Nephilim Problem

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Lt. Col. SC discusses his experience of seeing many types of aliens in various bases, places, etc. while being employed by the secret-shadow government. He said that when in the presence of aliens in underground bases, his”controllers” instructed all to never mention or say the name of Jesus Christ, as the aliens supposedly get agitated and go ballistic. This is an interview where he confirms what another witness said recently–who claims to have seen Nephilim consuming over 50 human marines. He claims a larger alien invasion is ready to occur, and that the unusual sounds being heard throughout the world is a scriptural revelation of “how even the rocks of the Earth will cry out” for men/people to repent of the evil that is being done here on planet Earth now. I’ve heard that these sounds can also be a type of technology via HAARP.

This is an alarmist radio show interview. Lt Col SC has a firm Christian viewpoint and calls a spade a spade regarding the aliens true motives. He also admits that many Christian churches are misinformed and have been corrupted about the scriptures true meanings. Of course we all know, by their fruits ye shall know them.(ie., aliens, especially the ones who abduct and manipulate our minds and relationships)  Sometimes it takes time to realize this, especially when secrecy and deception are being used regularly by aliens and those who serve them.

Here are two interviews concerning this subject. The first one in Oct. 2011:

At about 52.30-53 minutes into this last interview with Daniel Ott, Lt Col SC talks about how the Nephilim started vampirism on planet Earth. They ARE VAMPIRES.