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I am known for having analysed a major anthrax outbreak, which occurred in Rhodesia during its civil war.  I showed that none of the explanations for why it was a "natural" event stood up to scrutiny, and that the epizootic was due to biological warfare. My understanding of the safety of anthrax vaccine and its role in GWS ---Meryl Nass MD

Cdr. Megan Ryan has found that women vaccinated for anthrax during the first trimester have a higher rate of birth defects in offspring than unvaccinated women.  Apparently this research was compelling enough, despite an army study to the contrary, for the FDA in 2002 to change the pregnancy warning on the vaccine label from a C (no data on risk) to a D (data suggests increased risk during pregnancy). However, the data have not yet been published.  Dr. Maria Araneta, also associated with the Naval Health Research Center and University of California, has shown that GW veterans are also likelier than controls to have children with certain birth defects.  My understanding of the safety of anthrax vaccine and its role in GWS ---Meryl Nass MD

Because all the army studies claim to show the vaccine is safe, sometimes in spite of evidence to the contrary, and all were supervised by the same individual, while virtually all the research done elsewhere has found that chronic illnesses are associated with anthrax vaccinations, I have chosen to disregard the army research, which I believe has put the "mission" to
vaccinate soldiers before the science. 


His memo followed publicity about the death of Rachel Lacy, a 22 year old nursing student and army reservist who was called up for duty in Iraq, given five vaccines in one day, including anthrax and smallpox, rapidly became ill, and died 4 weeks later at the Mayo Clinic.  Her autopsy revealed adult respiratory distress syndrome and eosinophilic lymphocytic myocarditis.  Another military case of eosinophilic lymphocytic myocarditis was seen at Mayo Clinic around the same time, also associated with five vaccines including anthrax and smallpox, but the soldier lived to have an endomyocardial biopsy, receive high dose prednisone treatment, and recover.[44] 

    1.. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a joint FDA-CDC undertaking, has collected approximately 3,000 reports from medical professionals and vaccinees regarding adverse events following anthrax vaccination.  The database is limited by lack of follow-up for most of the reports, absence of verification using medical records, the fact that reporting is voluntary, use of cumbersome terminology, and the presumption that reactions are under-reported by a factor of 10 to 100.  I made the following calculation in July 2002, using data supplied to me by FDA, that one in 250 vaccine recipients had had an anthrax VAERS report filed, and FDA noted then that 25% of these VAERS reports were serious.  Subsequently, some of these reactions have been down-coded by FDA and are no longer labeled as serious.  This database needs to be mined.

Several years ago, in conjunction with the Hartford Courant newspaper, I reviewed the first 1660 anthrax vaccine adverse events reports to FDA (found in the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS)), and found that about 160 met the CDC's case definition for GWS.  Most of those reporting had not been to the Gulf. ........The low rate of GWS in French troops, who were unvaccinated, had used prophylactic doxycycline and consumed cleaner, bottled water, needed explanation.  The issue of whether small numbers of French troops who did develop GWS were in liaison positions, and were vaccinated alongside US and UK units, has been raised by the French Ministry of Defense, but to my knowledge has not been resolved. My understanding of the safety of anthrax vaccine and its role in GWS ---Meryl Nass MD

In January 1999 a groundbreaking paper by Unwin and Wesseley et al in The Lancet showed that anthrax vaccine was associated with development of a GWS syndrome, defined by the authors, in both veterans of the Gulf War, and also in a small number of anthrax-vaccinated veterans of the Bosnia conflict.[21]  Because of the large number of veterans studied, and good statistical techniques, this research is very convincing. It furthermore showed that multiple vaccinations were independently associated with development of GWS.