silly childish behaviour all going wrong. I had paid no attention to it and I could not believe what this confidante was saying. It was too suspicious even for me to take; I said so. "Of course it was Masonic. Why’d you think the President of the United States commented upon it? How many things like that could he comment on, the shooting of kids goes on all the time in Argentinian streets, they have special child-killing squads. There was something much bigger going on about the Bulgur thing, I’m telling you."

I still found this a bit hard to take; the next thing he said to me sounded closer to what my research trajectory seemed to be zeroing in on. Bear in mind nevertheless regarding his Bulgur thing, he was saying "there’s a big buzz in London about the Bulgur thing", he’s reporting what he’s hearing in that particular instance; with this next communication from him he is speaking as a witness himself, the following is purely his suspicion.

Brutish television had as one of its better entertainers an unmarried man named Russell Harty, who died in the early ‘90s in the middle of a series of shows for BBC TV, putatively contracting hepatitus B at a homosexuals’ party. That’s it, end of story, it seems. The confidante however had a different perspective. He had lived in the area Russell Harty had lived in at the time of his death, and shortly after Harty’s death, frequenting the same bars as Harty had, he was aware that very heavy-looking sorts were coming into those bars to make people by force tell stories conducive to fabricating an image of Harty as homosexual, "these heavies were doin’ this very forcibly you know, makin’ these locals tell stories, forcin’ them to sit there talkin’ crap basically. I’ve got a gut feeling that Russell didn’t die the way they said he did in the papers."

"He isn’t even’ve going to have been homosexual!"

After what the Sky TV technician had said, this was what I’d wanted as a clue to a similar morbid tendency in the BBC. High in your climb up the society of London you can only learn of the same top secret death sentencing process, and a cultured accent cuttingly chortles "Oh, did we not tell you about that during your second interview? Sorry about that." And down through the floorboards you fall. Figuratively or actually.

After this the conversation went onto what I considered suspicious, but at least even London police officers investigating the scene of this strange death stated initially that it was one of the strangest deaths they’d ever investigated. The reason I went onto this is it was carrying on the conversational thing about childrens’ deaths.

The death of a ten-year-old boy had happened on August the 11th 1991; he went for a pee leaving the creche for actresses and actors arranged in Elstree studios, where both Star Wars and Doctor Who had been filmed amongst other famous things, which might result in a somewhat facile manner of seeing it as possibly a Star Wars death (which is what a lot of American conspiracy theorists call our Marconi death syndrome, the Star Wars deaths of top scientists working for Marconi in Britain). Martin Wilson had been away for too long a time, the creche leader decided to check what had happened, went to the toilet and saw Martin Wilson hanging from the towel cabinet, neck broken, the towel around his neck. They attempted to take him to hospital but he became fully brain dead in this healing habitation.

The manner of reporting this was quite interesting, what you saw in the Daily Telegraph was this death on the second page looking as small as you could conceivably get it to look in the bottom left hand corner. This is worth noting because the usual Marconi thing involves the very muted reporting levels, the observers of this strange death syndrome note how the deaths are described very shortly. Well, Martin Wilson’s was reported ultra shortly. About two months later, analysis of the death was further reported on just once, just as ultra-shortly.

The entirety of the towel had been lying out hanging down onto the floor, almost all of it pulled out, the final report said. What the child must have been able to do is because of it having been pulled out, he must have picked it up, started putting that around his neck, then playing a little game with himself he must have birled round and round until with "the entirety of the towel around his neck, he must have at this point caused himself to have been hanging from the towel cabinet, whereupon his neck broke."

Absolutely no-one else has picked up on that description as questionable. What do other people think?

A woman who worked in Silicon Valley in the United States had had an unpleasant experience in a toilet there, it was as if a whole load of women had followed her into the toilet so she sat there in her cubicle terrified thinking they were most likely a load of lesbians or something. After a sufficiently long time of overhearing them talk, she realised the only place they could feel safe about their conversation had been the toilet. So she ventured contributively the observation that people can feel dependant on toilets to discuss things they don’t want people to overhear.

My gut level suspicion about all this is the deaths are arising from technology which results in the very process of thought being watched objectively displayed upon a screen. It is the main factor humans are finding difficult about crashed alien craft on interbiospheric business. Remote viewing, a magic box showing the history of the alien race and other races, the use of the word "ideomobile" by Adamski only by Adamski, the sudden switch to spirituality trash in the Alien Interview film, all that’s evading a fundamental issue of switching on a screen in your own home, and what Ronnie’s decided to do to-day for a change is, instead of shagging Cathy O’Brien’s mutilated pussy, sit and watch a distant mind, feeling David Copperfield walking, projected right into his body, up to Claudia Schiffer, inter-entic tumes swell in Ronnie Reagan’s brain in co-coitus, "now I think I’ll feel the orgasms of a woman from the very point of view of the woman herself," thinks Ronnie, and changes the tuning to receive Schiffer’s mind in rhythmic effusion.

Let’s watch Ronnie’s mind one day, sentencing Cathy O’Brien to death by fire, fully accepting a snuff movie will be made out of her execution.

There is an interesting incident it would be worth it to add more completely and informedly to the foregoing writing.

Approximately 1977 with Jon Pertwee as the Doctor for the several series of "Doctor Who" he did around those years, with the actress Katy Manning as the usual female assistant, something happened, to the actors’ consternation during preliminary review of the script for a particular episode. They were of course in Elstree Studios.

The actors were all reading their scripts, but were astonished at the sheer vicious morbidity of what they were reading. They all agreed, and so began to approach the producer of the television programme waving the scripts gesticulatively, protesting that they wouldn’t just act this out for children. When they reached the producer to show her or him the offending offal, s/he looked puzzled because there was nothing unusual about the script whatsoever. The actors were all shocked, looked at the pages they had been reading moments earlier, to see to their amazement that the offending material was no longer there – it was as if the printed screed had changed upon the pages as they walked across the studio. Is this story utter hogwash? Did it happen? Katy Manning would be the obvious person to ask, the source for this is a mature adult Doctor Who buff. Is her imagination distorting, or exaggerating what really happened?

The actor Jon Pertwee had also taken home one or two artifacts as memorabilia, such as a ship in a bottle and a clock, roundabout the time of his Doctor Who period thinking nothing of it. However the studio personnel went absolutely bananas hunting for these, Pertwee came into them one morning going utterly frantic to find these studio props. He stood there watching the panic, asked what is it they're looking for, to be told it was the props he had considered near-junk, things they wouldn't've missed, so he said "I've got them, but I didn't think you'd miss them let alone go totally out of your boxes over them." Straightforward or mysterious behaviour?

Television is inextricably linked with the name of Marconi; there is a complex near to USAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk just North of London on your foreign maps where a big ufo kefuffle blew up 27th December 1980 called a BBCTV/Marconi complex. Just so happens a report on this, in "Out Of The Blue" by Jenny Randles, mainly about the ufo incident, mentions that just offshore of this complex were frequently seen floating in the seawater dead human bodies, according to Jenny the locals were used to seeing these dead bodies with no general hoo-hah in any form of media at the time this was happening, a period around the mid-1950s.


In the process of investigations, the researcher responsible for this site was put in touch with an individual very knowledgeable regarding what had occurred both near to the town of Roswell in 1947, and near Rendlesham Forest in 1980. This section will keep mainly to as literal a representation of his statements as possible according to memory, he won't be absolutely perfect for some people but there are important contributive aspects to this particular account which haven't appeared in any other so far. The heading to this plays upon Clinton's famously reported effort to have one of his aides find out what happened at Roswell & who was behind the Kennedy assassination.

There are two supportive further anecdotes after this big quote, so bear with this - without further supportive data this whole web-site might not be happening.

The contact was something, past tense, which a lot of people might immediately dismiss, he had been very highly placed in "Scientology". Let's hope Scientology needs no further explication, the type of explication which always makes a patronising impression upon the mind of the reader. This guy was urging me, surprise surprise, to have absolutely nothing to do with Scientology, he had been placed on the Scientology Sea Org, meaning they have a boat for the apex of their promotional structure, and their most highly placed persons frequently direct things from the boat. I'd had a very good female friend who was greatly enamoured of Scientology around 1977 and through her I knew the Sea Org is a very high level for them, so I'd known that much for about 13 years before I met this guy, whom I'll call Pablo.

Pablo had a book called Matrix II he considered the biggest publication on ufology, if you receive a copy pass it round five or six addresses if you don't want American government agents chasing after you Pablo warned in 1991. He allowed me a loan of Matrix II for a few months, and wasn't happy about the state of it when he finally got it back, I had in those few months loaned it to a friend called, er, Nico let's say. The low-down according to Pablo is the important thing here so let's cut to this.

"Don't have anything to do with Scientology. I guarantee you, go to the top of any Scientology Org and you'll find someone with an American accent. While I was in Scientology during the mid-1980s a lot of us were aware of American agents battering their way into Scientology clawing their way into positions where they'd be responsible for control of where the money is going. Through a sort of Scientological grapevine I learnt that some of these agents had confided what had happened - American agents were flooding across to Europe to hack their way into as many charity based organisations as they could manage, to redirect the charity funds to American black projects. The talks had broken down at Bentwaters with alien beings. After this the aliens considerably stepped up their implantation programme of human beings, cyborgising them for alien remote-control. So the "black project" is a desperate effort to supply money to finance the building of weapons which will bring the aliens down."

"What d'you mean by these talks?"

"Talks were convened by U.S. military figures due to the fact that human aircraft, Stealth aircraft, supposedly with alien-engineered aspects to their technology, had been suddenly blowing up in mid-air +/or crashing, as if the aliens had double-crossed them deliberately. The Bentwaters talks between humans and aliens happened after a Stealth fighter had crashed within the geographical region of East Anglia, supposedly quite close to the Bentwaters depot. The talks broke down, the aliens flew off so from then on there's been a constant escalation of alien implantation of humans.

"Once you know there's a big antagonism between European and American military personnel over the way the Americans handled extra-terrestrial contact you're pretty close to being a fume-filled car job. There had been a few crashes of ufos near Roswell in 1947, the second one giving them the alien they made a hole in the throat of, forcing it to learn English, which it did very rapidly, then it was able to gurgle communications to them. It was able to communicate interbiospheric law. Under interbiospheric law, law various alien life forms have developed over many thousands of years which so far excludes humans as contributive for the reason of lack of development, allows biospheres to choose other biospheres they wish to interact with on a principle of political similarity to the invitational political structure. For example a highly egalitarianised society, nice and free and easy will choose a biosphere, another planet with life on it, which also has a free and easy tolerant political structure. A totalitarian political structure will obviously choose an extra-terrestrial society sympathetic to it, you see. The most serious thing is that the American military were then warned that the worst alien race to have anything to do with is the Zeta Reticulans, what we are now calling the greys, because they are manipulative when invited into other societies' social systems, they are basically the most treacherously behaving, and manipulate towards a situation of control of other societies, more or less stealing other biospheres. Interbiospheric law is such that they can, if they achieve sufficiently clever manipulation, reach a position where that law treats them as having rightfully taken control of that (alien in respect of them) biosphere. Interbiospheric law further states that once you have invited a particular alien race in to visit you, because of the act of invitation the host biosphere has considerably reduced its right to call in the interbiospheric cops, which actually do exist and have phenomenal resources of power.

The Americans who'd muscled themselves in on this (the 1947 Roswell) situation demanded more data about the greys, for reasons of extreme-right wing Americans in the U.S. military choosing supportively of the American capitalist system, they went right ahead and chose the greys, the Zeta Reticulans, to interact with, despite the warnings, hopeful of developing technology for, presumably, American society, or at least American military. Over the decades since 1947 this treacherousness of behaviour predicted by the second-captured alien life-form became more and more evident as Stealth technology repeatedly failed. The word Stealth conveys supposedly alien-assisted technology. Then when a Stealth fighter crashed in December 1980 or thereabouts the Bentwaters thing happened."

My response to this personally was, that I was still at this point unwilling to accept that aliens had even got here at all let alone swallow that. It is very difficult to believe there is a covered up crash of a Stealth plane in Suffolk let alone ufo crash cover-ups. I've been to Suffolk & Norfolk quite a few times in the past several years and these locals remember nothing of that, which doesn't mean it didn't happen, it just seemed unlikely. Let this fellow waffle on..........

"Further under interbiospheric law the secret societies have learned that, if they wish to interact with biospheres politically sympathetic to their belief in totalitarian control, they must politically dominate Earth's society. As long as "the left" doesn't know about this, the extreme right know the ultimate prize for political domination of this planet is further links with extra-terrestrial societies, sympathetic to them, increasing their power and distancing them from their own species' desires for retribution."

So basically the whole thing of ufo cover-up can be seen generally as swindling the rest of humanity out of control of its own planet, by traitor humans colluding with the Zeta Reticulans, this whole process suggesting an implicit obviousness that the Zeta Reticulans will then turn on the traitor humans with considerable ease.

Maybe there are other things Pablo said, that's the gist of it.

"Interbiospheric law also involves consent by the host species that they may be present within that astronomical territory, and the way the greys get round that is by remotely manipulating the humans who are standing watching their craft, such that the human will a feeling of granting consent that they be here."

My critical response to that is, if the aliens don't do the manipulation job on millions of consciousnesses, who is watching to see if that consent has or has not been given? How do they know? Constant now to now beneficent overseeing is difficult to believe.

A lady in Edinburgh did in particular remark upon the sensation of consenting that they be here, who for several nights watched ufos execute fantastic aeriel manoeuvres over Edinburgh's Blackford Hill during 1994. Blackford Hill has stationed upon it the Royal Observatory, the ufos appeared approx. 2 a.m. each night for a good few nights.

More on interbiospheric law.......through my reseach there was some development on Pablo's data......there are evolutionary levels the aliens acknowledge, "4th density, 5th density & 6th density". The evolutionary level above humans, who are 3rd density, is 4th density, and it is this density which is more problematic, it is more likely to retain some animal basic aggression than 5th and 6th density alien beings, 4th density beings like the greys, the Zeta Reticulans, are more likely to treat us as more like cattle and claim the right to treat us as cattle via representatives in the interbiospheric courts. The Zeta Reticulans fight for the right to treat us like cattle.The zetas cannot evolve to 5th and 6th density evolutionary status because of the hindering nature of their split-brain structure, the two cerebral hemispheres, right and left, are fully separated from each other, with no apparent connection. They will probably only ever exhibit 4th density evolutionary phenomena, which is what we see visibly as walking through walls as if solid matter is not there. When abductees see aliens coming through the walls it is that this event is happening much as they are claiming it is happening - the aliens are politically symbolising their right to herd us, corral us, brand/implant us - alien ghosting has a political function, and while they ghost in for implantations, on grey business, grey representatives are in interbiospheric courts interpellating for the sake of the right to consume us - to float around in our acclimatising blood, further inuring themselves to earth's habitat via our glands. If humans were to interpellate on their own behalf they would need to have at least evolved to 4th density cerebral capability, and as you'll realise right now, look at whatever wall is in front of you, set yourself the task of ghosting through it to appear on the other side, and your human image of that conveys where we all are on the evolutionary scale. It will seem utterly impossible to surely all of us. The 5th & 6th densities, less frequently occurring proportionally amongst the seventy or so interacting species of the three politically accepted densities, much as intellectuals are in lower proportion amongst us humans, nevertheless the 5th and 6th densities play a mitigatory role in terms of grey severity. Pointed out in our defence by the 5th and 6th densities is that the human brain does not have the limitingness of grey split-brain cerebral structure, the humans are evolving and can reach even 6th density beingness, a feeling of pervading all time and space - and because of the lower number of species reaching this evolutionary level, it shall eventually be good to have another species interacting with them. At the same time there is a gut feeling in this writer's mind that hybridisation between aliens and humans is an effort to accelerate this process in order to achieve as early as possible a human right for human interpellation in the interbiospheric courts. It is a most serious political process.

Because of the American military attempting fruitful liaison with the species we were warned not to by a previously captured alien species (which in my opinion happened through treacherous fascist manipulation of Guglielmo Marconi's interbiospheric interaction out on his boat Elettra in 1921), but still within the year 1947, we know most about the anatomy of the Zeta Reticulans, from a binary star system approximately 37 light years away from us. For evidence of the split-brain form, the outward manifestation of which is a mid-cranial bone ridge, look at Jorge Martin's magazine, Evidencia OVNI issue 4, which has photographs of an "alienigena" which appears to possess such an aspect in the headform.

The grey has three venous tracts, venous being necessarily provisional, venous tract one being functional in the transport of nutrients from the surface of its skin, largely seeming to absorb these nutrients from a surrounding matrix one has to presume is liquid, an aquatic evolution is suggested by both the means of nutrification and the webbing between its fingers (which you'll see in the drawing by Bill English, not a photographed aspect, which is in Matrix II). A crystalline structure on the left-hand side of the brain facilitates telepathic interaction amongst them. The claw and the claims of witnesses aghast at the sight of alien creatures bobbing around in vats containing mixtures of bovine and human blood suggests to one's mind an image of early grey life upon its home planet, by means of liquid, able to immerse itself away from the heat of the Zeta Reticulan binary sun solar system, and immersed with many other life-forms, one imagines the grey sensing movement, swims, nears, lashes out with its claw, gashes the (presumably) lower life-form, this spews gunge into a strange sea, the grey then swimming into the expelled viscous masses, countless times in its life. An objection of mine to Pablo was I couldn't believe the greys, I couldn't believe an evolved species could be all that agressive, which probably just tells people about me. Pablo could only say, well my sources are good and I have been told they are agressive. Later on, deliberately associating myself with abductees, ufologists and the like, I heard about an abductee who was claimed to (under hypnotic regression) remember seeing two aliens of a "grey"-type description fighting in a vat filled with some kind of fluid. They came out looking battered, bruised by each other as they had violently competed against each other to nutrify themselves. Confronting the abductee in a waking state, Garry Wood said, naw, he never saw any fightin', he did only see them coming out looking battered, as if they'd had a fight. He is positive he never saw any fight. Nevertheless Garry's experience does sound like further cause to to take Pablo's claims seriously, and by then many other people's contributions too, though so many do not wish to be named.

Venous tract II carries a substance much like blood to us, lastly venous tract III carries waste matter back to the surface of the skin, at which point the grey truly stinks, the smell is awful, and one realises the need at this point for this being to be swimming around. Look for the story in Timothy Good's "Alien Liaison" where the grey exudes repulsive stinking gunge as Eisenhower is standing talking to it.

Earlier on it was stated that there are two supportive anecdotes of Pablo's claims. Meanwhile it was necessary to the 1947 ufo interbiospheric interaction by the U.S. military to eliminate Einstein, we might presume. Somewhat corrupt sounding.

The anecdotes. Driving along with Geoff Gilbertson at the wheel, author of "The Dark Gods" which had found cult favour during the early 1980s, Jean-Jacques Burnel of the Stranglers rock group in particular enthusing about this carefully written book and giving it a little bit of publicity, driving towards Yeovil with Geoff at the wheel in 1993, he started telling me that he had been a journalist for the New Musical Express in the mid-1980s, "..........and I watched the whole process of the NME being taken over by the American CIA. The took over the Melody Maker as well." Geoff went into detail about that which is difficult to recall, because immediately my memory was recalling what Pablo had said about Scientology. Possibly Geoff himself would like to comment on that via the Internet, maybe onto this web-site.

2nd anecdote. Tony Dodd who was speaking at Quest UFO Group's first London conference in 1995, during summer, was someone whom I managed to catch some time with between talks. Tony began saying he did not believe there had been a ufo or alien related encounter at USAF Bentwaters late in 1980, due to his very confidentially being told of photographs of a crashed Stealth fighter aircraft, which had crashed around the time of the reputed incident. The photographs are kept under very high security, according to Tony, they're kept on the top floor of a particular building, and man it is absolutely top secret, those photographs.

I countered this by saying that doesn't necessarily mean extra-terrestrials aren't involved, in fact every time people find out that a crash or an explosion in the sky was an advanced military craft, then dismiss the alien craft possibility, they just simply don't know the possible scenario. Mind you, ssssneaky dangerous aliens deliberately sssscrewing up the innards is a difficult one to conjecture let alone the question of alien contact to any extent at all. Wasn't there quite a recent one where the advanced craft was carted into Boscombe Down, there was a little flurry of excitement that it might be alien, outsiders in respect of the military found it was something like Aurora or something and decided "Oh, no, nothing to do with aliens yet again." Not necessarily true, and one might consider where there is definitely a heavier atmosphere emitted by the personnel, drawing locals' attention to something more than normal, it could be the sheer seriousness of the military disappointment in extra-terrestrial assistance that results in these vibes.

There is a sort of half-supportive anecdote, some readers may opine it is more supportive than the previous two, while I consider it less, but there's no metal or alien flesh one is going to get one's hands on arising from this.

One of the acquaintances of Pablo's I shall call Santiago: Santiago had been such an highly placed MI5 agent he knew what it was like to be shouted at by Margaret Thatcher, and was a MI5 agent until approximately 1984 when he left to marry a woman in....some other part of this planet. I did learn quite a few things from him, his statements could seem more bizarre than anything stated here so far, but suffice to say I'd repeated the aforemenschened events near Roswell with Santiago present a few times, knowing he saw my account as roughly the way things had happened, he wouldn't say exactly the same things but he thought I'd grasped the fundamental nature of what was going on. So basically I knew this version from Pablo had the rough agreement of a formerly very highly placed person indeed.

The former MI5 agent had many contacts, he gave an impression of knowing what had happened in terms of ufo alien craft capture in Britain, expressing only opinions regarding Roswell and the, for example, Kalahari crash. He didn't know these had happened, his opinion was that they were alien craft captures, what he did know was, you know that thing in Yorkshire a couple of months ago.....

"You mean the ufo crash in Cleveland, causing a mile long gash in the countryside? That was one large one and two small ones with aliens scurrying into the bushes."

"Well, I do know that happened. I can't really say much about why I know that happened but I do know that did."

"Quest would love to hear that. Everyone was treating them as overcredulous, and running the ufo group down, for believing a big ufo alien capture had happened so near to them while they were away in Iceland."

"Well I can only say I do know that happened. I can't say anymore about why but it did." Ironically Quest UFO Group had been over in Iceland holding a conference arising from the sensitivity of Tony Dodd's findings relating to an advanced Stealth sea-craft being sunk by aliens in the Denmark Strait. I've wondered occasionally whether they may have been drawn over there with the British military having some awareness of what was about to happen.

When on the 23rd of September 1996 on farmland in Fife sixteen triangular craft disgorged approximately one hundred occupants each, with several twenty foot tall beings maintaining a guard-like presence amongst them, the former MI5 agent was saying "A definite biggy that one." He was bringing it up without me having mentioned it, and of course, I went through what we thought had actually happened, myself, Malcolm Robinson, and Sharron Coull as the three main confidantes basically. What happened on that single night would fill a book all on its own, but I'm sticking to conveying the secret knowledge of the MI5 agent at the moment, that impression of him knowing what had taken place in Britain. And no certainty outside of Britain.

So that's it. The knowledge in my head would fill a few books. I've got quite a lot of writing already done over many years, but the revolutionary nature of the web means more people will read this than anything else written by me.


David Moncoeur is the person responsible for this web-site. The most optimistic thing said about me was at my birth, when doctors told my mother they could tell by the shape of this baby's head he should be something big like Beethoven or something, they'd be interested in knowing if this boy is precocious, expressing an interest in my 6th digit on the left hand, which they decided to remove. It is this moment of my life I have most suspicions about, someone decided to implant me then, when implant theorising my assertion has always been wholly human responsibility. I had very little academic success whatsoever, and sufficient weird phenomena discussed with psychiatrists resulted in them putting me on brain-distorting, sinistrorting, substances and was under their "care" for almost five years from the age of twenty. Not quite what the doctors thought they had at my birth.It was a very good stroke of luck to get work with the railways in 1980, the ability to travel considerably increased contacts while investigating government secrecy. For a long time my consciousness made "OPEN VERDICT" an implicit high probability - certain bastards are no way gonna show you their thoughts, and if it can happen technologically they'll kill over the fact.

One of the biggest political decisions you can make is to throw out your television. The internet is big, there's no doubt about that - politically. The fascists who hate the political event of the internet are going to play up pornography and paedophilia as reasons for generating Huge Bother monitoring, the real intent to prevent this type of web-site going up. Some politicians whom you may know as militant about preserving "public decency" have secret vicious intentions - sexual supressiveness is seen as smashing your innocent minds. Sheep's Clothing Politics is - Attacking Alternative Medicine, much as the secret fascist Blair is doing right now undemocratically sneaking through a smashing of the Alternative thing.

Sexual Supression, which I include because fascists have told me to my face they manipulate Mary Whitehouse into writing letters to TV, which as you'll realise they have a high level of control of.

Pesticides. The American government wants a world-wide ban on farms that do not use pesticide and that make raw milk cheese.

AIDS. This was developed in Porton Down Reseach Laboratories, tested in Africa, when the American CIA were impressed they disseminated the virus in America, then back to Britain where it was militarily developed originally, then they attacked the sexually liberal European structures with Brutish squads sspreading it there....falsely rationalising sexual constraint. You'll see they have a pretty big thing of keeping that up, they're much bigger about it than you think. Meanwhile its, the AIDS virus's bovine genetic determinism means that if you avoid all dairy food you considerably weaken and inhibit the viral mutation process.And go back to screwing around, which freedom they're vicious about.

Sheep's clothing - anti-raw milk cheese. Sheep's clothing - sneaks in laws booting herbs off the shop shelf. Sheep's clothing - keep your pants on on the beach.

The common factor is means which make them sound good, the intent really evil. Rooker,in my opinion, is a definite secret fascist, the anti-B6 slime in Britain. They failed with that, so just don't tell them about the imminent trouble for your choice of herbs.

That's enough from me, David Moncoeur.

Email: davemoncoeur@yahoo.com