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Creepy Nestlé “We Will Find You” Contest Uses Chip to Track “Winner”

[2009 Oct] Grace Mugabe, her 'stolen' farm and how she supplies Zimbawean milk to Nestle food giant

Third World export of babymilk"Use my picture if it will help" said this mother.  The children are twins, the bottle-fed child is a girl who died the day after this photograph was taken by UNICEF in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Her brother was breastfed and thrived.   The mother was incorrectly told she could not breastfeed both children. This horrific picture demonstrates the risk of artificial infant feeding, particularly where water supplies are unsafe.  The expense of formula can lead to parents over-diluting it to make it last longer or using unsuitable milk powders or animal milks.  In all countries breastfeeding provides immunity against infections.  Despite these risks the baby food industry aggressively markets breastmilk substitutes encouraging mothers and health workers to favour artifical infant feeding over breastfeeding.  Such tactics break marketing standards adopted by the World Health Assembly. Nestlé, the world's largest food company, is found to be responsible for more violations than any other company and is the target of an international boycott.

Breastfeeding & Bottle-feeding

World War II -- Brought to You by Nestlé's Candy

Babies Mean Business

Every Parent Should Know The Scandalous History Of Infant Formula

In the 1990’s, Illuminati controlled companies continued their promotion of Disney. For instance, the Nestle family’s Nestle company promotes Disney movies on their chocolate bars. The Nestle family is exposed in this author’s booklet Illuminati Control Over Foods and Grains, p. 4 as one of the elite Black Nobility families.Chapter 5. Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

"I saw mother after mother in the paediatric wards, head in hands, crying beside the cribs where their babies lay, malnourished, dehydrated, sick from Bottle Baby Disease. It doesn't need to happen. A decade ago we knew the truth about irresponsible marketing of infant formula. Allowing the companies to continue these practices is an inexcusable outrage of humanity, if not outright criminality." Janice Mantell, Action for Corporate Accountability (USA)

Nestlé CEO (Bilderberger) Peter Brabeck - GMO Promotor & Water as Human Right = 'extreme'