Mullholland Drive

by DB

Last night, as a break, we watched the David Lynch film, Mulholland Drive.
It took forever, cuz were constantly stopped it and chatted it up, to
discuss the realities in the movie vs real life. For us, they are one and
the same.

Lynch tells it. That's the point. Get it out there and in your face.

He masterfully reveals how the mob, black magicians, reptilian entities, and
demonic entities actually control the biz. He shows the links, how they
work, and the deals every protagonist (there are several) has to make to
succeed, and the consequences of same. WHich, in every case, is the death of
ALL the protagonists, with the resultant loss of their soul to the Unholy

It's a Eyes Wide Shut on the film biz.


I LOVE making films. I LOVE making music. I LOVE making LOVE. Many CDs,
films, books, as the boss. Carni atmosphere is right, if you have the right

This is better. And a better group of people - mainly - no egos here, which
is cool.

So...in the film, the actress the dracs want in to be the next thing, has
the name Camilla Rhodes.

The link to R. Rhodes was interesting.

Dave is into all that darkside sh*t, ya know. Just FYI.

There are tons of clues in the film - paintings, dates, actress and the
period of the movie linking to Crowley, Rhodes, tons - see what you can


These films are wonderful, in the sense of helping others understand the
magnitude of global evil. The rule of Evil Must Be In Your Face and It Must
Be Given Permission By The Human to have any power in any level of reality,
combine with these "teaching" films to allow doorways into the dark side
that otherwise, wouldn't be open.

Every one has always known that the mob, military, and the machine run
things in this country; and most of the world. When they say you will never
work in this town again, brother, I'm here to tell you its no empty threat.
Personal Experience.


Kubrick and Lynch both are two sides of the same insider coin, as it stands
in hollywood of late. Oliver Stone is another appointed "in your face"
director who comes through with the goods. Its all very sad and ugly, but,
again, at least it can be used as a learning tool to better understand how
vanity, ego, pride, self-esteem are valued more higher by those willing to
play the "deal with the devil game," than their own souls and sense of right
and wrong.

Everyone in MD makes the wrong choice for the wrong reasons, and in each
instance, we are treated to the victims at every stage of progression who
have made these deals. Some are murdered. Some become half-alive ghouls
providing for and emitting ectoplasm for the sorcerer to use with
incantation and ritual stage work (where he walks, the vowels intoned at
certain points in the show at club Silencio)

In fact, most of the main occult clues are IN EVERY SINGLE SCENE - bar none.
You have sucubus, incubus, virgin possession for slaughter, the "deal" with
the dark side, the selling of souls for dreams of ego o'er soul, he missed

Like the COD vid, so much still data was dumped in a few frames, because the
point was to watch it for intel to be given out in ways impossible IN ANY
OTHER CONTEXT, BUT a film environment.

The very worst part of it all is, many actors and biz people see this films,
know them to be the truth, and continue down the same road, knowing the foul
and ugly end result that must be, when dancing the dark. There are no happy
endings in hell, Lynch. Don't forget that, Dave.


Another thing, these films - all so very real in context, movement and
tone - are NOT fiction. Word on the street regarding MD, was every scene
actually happened to either Dave or he was aware of it on some level.

Every scene actually happened in Hollywood, at one time or another.

That's why it is a true horror film, in a snuff sense.

Its psychically imbued with the spirit and agony of those tragedies.

Two summers ago, me and a friend who was also a guy I wrote about 35 songs
with in a band we had together at one time, went to Jim Morrison's old digs
in the hills and hung out on his back porch for awhile, soaking in the vibe.

It wasn't pleasant.

These people were into some heavy sh*t.


Well, I'll tell ya...

Go up Beachwood ave from the Blvd just after sunset. You'll pass Pickford's
old place and you'll be driving right through the heart of Old Krotona,
before you reach the stables and corrals. In fact, I drove the doc and Carol
right up into the very stables they were filming, in the heart of Krotona,
last year.

At night, they come out.

You'll be in Jimbo's old grounds, and hundreds of other tragedies of being
lost in Holy Wood.

next tim yer out this way, give it a walking tour.


Spitting Drac: Psy warfare tactics. Instill maximum fear in your
subordinates so their will be no doubt about their control and allegiance.
It worked on everyone but the director. He had to see the true face of power
before he capitulated.


The whole point of the boardroom scene was to show you how the real power
uses F E A R to control. It was a well done scene, IMO. Lynch definately
made his point and then some.

The fierce eyes, the evil eye, the hand signals by the actors - its all
there. Check it out.


The whole movie is a dream Diane is having, right after falling asleep and
getting her blue key from the hit man. That is what starts the movie. Betty,
the various switches of Rita/Camilla morphing into 3 separate actresses, are
dream states. Real time is Diane

hiring the hit man and is observed by the pyschic, seeing Camilla kiss the
director on the set of the Sylvia North Story, the dinner scene, as a
flashback, dumping Camilla, Giving her ex roommate's stuff back, being dead.

The cowboy wakes her up, she loses her mind, as she realizes again, the blue
key left by the hit man is sitting on her table. The judges of the Jitterbug
contest - from which all this transpires, symbolize her descent into hell,
madness, and murder. They finally take on the guilt of her life's quest in
the wrong direction and drive her to suicide.

When the ghoul in club Silencio utters "Silencio, silencio," we know the
deed is done - Diane has taken her own life, now to become a ghoul herself
in the shadow worlds of the lower astral planes and under the domination of
the sorcerers on earth.

The blue key is a mafioso symbol. It's also highly occult, in some circles,
like the Bohemian club and Bavarian Illuminati - P2 lodge comes to mind, as
well. The blue box represents the pandora's box of damnation, when we make
that deal. Diane made all the wrong choices, and in her dream state, pushed
these choices onto other faces (aspects of her own inner self) with other
names. The waitress who served her when she hired the hitman was named

And when you go through that door: deal, murder, the dark arts - the cowboy
is waiting on the other side.


Other great tips in the movie.

Rita Hayworth: Latina who became an american actress and took on a wasp
name. In Di's dream, she reverses this with Camilla.

At the start of the movie, Camilla is already dead.

At the start of the movie, Aunt Ruth is already dead.

THe party and whack take place on 6820 Mullholland Drive. Sierra Bonita
(weird personal note: one of my bud's in college lived on that street, we
played guitar together, and I hung out there for a few years, back in the
early 80's. The whole street is 1920s craftsmen homes, now selling for

The derelict is Diane, in hell/astral/etheric double reality, as she chooses
her path to damnation. The psychic knows this, sees all. He is the
mirror/conscience in her dream, of her ugly choices.

c'mon you guyz...dig deep, this film is full of stuff.


Rita Hayworth also murdered her boyfriend, mob tough guy, Johnny Stompanato,
in the hollywood hills.


More tips:

The Witch comes into Diane's dream - "someone is in trouble" - it's Di - but
what is she wearing? A black ritual robe of a high priestess, of course.
Coco, as grand dame (the real power behind the director, the Illigiani bros,
and hand-maiden to the dwarf/off-worlder.)

Watch what happens in club silencio...Di, as her not-self Betty, her own
personal doppelganger or double, is possessed by the Warlock - he enters her
body. Ectoplasm from the ghoul above fills the theatre, then the magic


ebecca Del Rio sings "crying" and falls dead. Her spirit, already trapped
and over-taken as she reached her spiritual climax in the song (notice how
her rendition moves the audience to tears) also symbolizes Di's pain of
rejection, which is what Rebecca is singing about.

It's Diane's pain and how she handles it, that brings her to this place. She
is now possessed by the Sorcerer. (etheric attachments in place now, from
being at demon central - and boy, are there a lot of these "after-hour"
clubs in LA.) Now, the deomons are in her head FOR REAL, not just from

There are some great talents, pulling up busticated stools in forgotten
clubs at 3 am in Hollywood, wondering as they sing their heart's out..."what
went wrong?"


The dwarf and the henchman. They live in shadow, separated ATMOSPHERICALLY,
from the outside world. They live in a steel and glass box, plugged into the
outside world via survellience technology (coming together? Ahrimaic aspect
of the Beast) and control everything. You can see, that the dwarf isn't
human - look again at the shape of his head...the cheekbones are upside
down, and other oddities.)

His MIB man-servant sits by his side, never leaving, day or night - to do
the master's bidding.

The dwarf's instructions are given, mostly - watch it again - via telepathy,
to one of the satanic/human-collaborators, who himself, is shaking in total

Heads of studios, getting their daily instructions from off-worlder
dwarves...this last statement is the Biggest Occult Key to this whole thing.


Padawan: There are places you can go...in the South, they call it the
crossroads...sometimes its a barstool in Venice...or a club in the
hills...where you can make the personal aquantence with the dark side.

All you have to do is call it forth, aloud. Then, sooner or later in your
life, you'll get that break of your dreams, and at the exact same time,
those very self-same circumstances will be constructed in such a way, that
there is no doubt in your mind that acting on this break or opportunity, is
with making some kind of concession with the dark side. Every time.

And the slide begins...

That would be the downward slide, there.

As Dave Ferrie once pointed out, "I don't know what happened. All i ever
wanted to be was a priest...but that one little flaw, and now I'm all this


This is from the inside cover of the DVD.

David Lynch's 10 Clues to Unlocking This Thriller

1) Pay particular attention in the beginning of the film: at least two clues
are revealed before the credits. Jitterbug contest and lamp.

2)Notice appearances of the red lampshade. It sets the linear timeline.

3)Can you hear the title of the film that Adam Kesher is auditioning
actresses for? Is it mentioned again? The Sylvia North Story (actual person,
an actress who commits suicide.)

4)An accident is a terrible event...notice the location of the accident.
6820 Mulholland Drive.

5)Who gives a key, and why? The hitman, signifying the deed being done.

6)Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup. Yeah, it sets the timeline.

7)What is felt, realized and gathered at the club Silencio? A merging of the
physical and the astral, via the ectoplasm of the ghoul, as it allows the
demonic beings running things at the club, to take souls at the height of
their creative power. Important.

8)Did talent alone help Camilla? No way. Know tons of talents, who just
wouldn't sell out. They're still poor and unknown.

9)Note the occurences surrounding the man behind Winkies. Sets timeline. We
got it already, Dave, about the timeline thing.

10)Where is Aunt Ruth? She's dead, dude. They are ALL dead.


At the club, we see how - and in some way - Rebecca Del Rio is diane, just
another talent in hollwood who didn't make it, but had what it takes to make
it, and ended up singing for demons at 3 am in some shitty nightclub in
someplace around Fairfax and the Blvd. Diane/Betty/Rita/Camilla all see how
the end comes. Death, soul taken, and for what?

And Betty/Diane gets possessed. It hits her at once - this is going to be

And that's exactly what happens.

Now, look again at the ghoul at the end...who is it?


"I remember when it happened," the rock star continued as he lit up another
cigarette. "I was at the Rainbow - you know that place, shit, we hung out
there for years, remember man?"

"Yeah, I remember. Long Island Ice Teas and coke. Yeah...I remember."

"So anyways, I was walking down from Franklin with this chick - a real dense
looker, who was about as smart as a fence post - and I saw it all in front
of me, for six years, it would be mine. I saw like a vision...the record
sales, the celebritism, the women, the drugs, dead friends, that red mist
that sometimes settled over the crowd when we played, now it would be at
every show."

"So, what happened?"

"All I had to do, was to keep walking towards Sunset and the club and the
rest would take care of itself. It would happen."

"And the rest is history."


And for six years, it was. From 1978 to 1984.


The question, as you tie it all up, remains: who is the dwarf tracking and
who does he want killed?

It's obvious, he's the "silent" partner with the power and the control,
using fronts like the mob and hollywood producers to deal with the humans.
When you see baby-sacrificing, mob killers shake in the presence of a dwarf
who rarely speaks or even acknowledges that you are in the room...!

Diane is finally seeing that the picture that drove her to the edge of
resentment to her lover Camilla - and which she pinned all her hopes and
dreams of the Big Break - were always beyond her control. She never had a

But, as we see, she made her own chance...right into hell.


And finally, the cowboy:

A cowboy to Adam...a vampire to someone else - what's your most intimidating
personification of human evil? When a black magician goes to that kind of
trouble to materialize to lay down a rap on you, he/she/it can choose any
form they want. Usually, their last living form, if they could keep the
etheric double from desintegrating since their demise.

You know you done stepped into it one too many times, when the cowboy
appears in your world and lays down the Dark Law.


The dwarf is tracking Diane, the killer of his next "thing" sensation,
Camilla Rhodes. Remember, Diane is seeing all this while dreaming. She sees
the forces at work in her past, present, and eventually, future.

She wakes up and the little old people come in.

The killer she hired, as been hired now, to kill her.

In the end, the satanists got her. She died in old Krotona, in a coven of
witches, with Grand Dame and the Cowboy, ever in the shadows of the day,
taking yet another soul into their hellish reality.


The vortex point where the Cowboy can appear, is the very vortex the doc,
Carol, and I gifted with about 40 orgone devices last December, as I recall.
The stables grounds used to be part of the main grounds of Old Krotona.

See, this thread does have a happy ending, unlike the movie.


Now, which was weirder? The movie or this thread?


"If you do good, you'll see me one more time. If you do bad, you'll see me
two more times."

All the players are there, at the party. This is her grief - she sees the
people, but only after she kills Camilla and sleeps in an agitated state of
despair ("two detectives are looking for you," sez the old room mate.) Plus
the fact, she knows something is terribly wrong. She is losing her mind, due
to the occult forces surrounding her reality at every turn...in Hollywood.

The dinner scene is after Adam has taken the deal, so he sees the cowboy,
one more time. Certainly, my guess, if he were to have blown it, the first
of the two meetings would have been one of telling him what was coming, to
get him in a terrified and panicy state - victims in total fear are a much
better meal, don't you know, for these...creatures. Then, some kind of
bizarre Nicole Simpson death would have done nicely.



Sometimes, as witnessed, the first-time presence of orgone will cause an
immediate rise of Kundilini up the spine. In every case so far, it usually
hits a snag right at the solar plexus, and does some clearing there.

This feels like a tightness and knot in the mid regions of your lumbar -
like a muscle spasm that will cause your back to go out. When this happens,
assist the process, by visualing the energy clearing and cleaning in a
beneficial way. if the pain persists after that - more than ten minutes -
then there is some kind of etheric attachment, as DJ points out rather well,
that needs to be expunged.

Some quick work with a SP or PW will end that problem is short order.


When discussing this film, the question arises, "why do it so non-linear? Is
it a film school thing or what, there?"

Well, yes and no. Every director wants to be known as the new flavor, doing
things diff. Its part creativity, part ego, part chaos.

In Lynch's case, its all about No Sense, Makes Sense - the Manson credo.
Dave is a darksider and anyone else, with all his coke parties and orgies,
would have made the front pages ages ago (witness R Downey Jr.), but not the
protected. He's got protection, can do what he wants...

...for awhile.


Until the cowboy comes for HIM.


The attacks start in childhood. This is so, because the denizens (and those
damn oracles) of the lower mental and astral planes, can easily read the
aura of the life form coming in and determine at which points in their life,
they need to be turned. Drugs, problem relationships, mis-spent energies and
potentials, etc., are all traps laid in advance of the work to be done by
the incoming soul.

Then, later, when your TRUE life's work appears, you may be turned, a bit
ragged, or worn down by the lifetime of assaults.

But, in each case, notice how quickly all those attacks over your life have
now dissolved, resolved, and clear out. And the good work is now going

If you are here, reading this, then you made it out alive, from the planned
or otherwise traps, laid out for you to keep you from being here today and
doing good.


There are some frames in the film, where a hand reaches for a light and the
skin turns green.

Now i have to go to lynch's site and read what he said.