Illuminati shill

You have to laugh at this especially with Robert Byrd who featured in Trance Formation
In the past three weeks much progress has been made by the White Knights to remove the remaining "evil scum" from planet Earth. During the first week of February, Creator God confronted the entire U.S. Congress with the challenge to return to Love and Light. Only four agreed to do so. They are Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Robert Byrd, Representative Dennis J. Kucinich, and Representative Ron Paul. There were 108 who were spared being uncreated and given a second chance. This means that they will be allowed to again reincarnate into a 3-D lifestream at some point in the future. The remaining 423 congressmen and women chose never to return to Love and Light. These were uncreated and returned to Creator Source. All of the U.S. Congress were removed from planet Earth at that time and replaced with solid holograms, except for the four named above. These solid holograms are being allowed to function until NESARA is announced."

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