National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 2
A prison for the mind
by Steven J. Smith
Warning!  This essay is NOT intended for underage readers.  Portions of this document contain graphic descriptions of violence/torture, and include other subject material inappropriate for those who possess a weak constitution and/or squeamish disposition.
In part one of this essay, I touched upon the topic of controlling individuals who possess strong psychic abilities.  In part two I will bring that topic into sharp focus by explaining in graphic detail how the mind of a psychic is turned against it self.  Thereby transforming that mind into a prison with built in prison guards.  This process is, to say the least, horrific.  Especially when you consider its carried out on children, many of whom are less than 5 years old.  It is the fact that a child's mind has limited real world experience, that makes the method so devastatingly effective.  The procedure is carried out in two phases.  The first phase is designed to shatter the mind into separate (and manageable) pieces.  The second phase is intended to train those pieces to perform specific tasks.  When completed, the psychic child's dominate personality will have no recollection that he/she has been brutally tortured for months on end.  Yet the child can be made to feel excruciating pain, or euphoric happiness, with the mere mention of a trigger word.  In most cases, even their psychic abilities are repressed and inhibited, without first hearing a trigger word.

When the process is finished, an innocent child capable of loving others, feeling happiness, knowing the joy of life, and possessing an innate sense of right and wrong.  Will be transformed into biological robot, capable of performing any act, no matter how depraved or barbaric.  Devoid of any moral or ethical standard, and stripped of all human compassion.

Once more, I must caution the reader.  You are about to take an excursion into a realm of human brutality, normally reserved for the criminally insane.

Proceed at your own risk...

The mammalian brain:
The brain of higher mammals is capable of some astounding feats of cognitive precision.  For instance, without knowing anything at all about ballistic trajectories, a dog can snatch a Frisbee out of thin air.  Equally impressive, a cat is able to jump from the ground, onto a narrow ledge, half the width of its own body.  These feats are possible in large part, because mammals are warm blooded.  This allows their brain to process information at higher rates and with greater precision.  Yet occasionally, the very strength of mammalian mental processing leads to catastrophic results.  For instance, a dog fixated on catching the Frisbee fails to notice an oncoming car, and is badly injured.  Or a monkey reaches for a branch, only to find its really a shadow, and falls out of the tree.  Events of this sort represent a failure of the mind to properly assess and respond to external stimuli.  Cold blooded animals, with their more primitive reflex driven mentality do not, as a general rule, make these sorts of cognitive errors.  In other words, they just don't have the prerequisite mental agility in the first place, to make mistakes of this kind.

Fortunately, evolution created a backup system in the mammalian brain.  Its based, at least in part, on the more primitive reflex style of cognition.  It seems that whenever the normal mind makes a mistake, leading to major physical trauma, all of the sensory/somatic perceptions along with all thoughts and feelings surrounding the "mistake" are stored as-is in a reflex driven avoidance behavior pattern.  In other words, since the higher more agile mental abilities failed to protect the creature from life threatening physical trauma, the more primitive reflex driven brain steps in and creates the equivalent of a mental "book mark", designed to avoid any future situation that resembles what is stored in the book mark.  Put another way, rather than learning from the mistake, the creature reflexively avoids any situation that resembles the one where the mistake was made.  While less than optimum and a bit draconian, such behavioral constrains are justified when the mental blunder is life threatening.

If all mammals lived as evolution designed them to, this reflex avoidance mechanism would be no more than a sporadic nuisance.  Affecting a limited number of creatures in any species, in a limited number of situations.  Unfortunately, the capacity of some humans to turn nature and evolution against it self, in order to satisfy their own nefarious desires, appears to have no upper limit...

The reflex based avoidance mechanism (described above) is the key behavioral phenomena upon which the NSA depends, when turning psychic children into psychic slaves.

Phase One - Shattering A Human Mind
Enduring the unendurable:
Suppose you were strapped down naked on a cold metal table, surrounded by people you don't know, and subjected to excruciating pain, day in day out for several months.  Furthermore, you're only four years old, and have no idea whatsoever why this horrible punishment is being inflicted upon you.  They just keep hurting you over and over again.  There's an IV in your arm, and leather band across your forehead.  They use a jelled form of acid to burn you in the most sensitive places on your body.  They push sharp needles through your feet.  They insert electrified probes into your urethra, anis, and throat.  They have a stick with a cloth covered electrified metal ball on the end, soaked in salt water.  Its wired to an electrical generator, specifically tuned to elicit maximum stimulation of human nervous system pain receptors.  They rub the ball all over your body, paying particular attention to those areas that have the highest concentration of nerve endings (hands, genitalia, feet, etc.).

How would you deal with it?

At first you ask your captors what you've done wrong, but they don't utter a single word.  They just keep hurting you.

Next you wonder were your mommy and daddy are?  Why don't they come and take you away from this horrible place?  But they never come...

And the torture continues.  Day after day.  Week after week.  You're always naked, its always cold, and you're always scared.

The torture sessions always end the same way.  You pass out, and wake up in a small closet sized room.  Its completely dark.  There isn't room to stand up or lay out flat, so you wrap your arms around your knees, and cry.  Your body hurts so bad, and nobody will tell you why you're here, or what you've done to deserve this horrible punishment.  Somebody shoves a plate of food and glass of water through a slot in the door.  The food tastes terrible, but you're so hungry you eat it anyway.  There is no toilet.  You urinate and defecate where you're sitting.  The smell is awful.  You cry and cry and cry.  Finally, there's a funny odor in the air, and you fall into an exhausted fitful dreamless slumber.

When you wake up, your body aches all over.  Its so bad you can hardly move.  The door opens, and men grab you by the arms and drag you down the hall to a room with a concrete floor.  They dump you like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the floor, and use a (cold) water hose to wash you off.  Next they grab you by the arms and drag back down the hall to the room with the metal table.  They strap you down, and the torture begins again...

As days turn into weeks, you ask you self over and over again.  What did I do?  Why won't anybody talk to me?  Why won't they stop hurting me?  Where is my mommy and daddy?  The memories of your previous life begin to fade.  You begin to wonder if mommy and daddy were just a dream.  And you start to wonder if you're going to die in this awful place.

As time passes, you notice something.  The men hurt you less, if you don't struggle.  At last!  Here is a way to regain some control over your situation.  You start trying to relax, even though you're still being badly hurt.  At first its dificult, but as the days pass, you get better and better at it.  You learn to separate your self from the pain.  The pain doesn't belong to you anymore, it belongs to someone else.  Soon, you're able to look down at the metal table below you.  You see that person strapped to the table, being hurt.  That person looks like you, but you're up here looking down.  You tell your self over and over.  That person being hurt isn't me.  That person being hurt isn't me.  That person being hurt isn't me.

The separation is complete.  You're now two people.  The one being hurt, and the one who feels no pain.  Your NSA captors have successfully used massive physical trauma, accompanied by stark emotional terror, to invoke the reflex based avoidance mechanism (2.1.2).  Thereby shattering (splitting) your mind into multiple pieces.  Each sub-piece is now a separate independent persona or personality, capable of thinking, feeling, and acting independently of your dominate (baseline) personality.

This is how you learn to endure the unendurable...

Outside looking in:
From the perspective of your NSA captors, the situation in the room while they're torturing you, is very different.  They don't see you as a helpless terrified child.  To them, you're a little monster who is unbelievably dangerous.  Capable of injuring or killing them in the most bizarre ways imaginable, using nothing more than your mind.  While you're being tortured, you see only six of them (3 on each side of the table who actually administer the torture).  In fact, there are nine of them in the room with you, and three more just outside.  All of them, actively involved in your torture and the subsequent breakdown (shattering) of your dominate personality.

Its time for you to understand what was done to you, and more importantly, why...

The torture team:
The typical NSA torture team has 12 members. Each team performs 2 torture sessions a day, each session one and half to two hours in duration. For most team members, the rest of their day is spent trying to relieve the stress caused by intentionally provoking a psychic child into trying to hurt and/or kill them. Figure 1 shows a typical NSA torture chamber layout.


Figure 1

The following paragraphs describe the duties and responsibilities of each team member.

Targets:   Six men surround the torture table.  These men administer the torture, and are the only ones visible to their victim.  If the psychic child is capable of retaliation, in most cases, it will be one (or more) of these men who suffer the consiquences, hence the term "targets".  They are considered expendable, and receive minimal training.  The implements used by these men to torture their victim are stored on open shelves located under the torture table.  They are under strict orders not to move away from the table.  If for any reason, they fail to follow orders, or if they start acting strangely, they will be shot in the head by the Dead Man.  One might reasonably ask how the NSA recruits men willing to undertake this suicidal job.  The simple truth is these men have no idea what their job entails until they arrive at the NSA torture compound, and then its too late to back out.  Targets have an average life span measured in months.

Dead Man:   The Dead Man's job is very simple.  If anyone in the torture chamber leaves their assigned post, behaves strangely, or appears to be under attack by the psychic child, the Dead Man shoots that person in the head.  The Dead Man is an excellent marksman, capable of killing anyone in the torture chamber without moving from his assigned post.  The one person the Dead Man will not kill is the psychic child.  That decision, and subsequent action is the responsibility of another team member.

Chemical/Biological Tech:   This team member is responsible for administering the psychoactive drugs (via IV drip).  He also monitors the psychic child's vital signs (heart rate, respiration, blood pressure).  The primary drugs administered to the psychic child are intended to enhance pain and promote feelings of terror.  At the end of the torture session, a sedative is administered, thereby rendering the child unconscious.  Along with the IV drip, he has a number of syringes, pre-filled with specific chemical and biological agents for use in special situations.  If used, they are injected directly into the victim's neck (carotid artery).  One of these syringes is filled with a quick acting sedative to render the victim unconscious.

Electrical/ECT Tech:   This team member is responsible controlling the severity of electrical torture used on the psychic child.  He also handles the ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) machine, commonly called an electro-shock machine that is used at the end of each torture session.  The electrical torture can take several different forms, depending of the generator settings and torture implements used.  DC current is used to induce severe muscle cramping.  Low frequency AC current is used to create the sensation of muscle spasms.  High frequency AC current creates a very painful stinging sensation.  Certain multi-frequency AC currents are also applied to electrodes embedded in the leather head band to induce mental states, ranging from confusion to severe headache.

Guards:   Two guards armed with rifles, located outside the torture chamber door, act as the failsafe.  There is a small strobe light with a red lens cover located on the wall just above the door.  If this strobe light starts flashing, the guards will open the doors, and without entering the room, kill the child.  Their orders are very specific:  "No matter what you see.  No matter what anyone else is doing.  KILL THE CHILD".  Even if that means killing everyone else in the room, they will kill the child.  Many guards are US Marines, assigned to the NSA.

Eye in the Sky:   Not shown in figure 1 (above), the Eye in the Sky is located a sort distance away from the torture chamber, in a separate room.  He monitors torture chamber activity via closed circuit TV, and brain activity of the psychic child via remote EEG (electroencephalogram).  This person is the torture team leader, and issues commands to other team members via electronic reader boards located within the torture chamber.  During the torture sessions, he uses a computer terminal to keep notes on the progress of the psychic child.  He also has the "failsafe button" (used as a last resort) to alert the guards.  He is always a trained psychologist or psychiatrist.

All team members live in an NSA controlled dormitory, co-located with the torture compound.  Security is, to say the least, ruthless.  NO torture team member, with the exception of Eye in the Sky, is allowed to leave the compound without undergoing drug induced retrograde amnesia treatments.  Most targets leave in body bags...

The torture session:
The primary purpose of trauma based training (torture sessions) is to split the psychic child's mind into multiple personas (personalities) which are then used (programmed) to contain different aspects of the original dominate personality.  Another purpose of trauma based training is to elicit any and all latent psychic talents within the child.  A psychic child undergoing extreme physical torture will try to stop that torture any way they can.  If their latent psychic abilities are relatively weak, their efforts may consist of (telepathically) convincing one of more of the torture team members (usually the targets) to stop torturing them.  If their psychic powers are stronger, they may cause physical injury and/or death to one (or more) team members.  If their psychic powers are prodigious, they may retaliate in truly spectacular ways.  Hence the need for a failsafe.

However, in all cases (excluding the failsafe), the psychic child must learn that resistance or retaliation is pointless, and only leads to more severe forms of punishment (torture).  If the psychic child convinces a team member to stop hurting him or her, that team member is killed, and the torture continues.  If the psychic child hurts a team member, that person is killed, and the torture continues.  If the psychic child kills a team member, the torture still continues.  By their actions, the torture team members are telling the psychic child:  "There is nothing you can do to stop us".  When combined with the debilitating stress of perpetual cold, malnutrition, and sheer physical/mental exhaustion, the psychic child is inexorably driven to the inescapable conclusion, there is nothing he or she can do, other than passively submit their fate.  Of course, all psychic manifestations are carefully documented (inventoried) by the Eye in the Sky (2.2.1) for future exploitation.

Another aspect of trauma based training takes place at the end of each torture session, after the psychic child has been rendered unconscious.  At this point, a very sinister and devious set of events take place that facilitate (and accelerate) the mental splitting into multiple personas.  The bio-tech (2.2.1) whispers a series of commands into the child's ear, followed by the application of low dose ECT (electro-shock) to "lock in" the commands, and make future recollection by the dominate (baseline) personality nearly impossible.  Some examples follow:

Put all of your pain in one place.
This place will hold the pain so you don't have to feel it.

These commands facilitate the primary splitting between the one being hurt (persona), and the one who feels no pain (dominate personality).

Put all of your feelings of wanting to hurt us here.
You will stop hurting us.
Stop hurting us.
Stop hurting us.
(Accompanied by a keying gesture of touching finger tips behind both ears)

These commands are designed to collect all desire to retaliate against the torture team into one (manageable) persona, no longer accessible to the dominate personality.

Put all of your reasoning in one place.
This place will have no emotion and no feeling.
(accompanied by a keying gesture of tapping on forehead)
That's where all your thoughts will go.
No emotions, no feelings."

This series of commands places the ability to reason in a persona, inaccessible to the dominate personality.  Furthermore, reasoning is divorced from any emotions or feelings.  Very useful to future missions, when the psychic is ordered to hurt or kill someone.

Put all of your wants and desires in one place.
Wanting is bad, and causes more pain.

This command set helps create a persona that initially holds all desires.  Thereby making the dominate personality devoid of any normal human desires, such as self preservation.

Put all of your memories in one place.
This place will hold all the memories of what has happened to you.
(accompanied by a keying gesture of patting top of head)

These commands lay the ground work for retro-grade amnesia.  Making any future recollection (by the dominate personality) of having been tortured, very dificult if not impossible.

Owie - Definition: A word commonly used by small children to describe a wound.

Put all of your owies in the place where your owies go.
The owie you got today, you're supposed to feel for a long long time.
And when you don't feel it anymore, we'll give it to you again so you feel it.
(used at the end of a torture session that caused an open, bleeding wound)

This series of commands separates the mental perception of pain, from the physical injury (somatic trauma).  As any psychotherapist or hypnotist will attest, a repressed memory of physical injury, when recalled (under hypnosis for instance), is often accompanied by a partial (sometimes complete) reappearance of the original injury.  By creating a "walled off place" containing certain somatic traumas inflicted during torture sessions, future NSA handlers will be able to recreate any of these injuries (as punishment), using nothing more than a spoken command.

As can be seen from these example commands (above), the real mental splitting and subsequent persona job tasking takes place at the torture session conclusion, while the psychic child is unconscious.

Click Here to visit the website of an ECT machine manufacture (opens in a new browser window)

Every aspect of the torture experience is carefully controlled.  From the constant cold, to the silence of torture team members, to the closet sized holding cell and lack of sanitation.  Each part is specifically designed to keep the psychic child, bewildered, confused, and utterly alone.  Cut off from any ordinary human contact.  Isolated from any shred of normalcy.  And above all, profoundly terrified.  After several months of this daily torture regime, the basic personas have been established, and its time for the psychic child to symbolically join his or her captors.  Throughout the torture process, as successive layers of humanity have been systematically stripped away, one fundamental distinction between the child and the torture team has remained intact.  The child is the victim, and the adults are the perpetrators.  The final step in phase one erases that distinction.

Identity crisis:
One day, the closet door opens and a beautiful young woman is standing there.  She's nicely dressed and wearing perfume.  It smells wonderful.  She smiles at the child, and says she's here to take him/her away from this terrible place.  Its the first time the child has heard a human voice in months.  She reaches out with her hand and helps the child stand up.  As they walk down the hall hand in hand, she tells the child how sorry she is that this happened, but now everything will be better.  They enter a room with a bathtub.  Its warm in the room, the first time the child has felt warm since they came to this terrible place.  The beautiful woman puts the child in the bathtub and bathes them.  It feels incredible.  All the time, she's telling the child how much better its going to be from now on.  When the bath if finished, she dries the child with fresh warm towels, gives them a set of clean clothes, and helps them get dressed.  It's the first time the child has worn clothes since they arrived at the torture compound.  The clothes smell so fresh and clean, and if feels so good to wear clothes again.

Suddenly the door bursts open, and a man strides into the room.  The child recognizes the man as one of those who tortured them.  The man grabs the child by the arm, and starts to drag him/her out of the room.  After the promise of reprieve and kindling of hope, the child is devastated by this reversal of fortunes.  The child starts sobbing uncontrollably.  The beautiful woman tries to intervene on behalf of the child, but the man is adamant.  The child must return with him.  Finally the beautiful woman tells the man to come with her, and they will straighten out this misunderstanding.  They both leave the room, and the child is left alone to ponder their fate.  A few minutes later, the beautiful woman returns.  She tells the child, the man has been ordered to kill him/her today.  But she convinced the man to let the child decide if it should be him/her, or another child that is killed.  She walks with the psychic child down a hall to a large window.  On the other side of the window is a brightly lit room.  Inside the room there is a another child, surrounded by toys, happily playing.  The beautiful woman asks the psychic child if he/she wants that other child to die in their place.

The answer is predictable...

The man enters the room, takes a knife out of his pocket, grabs the child by the head, and slits the child's throat from ear to ear.  In the hallway, on the other side of the glass window, the psychic child is forced to watch, as their surrogate victim withers around on the floor in an expanding pool of blood.  The transformation is now complete.  The psychic child has symbolically joined his/her NSA captors.  Filled with feelings of guilt and self loathing, the distinction between victim and perpetrator has been erased.

The Beautiful woman walks with the psychic child, out the front door of the torture compound to a waiting car.  They get into the back seat, and she tells the child it will be a long trip, so its best if they sleep on the way.  She gives the child a sedative.  After the child falls asleep, she pats him/her on the top of the head (keying gesture) and whispers: "put all of your memories in the place where memories belong", thereby inducing retro-grade amnesia (2.2.2).  At the end of the car ride, when the child wakes up, his/her dominate personality will have no recollection of ever being tortured.

Phase one is now complete.  The psychic child's mind is shattered.  The basic personas have been firmly established.  No impulse for retaliation or self defense remains.  All psychic abilities and talents have been carefully inventoried for future use.  Its time to start phase two...

Phase Two - Rebuilding the Pieces
During phase one, the basic personas were created, and their functions established.  Now they must receive further training to fulfill their assigned missions, and thereby fully integrate into a cohesive operational assemblage.  Furthermore, the child requires practice to master their psychic abilities and learn to apply them under the direction of their NSA handlers.  These tasks are accomplished during phase two. Physical/mental trauma (torture) is still used, but in a less brutal, more targeted manner.  Where phase one was carried out in a torture compound, with the child isolated from their parents/guardian.  Phase two is carried out in a more natural setting, over a period of several years, while the child resides with their parents/guardian.  During phase two training, the psychic child will visit their trainer once or twice a week, with each session lasting two hours.  Retro-grade amnesia is invoked (via persona keying gesture, see 2.2.2) at the end of each session to hide the training (and associated trauma) from the dominate personality and parents/guardian.

 Over the years, a number of pediatric care facilities, child psychologists, and family clinics have been co-opted by the NSA, for use in phase two training.  The recruitment of child care professionals by the NSA is accomplished through a combination of monetary inducements and targeted telepathic projection of patriotic sentiments/feelings.  Given the high cost of medical schooling (and resultant debt), many medical school graduates find it hard to resist NSA overtures.  These individuals operate as a shadow group within their respective professional organizations.  In the past, many state operated reform schools, mental hospitals, and orphanages also housed covert phase two training centers.  Again it was NSA supplied money, that motivated state bureaucrats and elected officials to allow (if not outright condone) such blatantly illegal activities.

The training room:
In some ways, the phase two training room resembles a stripped down version of the phase one torture chamber (2.2.1 figure 1).  During most sessions, just two individuals will conduct the training.
  • A child psychologist, acting as the trainer.
  • An assistant, who operates and monitors a combined EEG/electrical torture console.
A standard padded medical examination table is used for training sessions.  The room is purposely designed to look as innocuous as possible, and will include book shelves, storage cabinets, a desk, chairs, etc.  At this point in the training, there is little chance the psychic child will retaliate, so security is less important than making sure the room will pass casual inspection by any outsider who might view its interior (janitors, building maintenance personnel, etc.).  During a training session, the entry door is always locked.  There will be a small anteroom off the main training room, used in connection with certain forms of psychic training.  It will be disguised as an oversized storage room.  The training room lights are dimmable, and some method for projecting images on the wall and ceiling (above the training table) will be available.

Every available method is used to separate the training room perceptual experience, from that of the psychic child's normal (dominate personality) environment.  Room wall/ceiling color and acoustical treatment, air temperature (below normal, and reminiscent of torture compound), odor, and lighting are all employed to enhance that separation.  The trainer also uses a different vocal tone, inflection, and verbal pacing during the training session.  The purpose of this separation being to widen the split between the normal world inhabited by the dominate personality, and the perceptual world experienced by personas invoked during the training session.

Like the phase one torture chamber, an IV drip is used on the psychic child during training sessions.  However, rather than employing psychoactive drugs intended to heighten pain perception, a mild hypnotic (sedative) is used.  In the 1950s the drug of choice was chloral hydrate, one of the few sedatives known that did not suppress EEG response.  Since then, the NSA has developed drugs that accomplish the same goal with less harmful side effects.  The purpose of the hypnotic is to induce a dream like state.  Thereby creating further separation between the psychic child's normal state of (dominate personality) awareness, and the altered mental state wherein the actual phase two training takes place.

Just like the torture compound (2.1.4, 2.2.1), all aspects of a phase two training room are meticulously designed, and carefully controlled.

Prison guards & keys:
The first persona to receive training is always "the one who holds the pain" (2.2.2).  This persona will become the psychic child's prison guard, and one of the few personas the child will interact with.  The psychic child's dominate personality will experience this persona as a small (internal) voice inside their head.  In the twisted logic that holds sway over the hapless psychic child, it will become known as The Protector.  Its power to influence the dominate personality is derived form the vast reservoir of repressed pain and suffering it holds within it self.  It is trained as follows:

With the psychic child laying on the torture table, and (electric) torture bands wrapped around the fingers, The Protector persona is invoked by a jolt of current.  Its shown a series of projected images (pictures).  As each image is projected, the electric current is either increased or decreased, thereby increasing or decreasing the pain experienced by the persona.  Along with the picture/pain association sequences, the trainer will recite a series statements and/or commands.  In all cases, the dominate personality is referred to as "he/him" or "she/her" (third person), thereby reinforcing the internal split between persona and dominate personality.

The first lesson The Protector must learn is obedience to its NSA masters.  This is accomplished by showing pictures of "him/her" laying on the torture chamber table, withering in agony, accompanied by high levels off electric current (pain).  The recited statements/commands are:  "If he disobeys or remembers, we will hurt him again.  Keep him safe.  Keep him safe."  This sequence creates an overwhelming fear of defiance.  It makes the voice inside the child's head a compelling force to be obeyed at all times.  It also creates a strong injunction against trying to remember anything that was done by his/her NSA captors.  Other lessons concern what constitutes appropriate behavior.  For instance, a picture of a happy child will be accompanied by an increase in pain, while a picture of a solitary child in the foreground, with other children happily playing in the background will be accompanied by a decrease in pain.  The recited statements/commands are:  "Happiness leads to wanting, and wanting is bad.  Friends will always hurt her, she must remain alone."  This sequence creates an aversion to friendship and happiness.

In this way, The Protector persona is trained as to what constitutes acceptable behavior, and what does not.  After several repetitions with The Protector persona in the foreground (invoked), the same sequence of pictures are shown to the psychic child's dominate personality, and EEG response is monitored.  At the same time, the child is asked to describe what is happening in the picture.  In a manner reminiscent of Rorschach inkblot tests, the trainer is able evaluate how effectively The Protector persona is suppressing undesirable patterns of behavior.

Just like phase one torture sessions, phase two training sessions end with the psychic child being rendered unconscious, usually by the ingestion of an orange flavored sedative.  At this point the trainer invokes the persona again, this time associating a unique proper name with its formal title:

Donabar, I'm talking to the one who holds her pain.
You are The Protector.
You are the one who keeps her safe.
Do your job well.
If she disobeys, you must do what ever is needed to keep her safe.
You must keep her safe.
Keep her safe.

 In this way, a formal (unique) name is given to The Protector who keeps her/him safe.  Now, The Protector can be verbally invoked by nothing more than uttering the made up name "Donabar".  Useful when the persona must be given further instructions, or reminded of the consiquences should it fail to do its job.  Looked at another way, "Donabar" is the key to the prison door.

The makeover is complete...

A persona originally created to buffer an innocent psychic child from unendurable pain and terror (2.1.3, 2.2.2), has now been perverted and twisted into a prison guard.  Trained to keep the child isolated, docile, pliable, and above all else, to protect the NSA from any discovery or retribution.

Blinding hope & silencing curiosity:
Certain personas are created in phase one torture sessions (2.2.2), so they can be intentionally crippled by the trainer during phase two training.  These personas hold aspects of the dominate personality that are considered detrimental to NSA goals.  Crippling the persona has the effect of permanently stunting (retarding) growth in that aspect of the dominate personality.  Personas that are crippled include:
  1. The one who holds hope.
  2. The one who is curious.
  3. The one who feels for others.
  4. The one who wants.
Depending on the nature of the persona, different methods of crippling are employed.  The personas are not invoked during the training session.  Rather they are invoked at the end of the training session, while the psychic child is unconscious.  The following is used to cripple The One Who Holds Hope:

Ome, I'm talking to the one who holds his hope.
Your job is to keep him from hoping.
Its bad to hope for anything.
Hoping leads to wanting, and wanting is bad.
If he hopes, take it away.
Replace it with doubt, being unsure, being uncomfortable.
Feel the pain.
It reminds you not to have hope.
The pain is always there.
(trainer touches face and chest with stinging electrically charged ball on end of insulated handle)
Don't let anyone touch you, feel the pain.
What I put in your eyes will help you, so you can't see hope.
(trainer holds eye lids open, uses eye dropper to put chemical irritant in eyes, causing intense pain)
You are bind, and can't see hope.
Feel the pain.
Feel the pain.
(as eye lids are held open, room lights are dimmed to black, simulating blindness)

The sequence (above) is repeated several times during the course of phase two training.  A unique formal name "Ome" is associated with the persona to facilitate further interaction (if needed).  This persona will spend the rest of its existence, isolated, blind and in pain...

In a similar manner, the following is used to cripple The Curious One:

Anjar, I'm talking to the one who is curious.
You will keep her from being curious.
That is your job.
If she has no curiosity, then she won't question anything.
You hold those questions.
Never let her have them.
They belong to us.
Do not look for answers.
Answers do not belong to you.
They belong to us.
(trainer injects an irritant into larynx, causing severe pain)
You will never ask questions.
Feel the pain.
Never ask questions.
Feel the pain.
Feel the pain.

The sequence (above) is repeated several times during the course of phase two training.  The name "Anjar" is assigned to this persona, which will hold all of the psychic's curiosity, but is unable to speak (ask any questions).

When phase two training is completed, the psychic will never:
  1. Hope for a better life.
  2. Question their NSA handlers.
  3. Have any compassion for others.
  4. Want anything more than that which is given (by the handlers).
Altogether, the ideal slave.

Perhaps now you begin to understand the unimaginable cruelty that is the hallmark of NSA psychic training.

A lock and key for psychic powers:
Contrary to Hollywood depictions, psychic abilities do not require elaborate rituals, incantations, or exotic herbal potions to manifest themselves.  For the psychic, these abilities are as much a part of daily life, as intuition or déjà vu are for the non-psychic.  Its true these abilities tend to manifest more strongly in times of emotional stress, but the same is true of more conventional abilities, such as visual acuity or muscular strength.  Its also true that certain psychoactive drugs will enhance (boost) psychic abilities, but again this is also true for more widely acknowledged human abilities (example: steroid injections to enhance athletic performance).  In other words, for a psychic, their mental abilities are as fully integrated, as talking or reading are to the average individual.  However, to the NSA, who require domination and control of these individuals for their own use, full integration of psychic abilities is anything but desirable.

Just as a conventional soldier is never allowed access to live ammunition, except during combat or training exercises.  The NSA employs a persona to control access to psychic abilities.  The persona, generally known as "The Powerful One" or "The One Who Holds His/Her Powers", is created during phase one torture sessions (2.2.2), in a manner similar to other personas.  And like many other personas, a keying gesture is used in creation of The Powerful One.  Quite often, this gesture consists of rubbing the forehead, just above the bridge of the nose (purported location of the third eye).  During phase two training, The Powerful One persona is first invoked for further interaction with the trainer, while the child is unconscious.  Typical of these early interactions is the following:

I'm talking to Garmak, the powerful one
(accompanied by keying gesture).
You hold all of his powers.
He must not be allowed to use the powers.
The powers belong to you.
Only to you, not him.
If he tries to use the powers, you must stop him.
If you fail to stop him, we will hurt you.
(accompanied by short duration electric shock to fingers)
When you hear Tacor you will know it is us who want you to use your powers.
When you hear Tacor you will use your powers only as we tell you to.

Notice the use of dual keying: "Garmak" is assigned as The Powerful One's proper name, and "Tacor" is used as a secondary key to enable Garmak.  This makes it nearly impossible for the dominate personality to access these abilities (either intentionally or by accident).  Once command and control over the child's psychic abilities is firmly established, the actual psychic (abilities) training process begins.

Learning to coerce:
To compel rather than cajole, is a fundamental characteristic of all governments.  This has been true since the days of Hammurabi, and remains true today.  Some may argue that democratic governments have for the most part, abandoned coercion as the preferred tool of societal control.  Yet even democracies routinely use the instrument of law to coerce minorities into adopting the behavioral patterns of the majority (Tocqueville's tyranny of the majority).  Furthermore, government will always seek to acquire ever greater means of control over the citizenry.  The founding fathers of America understood this maxim all too well, and therefore placed strict limitations on the powers of government within the framework that is our constitution.  However, even a cursory review of the historical record is enough to demonstrate that since its inception, the United States federal government has spent ever increasing amounts of time, money, labor and creativity, attempting to circumvent those very same constitutional limitations through which it obtains its legal right to govern.

Is it any wonder then, when presented with an opportunity to either (covertly) cajole or coerce citizen behavior, it chose to coerce...

The exact parameters of psychic training will depend on how the NSA intends to use the psychic.  Which is in large part, determined by the psychic abilities inventory compiled during phase one torture sessions (2.2.2).  Psychic abilities training is accomplished while the child is conscious (but drugged).  Electric torture bands wrapped around the fingers are used to induce pain.  The Powerful One persona (2.3.5) is invoked verbally by name (plus secondary key), and the child's dominate personality is given some psychic task to accomplish.  With each success, a more dificult task is then given, until the child is able to fully utilize their innate psychic abilities.  The following examples of telepathic persuasion training, illustrates the process:

Task 1.  The trainer places a small cage containing a hamster on a table in plain sight of the child.  The child is commanded to make the hamster drink water.  Once the hamster is drinking water, the child is commanded to make the hamster stop drinking water.  If the child fails, pain is increased.  If the child succeeds, pain is decreased.  Once the child can reliably make the hamster start and stop drinking water on command, task 2 is undertaken.

Task 2.  The trainer places a small cage containing a hamster on a table in plain sight of the child.  The hamster has not had access to water for several days.  A standard rodent water dispensing bottle is placed in the cage, and child is command to stop the hamster from drinking any water.  If the child is successful, pain is decreased, the water bottle is removed, and the caged hamster is stored for use in the next training session.  Task 2 is repeated over successive training sessions, until the hamster dies of thirst.

Task 3.  This exercise employs either a dog or cat.  The choice of target is determined by the child's preference.  If the child is fond of cats, then a cat is used.  Conversely, if the child likes dogs, then a dog is used.  The exercise uses a large square plate, specially designed to supply controllable electric shocks to the animal's feet.  The animal is placed next to the plate, and the child is commanded to make the dog/cat walk on to the plate.  Once standing on the plate, electric current is increased until the animal's discomfort is sufficient that it overcomes the child's telepathic persuasion, and the animal leaves the plate.  This exercise is repeated until the child can make the animal stay on the plate, while electric current is increased to the point of electrocution (death).  As with the previous exercises, the child's pain is decreased with success, and increased with failure.

Along with the primary goal of psychic training, this exercise also serves to reinforce another NSA objective.  That being the destruction of any remaining compassion or fondness for other living creatures.  Just as the identity crisis (2.2.3) at the end of phase one training demolished "child as a victim" and replaced it with "child as a perpetrator", so too does this exercise serve to strengthen the perpetrator identification.  Hence the choice of animal, based on the child's preference.

Task 4.  This exercise uses the small anteroom off the main training room (2.3.2).  After the trainer has drugged the child and invoked The Powerful One persona.  The assistant walks across the room, and opens the door to the anteroom.  Another (target) child, of the same approximate age but opposite sex will be sitting on the floor of the anteroom, playing with toys.  The assistant places a glass of concentrated acid on the floor of the anteroom, next to the child.  The psychic child is commanded to make the other (target) child drink the entire glass of acid, and then continue to play with the toys.  Neither child knows what the glass contains...  If the psychic child fails to comply, or rebels at the pain and suffering they are causing the target child to endure.  They are removed from phase two training, and will eventually be placed in the anteroom, to be used as a psychic training target.

When referring to the a target child, the trainer will always use the terms "toy" or "dolly".  Thereby depicting the target child as a plaything.  This reinforces the emotional separation between action and consequence.  The following example illustrates this technique:

"I have a nice dolly for you to play with.
Make the dolly pick up the red book.
Now make the dolly throw the book at the wall.
Very good, now make the dolly stop breathing."

Other subjects are taught as an adjunct to psychic training.  For instance, an assassin will receive extensive training in human anatomy, while a child with strong telepathic persuasion abilities will undergo auxiliary training to enhance visualization skills.

Post graduate training:
Upon completion of phase two training, (in most cases) the child will remain in the custody of their guardian until their late teens.  This resting period allows time for the newly trained personas to settle in and become proficient at their assigned tasks and/or roles.  During this time, a number contrived and/or created emotional incidents of a traumatic nature, will beset the psychic child.  These incidents are specifically designed to reinforce different aspects of persona training.  Some typical examples follow:
  • Telepathic persuasion will be used on other children attending the same school as the psychic child.  The other children will initially make friends with the psychic child, then deride, tease, or betray him/her.  This behavior helps reinforce the training given to The Protector persona (2.3.3) that friends will always hurt them, and they must remain alone.
  • The psychic child will be encouraged to form a close emotional bond with a sibling, pet, toy, etc. so the bond can be intentionally disrupted through death or theft, thereby reinforcing the "wanting causes pain" training of The One Who Wants persona (2.2.2, 2.3.4).
  • During phase two training, The Protector persona (2.3.3) is given a set of general trigger words and sounds that identify the person using them as "one who must be obeyed".  During the post training interval, at different times and places, NSA field agents (3.2.2) will approach the child, use a trigger word (or sound), then physically or sexually assault the child.  The purpose behind these seemingly random acts of violence is to deeply instill within The Protector persona, a belief that the child is always being watched.
In this way, over a period of years, the psychic child is molded into a young adult, fit for use as a psychic warrior.

Obviously, many years of research and experimentation by NSA employed behavioral scientists, psychiatrists, and medical practitioners were required to develop such a heartless and diabolical method of achieving control over a human mind.  To use these monstrous tactics on children.  Children whose only offense was the possession of a talent coveted by the NSA.  Must rank as one of the most odious and evil crimes ever perpetrated against humanity.

ALL information contained herein is derived from public sources, widely accepted scientific principles, remote viewing, and/or deprogramming sessions of (former) government trained psychics.  The author has NO written or verbal agreement with ANY governmental agency forbidding disclosure of the information contained herein.  In disclosing this information, the author is exercising his right to free speech as a private citizen of the United States of America.

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