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The Three Stooges go to Washington: Part 5 Barack Obama: New Revelations, Same Ol' Dirt

by Don Nicoloff
December 18, 2008

Despite the mainstream media's successful campaign to rewrite the biblical books, "Genesis" and "Revelation," President-elect Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama, Jr. has yet to produce a valid Certificate of Live Birth proving he was born in the U.S., a constitutional requirement to run for the nation's highest office.

Obama's ineligibility, based upon undocumented proof of U.S. citizenship, plus his admitted associations with convicted money launderers, drug users/dealers and political terrorists, and his general incapacity to tell the truth about anything remain unreported by the mainstream media.  Either the ensuing dust storm has settled, or it has been sucked into a vortex of "new" revelations. The latter conclusion is likely true.

What you are about to read will certainly shatter the myths surrounding the fictitious character now thought to be America's "Messiah."

Independent research reveals a "birth in Kenya"

Since my publication of "The Three Stooges go to Washington, Parts 1-4" series (The Idaho Observer, April-Sept., 2008), Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of Obama Nation, and Philadelphia attorney Philip J. Berg have revealed new information regarding multiple "Certificates of Live Birth" found in Kenya, Indonesia, and even Vancouver, B.C. However, Obama has still failed to produce a valid certificate from any country, let alone Hawaii.

In October, 2008, Dr. Corsi was detained by Kenyan authorities prior to revealing the news of "Obama's birth in Mombasa, Kenya" in a scheduled press conference. Corsi was warned to "never return to Kenya." Disclosure by this author that Obama had financially supported Raila Odinga's oppressive rise to power is further substantiated by Corsi's detainment experience.

Supporting Dr. Corsi's findings, Berg had filed a lawsuit demanding that Obama produce valid birth documentation, based upon his discovery of a Kenyan Certificate of Live Birth — prior to Corsi's trip to Kenya.

Berg also claims he has an audio recording of Obama's African grandmother, Sarah, who said she also witnessed the Kenyan birth event. The tape was recorded by Bishop Ron McRae, who interviewed Sarah through two interpreters; a grandson and Reverend Kweli Shuhubia. According to Sarah, Stanley Ann Dunham gave birth to Barack Obama, Jr. in Mombasa, Kenya. The October 16, 2008 audio recording is supported by a written transcript on Berg's " http://obamacrimes.com " web site. Thousands of interested parties (including the author) have heard the recording which substantiates Berg's claim.

It is pertinent, though, that Kezia, Obama, Sr.'s first wife (of 3-4 wives in his polygamous marriages), describes a completely different scenario. Kezia's statements in her Mail Online interview now come under further scrutiny, having previously "met Stanley Anne (Dunham) Obama-Soetoro many years later while in London, England." In that same interview, Kezia stated that Barack Obama, Jr.'s first visit to Africa occurred in 1985, in direct conflict with Obama's own autobiographical account. Obama claimed his first visit occurred after the death of his half-brother (who he claims he never met), David Obama in 1987. These new revelations, if true, place Obama's first visit to Kenya on August 4, 1961, the day he was born.

Still, one must discern if the whole event could have been staged by the Republican party, as a last-ditch effort to salvage John Sidney McCain's flailing campaign. Berg is a self-admitted Democrat with dubious ties to the Clintons, which casts a different light on his lawsuit. On all accounts, Berg has publicly stated, both on his web site blog and in YouTube videos, that he is doing this "on behalf of all Americans." If true, that is the honorable thing to do.

Berg's lawsuit dismissed on "constitutional" grounds
Philip Berg's lawsuit against Obama and the Democratic National Committee had recently been dismissed by Judge R. Barclay Surrick, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, on the grounds that there exists no constitutional provision requiring Obama to prove (to Berg or any other American) that he is a U.S. citizen. In short, Berg "has no constitutional standing." The judge's ruling disappointed Berg, who announced he would take his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, bypassing the State Appellate Court in Pennsylvania, due to the rapidly approaching election on November 4, 2008.

There are further allegations that Obama visited Kenya in 1980, 1981, and 1983. An online documentary revealed that Obama, then aged 19, traveled to Kenya (from Indonesia) in 1980. The documentary claimed that Obama changed his Indonesian citizenship to "Kenyan" at that time. Suspiciously, the one-hour video was removed from the Internet in less than 24 hours. It had also focused attention on Obama's numerous Muslim ties, both inside and outside of the U.S., including author and self-admitted communist Frank Marshall Davis, controversial Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi, William Ayres (Weather Underground terrorist group), and Syrian-born Chicago real estate developer, Antoin "Tony" Rezko, who was recently convicted on 16 counts of fraud.

Producing one's Certificate of Live Birth should be an ordinary task for even the most intellectually-challenged mind. The requirement to produce such a document usually accompanies a visa application, a driver's license examination, or even an employment application. Barack Obama ran for the highest office in the land. Why hasn't a valid CoLB not been demanded of him, his campaign committee, the Democratic National Committee, or the Federal Elections Commission?

McCain, Bush set illegal precedent
The answer can be found in the case of Senator John McCain, III, as well as that of former President George H.W. Bush. McCain could not have been "born in Coco Solo Naval Base hospital, Panama Canal Zone," since that hospital did not exist until some seven years after his birth on "August 29, 1936." Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 8981, December 17, 1941, instructed engineers to acquire the property (through lease or purchase) and "begin laying the initial boundaries for the property, before the hospital's construction."

McCain's claim to have been born to a "long line of Americans" is disputed by my research into the merchant marine backgrounds of his "grandfather," John McCann (aka "John Sydney McCain, Sr.") and his "father," Albert McCann (aka "John Sydney McCain, Jr."). There is sufficient evidence that these two McCanns  (who were, instead, more likely to have been brothers) were sired courtesy of Prince Albert Edward of Scotland, who later sat on the British throne as Edward VII.
Senator John Sydney McCain, III was likely a direct product of that royal lineage, supported by numerous accounts of illicit affairs, namely with one Jenny Jerome, who subsequently became Lady Randolph Churchill, mother of Winston Churchill. McCain's father was probably King George V, the younger brother of John McCann. This conclusion has yet to be disputed.

Entering the U.S. illegally circa 1938, the teenage son of Nikola Tesla's assistant/accountant George H. Scherff, Sr. (an illegal immigrant), forged a birth certificate which enabled him to enlist into the U.S. Navy as a citizen of the United States. Former Nazi SS assassin Otto Skorzeny outed George H. Scherff, Jr. (aka George H.W. Bush) in his deathbed confession, shortly before dying on December 31, 1999 at Boynton Beach, FL. The coverup of the Scherffs' identities was masterminded by Adolf Hitler and later aided by former FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover.

Skorzeny also admitted his and Reinhard Gehlen's participation in the murder of scientist/inventor Nikola Tesla on January 6, 1943. Hoover's coverup was intended to protect the Scherffs (aka Bushes) and obfuscate Tesla's murder. The OSS and the FBI were recipients of Tesla's stolen research papers, laboratory notes, patents, and inventions. Anyone doubting the veracity of this story can research Skorzeny's alias, "Edward Frank Pyzyna."

As previously reported (see "Deatbed Confessions, Photos Support Claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr. was the 41st U.S. President," The Idaho Observer), U.S. Navy airman George H.W. Bush became a war hero after ejecting from his plane, sending his navigator and gunner to their premature deaths when their pilotless plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Bush (Scherff, Jr.) was rescued from a rubber raft by an awaiting German submarine which towed the plane to a German cargo ship. He became a "war hero" for his efforts.

Another lawsuit filed
After a second lawsuit filed in Hawaii by journalist Andy Martin, officials declared that Obama's files "were sealed." Why? What secrets are the governor, secretary of health, and the attorney general of Hawaii hiding? Obama has produced a fake certificate (deemed "a horrible forgery" by forensic analysts), so Hawaiian officials could not be hiding that. The "sealing" declaration sounds like yet another Obama ruse intended to dissuade further investigation.

As if the pressure of so much scrutiny became too much for her to bear, Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham became publicly  "ill." "Obama delayed his flight to Honolulu because of my investigative team's presence there," Martin alluded. Martin also stressed (to this author) that  "I don't want to hear what you have to say about Obama's citizenship or other investigative research. I don't want people to accuse me of conspiring with someone else or of having ulterior motives." Evidently, investigating the conspirators becomes, itself, a conspiracy.

This author responded to Martin's comment by asking, "Even if the information leads one to the truth?" Martin remained steadfastly determined not to hear what my research had uncovered, though he was polite in doing so. In retrospect, Madelyn Dunham's "sudden" illness seemed suspicious, as if she were the cause of Obama's sudden trip to Hawaii. The story appeared to be meant for public consumption. Is it mere coincidence that Obama's records were "sealed" at the same time? Reminiscent of CIA tales, Madelyn Dunham suddenly "died of cancer," on November 3, 2008 — the day before the presidential election.

Links to self-professed communists

Dr. Jerome Corsi has also hypothesized that Frank Marshall Davis is likely the real father of Barack Obama, Jr. — not Barack Obama, Sr.. Davis, a self-described "swinger," in his book, “Sex Rebel,” described a 3-day bisexual fling with a couple from Seattle, "Dot and Lloyd." It was surmised (by Corsi) that this couple might actually have been Stanley Armour and Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham, Obama's purported "grandparents."

We know the Dunhams had some kind of relationship with Davis, but was it one of a sexual nature? Possibly, though it likely had more to do with Madelyn's vice-presidential post with the Bank of Hawaii. Madelyn was "one of two female VPs" at the bank.

Could "Dot" have been the other female V.P. at the Bank of Hawaii — Dorothy Yamamoto? This author conducted a search, and to his surprise, located a "Lloyd and Dorothy Yamamoto" from Michigan, then Cleveland, Ohio, where Lloyed graduated from South High School in 1936, before moving to Honolulu, HI. Lloyd was also a chemist (as was another CIA associate of Stanley Armour Dunham in Oklahoma City), which implies that the Yamamotos also worked for the CIA. Lloyd's father, Charles, was a genetic scientist. Sound familiar?

It has yet to be determined if the Yamamotos actually lived in Seattle, though one can deduce, by association, that they likely did. The Dunhams' associations with Boeing in Kansas and Seattle, and Madelyn's vice-presidential role with a "mystery bank" after their "move to Seattle" were preparatory assignments for their roles in Hawaii. It is logical that Dorothy Yamamoto would have received her training along with Madelyn Dunham. So, the odds of "Dot and Lloyd" having been anyone other than associates of the Dunhams are staggering.

Barack Obama's own disclosures in his "Dreams from My Father" autobiography described drug and alcohol use with Davis, his grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, and various unsavory characters who played cards and shared in the aforementioned vices.

Stanley Ann, it has recently been revealed, posed nude for Davis in pornographic photos now circulating the Internet. What is not clear is exactly when those photos were taken. The author has seen three of those photos and considers them too distasteful to include within this research.

Another set of photos, taken in July, 1961 at Waikiki beach during the third trimester of her pregnancy, reveals a not-so-pregnant Stanley Ann Dunham. The photos of a 17-year-old girl in a bathing suit tell a completely different story than the one described in Obama's autobiography. Was Barack, Sr. aware of her modeling endeavors? These revelations paint an entirely different picture of the whole "family," not to mention the ruse of Barack's "Hawaiian birth." No wonder the records have been ordered "sealed."

Obama's "Certificate of Live Birth" contains many anomalies — and one major faux-pas
The document posted on Barack Obama's "Campaign 2008" web site was deemed a fraud and "a horrible forgery" by forensic researchers. Despite its lack of proper signatures, seals, numbers, and other important features, the "Certificate of Live Birth" in question reveals a grave, glaring error. Surprisingly, no one has yet to address this issue until now.

The racial nomenclature of the 1960s did not refer to one's race by denoting skin color. Whites were called "Caucasians," blacks were called "Negroes," orientals were called "Asians," and latinos were called "Hispanics." Blacks born in American were never referred to as "African" by race, yet in the space denoting Barack Obama, Sr.'s race (on Obama, Jr.'s "Certificate of Live Birth"), it clearly reads "Race: African." This single anachronism is akin to a "wristwatch in a Shakespeare play." It is fraudulent and intended to imply that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is an "African-American." The voting public has bought this lie. And so have the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. This single fact is proof that Obama's CofLB is a modern-day forgery — a felony.

Dorothy can still lay claim to Kansas: Stanley Ann Dunham's early education

In "The Wizard of Oz," Dorothy Gale's story begins on a farm in Kansas. After being struck by a window which became unhinged during a tornado, Dorothy finds herself in a strange land -- a mixture of both good and evil. By the end of this epic tale, she discovered "the Wizard" of all illusions, as she chanted, "There's no place like home.... there's no place like home." Dorothy's story sounds suspiciously similar to that of Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama.

As revealed in "The Three Stooges go to Washington, Part 3 and Part 4," (The Idaho Observer), there existed virtually no information about the "Dunham" clan and their whereabouts during most of Stanley Ann Dunham's childhood — until now. Recently, the author discovered the existence of an earlier school education in the state of Oklahoma. Recall that Rolla Payne, the father of Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham, had worked for John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company and managed leases/drilling operations in Oklahoma and internationally. This fact was discovered by tracing Payne's social security number, which had been issued in Oklahoma, not in Kansas.

Why would the Dunhams' presence in Oklahoma have been cause for concern? Why had no one, including Obama, Jr., informed the public of such a fact? There were plenty of opportunities for him to do so in his autobiography (the one now alleged to have been written by author William Ayers of Weather Underground fame). Disclosure of the Dunhams' Oklahoma City background would have obliterated the myth of their "Kansas roots." That feat will be accomplished within the following research.

Stanley Ann Dunham received her kindergarten education at a private school known as "Kindernook," in Warr Acres, OK. Kindernook was run and taught by a "Mrs. Estes," who was related to the founders of Estes Park, Colorado. Stanley Ann attended the school from 1949-51, beginning about three months before her seventh birthday. Was she the "model student" she was purported to be at Mercer Island High School? According to one of her kindergarten and first-grade classmates — "no." This same classmate professed his "love for Stanley Ann" to both parents and to this author. What was his motive for sharing this information? He realised that Stanley Ann Dunham's Oklahoma schooling was a critical, but missing piece of the puzzle pertaining to the Dunhams' post-WWII whereabouts.

Stanley Ann Dunham, age 8                                                                                                                                                     

Pictured above is Putnam City, Oklahoma Elementary School's first grade class during the 1950-51 school year. Though one cannot predict how children will act while having their picture taken, it seems a bit odd that only 10 out of 33 students (less than one-third) were able to muster a smile. Stanley Ann Dunham, age 8, is standing in the back row, the 4th student from the right.

Stanley Ann was determined to become the "teacher's pet" and frequently got into trouble. Occasionally, she was brought to the front of the classroom to be disciplined in the presence of the other students. During a reading of "Bambi," Stanley Ann insisted on seeing the flames that caused Bambi to flee her forest home. "Stanley Ann had a peculiar, insatiable desire to see the fire — and the flames," her former classmate intimated. "She got up from her desk and approached Mrs. Estes, demanding to see the book's illustrations. Mrs. Estes firmly instructed Stanley Ann to sit down, but she refused, still insisting to see the fire. She was made to sit by herself in the corner of the classroom. Looking back, Kindernook was a mind-control school for children."

The classmate continued, "Stanley Ann Duham also attended first grade, beginning in the summer of 1950, at Putnam City Elementary School, located in a suburb of Oklahoma City. I never saw her again, after she completed the first grade in 1951."

Not much more is known about Stanley Ann's subsequent education until she reappeared a few years later at Notre Dame de Jamhour, a Jesuit school in Lebanon. This author determined the scene of that photo session through his own independent investigation. (See "The Three Stooges go to Washington, Part 3," The Idaho Observer).

Stanley Ann Dunham's associate arrested for "terrorist bomb threat"
Another twist in the web of "associates" known to micro-loan/Internet real estate magnate and CIA "spook" (not really deceased) Stanley Ann Dunham (aka "Kelly L. Schippleck," "Kelly L. Allen," "Kelly A. Dunham," etc., etc.), Chet H. Woolley, 36, was arrested by the South Kohala Police Department on October 22, 2002. Woolley, now age "42," had made a bomb threat to a restaurant employee at the Mauna Lani Bay resort. No further information, other than the "media release" (below), was made available.

PHONE: 887-3080
OCTOBER 23, 2002

On Tuesday, October 22, 2002, at about 7:35 p.m., South Kohala Patrol officers responded to the Mauna Lani Bay resort to investigate a reported bomb threat.
Officers confirmed that a suspect identified as Chet H. Woolley (M-36) of a Puako address had entered a restaurant at the hotel and informed an employee that he had a bomb. After leaving the restaurant, he left a small duffel bag in the lobby and ran from the hotel towards the main road. He was apprehended by the employee and hotel security personnel.

Upon arrival of police officers, it was learned that a hotel employee had removed the duffel bag from the lobby to a safe location away from the hotel.

The U.S. Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit determined that no explosive device was located within the bag.

Woolley was arrested on two counts of Terroristic Threatening and held at the Kona police station cellblock. The investigation is being continued by the Kona Criminal Investigations Section.

Stanley Ann Dunham's "Kelly L. Schippleck" alias was first reported in "The Three Stooges go to Washington, Part 3," The Idaho Observer, along with an abbreviated list of other aliases. The above-referenced "Chet Hilburn Woolley" was recently added to her former "Possible Associates" listing as a "Possible Roommates / Associates" entry.

As the author's research continued, he discovered a systematic pattern of identity theft and money-laundering through real estate transactions across the U.S. Have we been told the real truth behind the "$850 billion Bailout?" No. Actually, that amount has secretly risen to $8.5 trillion, though we still hear nothing remotely related to the truth about the banking/brokerage/insurance-holdings/mortgage/real estate company fraud which, by the way, is being blamed on "irresponsible homeowners who are delinquent on their home mortgages." Simply put, the explanation for these massive financial failures centers around "the hypothecation of collateralized public assets" which have been pooled (illegally) into pure trusts (as derivatives and hedge funds), then deposited into (now frozen) offshore accounts. Two such vehicles are called "Asset-backed Securities Trust Pool(s), 2006-HES" and "Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2006-HES."
Below is an basic example of how these assets are documented and tracked online. The reader should note that the names "Schippleck" and "Allen" are aliases for Stanley Ann Dunham. Her "roommate," Chet Hilburn Woolley is likely an intelligence agent involved in the scam. Hundreds of links can be tied to the four examples below, though the total number of such entries is in the millions. The "total value" of the scam likely approaches $667 trillion.

People Search: SCHIPPLECK, KELLY  in  HI
   Subject: SCHIPPLECK, KELLY L, Age: 40
   1 unique address in Rocklin, CA
   6 unique addresses in Honolulu, HI
   1 unique address in Canton, MA
   1 unique address in Valhalla, NY

   Subject: WOOLLEY, CHET HILBURN, Age: 42
   2 unique addresses in Panama City, FL
   5 unique addresses in Honolulu, HI
   2 unique addresses in Kailua Kona, HI
   2 unique addresses in Londonderry, NH
   1 unique address in Cliffside Park, NJ
   1 unique address in Newport, RI
   1 unique address in Corpus Christi, TX
   1 unique address in Waitsfield, VT

   Subject: ALLEN, CHRISTINE, Age: 41
   1 unique address in Ponte Vedra, FL
   1 unique address in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
   1 unique address in Valhalla, NY
   2 unique addresses in Aurora, OH
   2 unique addresses in Northfield, OH
   1 unique address in Homestead, PA
   1 unique address in Munhall, PA
   2 unique addresses in Pittsburgh, PA
   Subject: ALLEN, GRANDISON GREER, Age: 68
   1 unique address in Glendale, AZ
   1 unique address in Mesa, AZ
   1 unique address in Phoenix, AZ
   3 unique addresses in Tempe, AZ
   1 unique address in Kissimmee, FL
   7 unique addresses in Honolulu, HI
   1 unique address in Canton, MA
   1 unique address in Adelphi, MD
   1 unique address in Hyattsville, MD
   4 unique addresses in North Beach, MD

Stanley Armour Dunham's alter-ego: "Mr. Al"
Stanley Armour and Madelyn Dunham had friends in Oklahoma City -- well outside of Kansas. In fact, the Dunhams had first met their Oklahoma City friends while living in Chicago. Stanley was introduced to my informant as "Mr. Al" , and the Dunhams frequented Oklahoma City restaurants with his parents. "Mr. Al was from Chicago and Lebanon." That comment would explain the "4 addresses in Chicago" I had discovered while tracking real estate aliases for Madelyn L. Dunham. Madelyn never had anything to do with Chicago before that minute detail was discovered. The reference to "Lebanon" is further substantiated by a photo in "The Three Stooges go to Washington, Part 3, " (The Idaho Observer) depicting Stanley Ann donning her NDJ school uniform during a visit by Stanley Armour and Madelyn Dunham.

What was it that could be so damning to the Dunhams that their days spent in Oklahoma City should remain a secret? According to my source, his father and Stanley Armour Dunham "both worked for the CIA." The author independently arrived at the same conclusion, but this revelation, coupled with yet another Tinker AFB connection, set the research in stone. World War II was run out of Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, where Stanley Armour Dunham became a frequent visitor, despite his career as a "furniture salesman."

Pictured (L-R): The unidentified wife (or companion) of Dr. George King, Stanley Armour Dunham, Mrs. Grace Raschke, Dr. George King, Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham, and Wilson & Co./Safeway Foods chemist, Dr. Charles Raschke. This photo, taken sometime between 1946-1948 clearly depicts the Dunhams at a restaurant in Oklahoma City, OK. Stranger still is the unusually casual "intimacy" between at least two of these three couples. The Raschkes first met the Dunhams in Chicago, prior to moving to Oklahoma City. King (center) was "unidentified" in this photo, until the author was directed to listen to a recording describing his "teachings." As is the case with the Dunhams, King's appearance in this photograph disputes any "official" claim to have first arrived in the U.S. in November, 1960 — the same month Stanley Ann Dunham allegedly conceived "Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama, Jr." (The discovery of King's identity is described in detail under the next subtopic heading below.)

And the previously disclosed "Wesley A. Dunham" (also with a wife named "Madelyn") in Oklahoma City, now makes more sense. Madelyn (in Oklahoma City) insisted the "A" in Wesley's middle name stood for "Arnel," though such a record does not exist, except in a single cemetery database entry. Records do show the "A" stands for "Alan," and these new revelations support that conclusion. Both of these "Dunhams" (or the same ones) also worked at Tinker AFB, Madelyn for 37 years, while supporting her "disabled" husband after his having worked there for only a few years. (See "The Three Stooges go to Washington, Part 3," The Idaho Observer.)

What special privileges were accorded the Dunhams, that they should become agents for the international intelligence community? That question would be answered on an Internet blog site, Israel Insider, published by Reuven Koret in Tel Aviv, Israel, which featured a private e-mail communique from a national security lawyer with credible intelligence agency contacts. Having received a death threat regarding the posting of this "insider" information, Koret soon removed the detailed account of Barack Obama, Jr.'s origins, the unexpected death of his "father," the backgrounds of his "surrogate" mother and grandparents, and their CIA/Abwehr associations, citing his concern for his personal safety as the main reason for its removal.

Most astounding to this author, and likely the reader, is the fact that this unsolicited e-mail account details (almost verbatim) the conclusions drawn through independent, painstaking research. In light of the new information presented herein, this excerpted second article, which features the mystery e-mail's disclosures, corroborates the most salient, obfuscated facts. This author does not agree with the hypothesis that Obama is — or ever was — related to Malcom X. Though plausible on the surface, the theory only serves to further obscure the truth.

Is Obama the secret son of Malcom X?
by Reuven Koret, Israel Insider Publisher

In August I received a curious email. As a magazine that covers international politics, with a focus on Mideast affairs, Israel Insider  gets more from its fair share of baseless tips and phony rumors. I ignore most and delete them unread. This one was a bit different. It came from a national security lawyer with extensive credentials and intelligence connections that checked out, and a phone number.

Israel Insider had been running a series of articles exploring the vagaries of Barack Obama's birth, and his concealed documentation, and this was the jumping off point of the email, which confirmed the claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii, that "Mossad are going with Mombasa" but "Proving Mombasa is not so easy, as NSIS in Nairobi are clamming up tight, as are MI6 in London, who have the original Mombasa file and full details of the birth."

He said that "Disproving Honolulu is child's play. You've already shown that the birth certificate put forward by Obama (whose people privately are not denying Mombasa, by the way) is a fake. Why fake it? If he was born in Honolulu he could obtain a genuine one. Hawaii Dept of Health would hardly denounce a potential presidential candidate's birth certificate as fraudulent without cross-checking birth records for August 1961. No birth was registered in the name of Obama in Honolulu in August 1961."

(This last detail may explain why Hawaiian officials last Friday confirmed  that a birth certificate does indeed exist but conspicuously refused to release any details or even confirm that the details conform to those on the computer-generated Certification of Live Birth. The name on the "original" certificate may in fact not be Obama nor the birthplace Honolulu. But Obama's recent visit "to his grandmother" may well have had less to do with her health than eliciting this vague and inconclusive statement from the Hawaiian Health Department.)

The source continues: "There is no evidence Ann Dunham had even met Obama Senior in or around November 1960, the alleged time of conception, indeed it is not even clear Obama was in Honolulu at that time, although he may have been. Ann Dunham was only 17 and although she might have been in Honolulu the timing is tight." "More to the point, she was in neither of the medical centers put forward by the Obama campaign (question: why do they not know in which hospital he was born?) on August 4th, nor are there medical records to back up the claimed birth, nor has an attending physician been named. I've heard of births with the father absent, births with the mother absent a bit trickier."

"There are said to be photos of Ann Dunham on Waikiki Beach taken in or about July 1961, when she is supposed to have been in her third trimester, in a bikini, taken by a fellow female student. AD is clearly not pregnant. Media have not yet talked to fellow students, but it can't be long. There are bound to be other photos of AD in existence taken during the alleged 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Obama campaign are terrified someone will press for her medical records, which have been accessed by CIA."

"Moving to Indonesia the Obama campaign are also suppressing the Indonesian immigration and passport records, which I believe show him as a Kenyan citizen, and the naturalisation records. They have not denied Internet claims he was naturalised in Indonesia. If he was a US citizen there should be a visa record to back that up."

"Obama Senior was murdered in Kenya in 1982 to silence him. Interesting story re his sister Auma as well -- she appears to be a full sister, not a half-sister as he is claiming, i.e. they share the same mother. She was ordered back to Kenya in 2007 to prevent DNA testing .... CIA did a DNA test on the grandparents, using saliva from glasses, which conclusively rules out any relationship between Obama and the Dunhams."

"The source said that the Dunham family became involved because Stanley Dunham, Sr. was suspected of espionage. Boeing, he said, has "a 1944 security file on Stanley Dunham in connection with suspected sabotage of B-17G aircraft at their Wichita Kansas plant and the theft of B-29 blueprints, a full set of which were passed to the German Abwehr via Lisbon by June 1944. Ann Dunham appears to have been chosen as the surrogate mother in 1963 because of the family connection to German Intelligence. German assets in the US, including Rezko, who is connected to the Syrian Mukhabarat and the German DVD, sponsored his career.

"Effectively," the source concludes, "Obama is a German sleeper agent." .....

[This author did question the plausibility of Stanley Ann Dunham being nothing more than a "surrogate" mother, and as my investigative research progressed, it became clear that her own "parents" were likely surrogates as well. By having all three Dunhams turned into "spooks" ("deceased" operatives working undercover) before the 2008 election , the CIA-controlled assets, media, politicians, and corporate interests will prevent public acknowledgment of actual DNA test results. As mentioned in "The Three Stooges go to Washington, Parts 3 and 4, (The Idaho Observer), not only was the "Kansas" story a modern-day version of "The Wizard of Oz," every aspect of the Dunhams' existence is replete with duplicitous, unprovable, or purely fraudulent information — including the "official" documents presented for public consumption. The mainstream media, which used to pounce upon such inconsistencies with impunity, has conveniently become deaf, dumb, and blind to these truths. Their attitude, behavior, and general nonchalance significantly demonstrates just who their controllers really are.]

Dr. George King: Founder of The Aetherius Society
"Blessed is the Great Being known as the Galaxy" is the home-page pronouncement at http://aetherius.org , the official web site of The Aetherius Society. The society's founder, Dr. George King was "born in Shropshire, England on January 23, 1919." King's flowery (but dubious) biography describes a young man raised in a traditionally orthodox Christian environment, though he turned to psychic phenomena to obtain a deeper understanding of causes.

By the time he had reached his early thirties, "King had studied yoga for 10 years, spending from 8-12 hours per day mastering Raja (mental), Gnani (wisdom), and Kundalini yoga." There is no mention of King having studied Hatha (physical) yoga, the most fundamental and precursory of all the yogic disciplines. Instead, via the potentially dangerous fast track to "enlightenment," King professed to have reached "Samadhi," the most elevated state of consciousness one can obtain while residing within the human vehicle. Not only is the above scenario impractical, it is highly unlikely, even bordering on nonsensical.

The "official" description of Dr. King's designation as "Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel," by "the Cosmic Masters of the Solar System," smacks of a Tavistock Institute mind-control project. Proclamations of "Cosmic Teachings and Spiritual Missions" foundational to the "New Age" are tools of the Illuminati, further revealing the true nature of King's mission in America.

Based upon King's previously unknown association with the Dunhams, who, themselves, are reported to have lived in California, it becomes clear that a young Barack Obama may have come under King's tutelage or influence, likely during the period Obama claims to have "attended Occidental College." To this date, Obama has failed to produce any legitimate proof of his attendance at any school. King may have been Obama's "designated handler."

King received several awards for his charitable works for humanity, including The Prize of Peace and Justice (International Union of Christian Chivalry). Prior recipients of this award included "Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, and Albert Schweitzer."

Another notable award King received was "A Grant of Arms" by Her Majesty's College of Arms, London, England. Convincing the Earl Marshall and paying the appropriate fee are the two major criteria for achieving this feat, though it appears to be a privilege usually reserved for those of hereditary distinction in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Dr. George King was also the "Chaplain of the American Federation of Police." Actually, the award mentioned on King's web site omitted the second half of the charity's name — "and Concerned Citizens." Of all police charities, the American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens has the worst rating, consistently ranking last in every category. Out of a potential "four-star" rating, the organization routinely gets a "one," the lowest rating. The group's efficiency rating is roughly 35%, meaning they spend 65% of the funds they raise for "charitable" causes on their members, not on the causes. Of course, there is no mention of a "chaplain's salary."
Dr. King's "awards" raise a few more questions. Why is it that he received an award for "peace and justice?" Where or when has anyone experienced the results of his efforts in these areas? America has literally been at war somewhere on the planet since the days of the Founding Fathers. Is the state of our current U.S. Justice Department and the rule of law an indication of Dr. King's benevolent mission? To be succinct, the author had never heard of Dr. George King receiving these accolades, nor for any other accomplishment.

King has earned another accolade, bestowed by this author, though the members of his cult might disagree. "The Master," as he is still affectionately called by his followers, appears to have been a double agent who worked for both the naval section of Britain's MI6 foreign intelligence (espionage) division and the American CIA. Those two positions put him on par with Stanley Armour Dunham, who worked for U.S. Army intelligence (Ft. Leavenworth) and the CIA. I reached this conclusion about the entire Dunham clan before having seen the photograph (above) or ever having heard about the existence of Dr. Charles Raschke and Dr. George King. The photo merely confirmed my earlier suspicions while revealing previously undisclosed facts about the Dunhams' true whereabouts after WWII.

It is quite unjust, and even anticlimactic, that Dr. King, having spent from 29,200 - 43,800 hours over a 10-year period studying and promoting yoga, never received one award for such devotion — not even an honorable mention. Despite the arduous task of learning and practicing yoga for such a long time, King had not even mastered a "full lotus," the most common physical posture employed during meditation.

Dr. George King 

Dr. George King, “Yoga Master”
and “Master of the Leaning Half-Lotus”
Madelyn Dunham's rise to banking fame
Madelyn L. Dunham was the second of two women promoted to VP of the Bank of Hawaii. At her farewell sendoff, she was described as "honest, a hard worker, and not a racist. She never used foul language." This appraisal was made, at her retirement party, by a male bank employee who eventually went on to head his own escrow and title company after having been hired by Mrs. Dunham. These comments fly in the face of those made by her "grandson."

Dunham was also the chief escrow officer at the bank. Her position afforded her the opportunity to orchestrate the massive money-laundering schemes now found throughout the country via Internet people-search databases. Though her career preceded the advent of the Internet, she easily could have participated with the computer technology then available to the CIA. Hawaii was the perfect location for such activities.

Particularly revealing in the toasting of Dunham's banking career, the speaker described his first day of work, having been handed a file and told, "You're a college grad. Go close this." That statement alone proves that Madelyn Dunham was more than an escrow agent and was actively involved in brokering real estate mortgages -- an apparent "conflict of interest."

What we now have is an accurate assessment of "Toot" Dunham's professional business personality — a complete contradiction of the portrait painted by her "grandson," Barack Obama, Jr. in his previous autobiographical spin. What we had also lacked was a specific description of her banking/real estate/CIA-Abwehr counterintelligence role.

Reports, during the weekend prior to the November 4, 2008 presidential election, that Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham had "died from cancer" were obviously created to divert attention from Obama's "Certificate-of-Live-Birth" woes. The ruse gave him an excuse for being in Hawaii so he and his damage-control team could suppress the evidence that no certificate actually exists. Madelyn's role in the money laundering of bogus real estate transactions is too important in the overall equation. The inevitable demand for DNA testing could be quelled by turning her into yet another "spook." This scenario is a carbon copy of her "daughter's death from cancer in 1995."

Old friends die hard
The Dunhams' connection to Oklahoma City and their covert real estate activities found a home in Warr Acres, OK, where Stanley Ann attended kindergarten. A company that was heavily involved in national and international real estate "development" and social programs, Warr Industries, went on to become Praxis Development in modern times. Today, Praxis represents many high-profile clients, of which one is Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits. The reader will recall the hidden real estate associations discovered in "The Three Stooges go to Washington,Part 4," (The Idaho Observer). It is significant that these relationships involved members of the German Abwehr, otherwise known as the Dachau, DVD.

It is no coincidence that these dots can be connected, especially considering the rebirth of the Nazi party through its relocation to Oklahoma City, OK. Again, their is another connection to Oklahoma Baptist University, where Admiral Wilhelm Canaris (aka Professor Samuel Randall Pittmann) taught law, courtesy of Operation Paperclip. The heir to the Warr Industries fortune recently attended the universityl that offered Canaris asylum through ODESSA -- and the unique opportunity to work for the CIA, who paid for his university residence at 426 West Midland Street, Shawnee, OK.

Obama's Selective Service Registration raises more doubts
In the ongoing saga of Barack Obama Jr.'s fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth, additional forged and altered documents have appeared. Through an FOIA document request, a retired federal agent has obtained Obama's Selective Service Registration card and its accompanying DLN printout sheet. The former agent, Stephen Coffman, points out that the Selective Service System Data Management Center's FOIA response was fulfilled prior to his actual request. The dates on the documents do not follow any logical sequence, nor do they match the dates when Coffman brought these issues to the attention of Selective Service officials.

Again, the public has been given two additional representations of fraud and forgery in two "official" documents. Coffman retired after more than 32 years of government service, his last position having been the "Resident Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement" (ICE) at the Galveston, TX office. As referenced by radio talk show host,  columnist, and attorney Debbie Schlussel, Coffman held a "Secret or higher security clearance for the majority of those years."

According to a column posted by Schlussel at her web site, http://www.debbieschlussel.com/archives/columns /, Obama's "1980" registration for Selective Service is replete with discrepancies. Having studied the document, this author agrees that it is a forgery, along the card's postal stamp, tracking document, and its "DLN" (document location number). The SSR form was "filed" by Obama a few days prior to his 19th birthday, outside of the normal 6-month "grace period." Dated "July 30, 1980" (in Obama's handwriting), the card contains a postal stamp dated "July 29, 1980." Use of that postal stamp was discontinued in 1970, so the "postal stamp" is also fraudulent. Other anomalies exist, and the reader is encouraged to visit the above-referenced link to view the documents in their entirety.

The absolute arrogance of the conspirators behind this fiction called "Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama, Jr." is exactly the "change" the dumbed-down masses were so slyly promised. Obama's selections for his cabinet are nothing but representations of the "same ol' dirt." Despite the overwhelming preponderance of documented — and undocumented — evidence of fraud, forgery, deceit, and corruption now surfacing (incredibly) in the mainstream media, these people feel confident that they are beyond reproach.

Simply stated, if Obama was able to produce at least one genuine document, he would have. His handlers, the original "Architects of Darkness," created this mess in the first place. Their lies and their deceit have all but consumed anything good that remains in the world.

What does concern me (and others who have studied my research) is that it is much easier to tell the truth. The conclusions at which I have arrived are unique — even controversial — especially for his political supporters. The realizations which support this research, and that of others, is compelling and paints an entirely different picture than the one painted by the mainstream media. The media has never really been interested in discovering and reporting the truth. Their interests lie within the realm of profit and how they can maintain their lofty public personas as they brainwash, hoodwink, and propagandize the masses on behalf of their puppet masters.

What sinister sacrifice did a 56-day-old Maryland baby make on December 25, 2004? Who were her parents, and why has a "life trust" in her (alias) name, "Renee L. Abena Bama" (Life Estate), a "Linda B. Hartooka," and "Brian Bama" been assigned to a condominium in S.E. Florida? Will she ever haunt the halls of 10591 E. Clairmont Circle, Unit 111, Tamarac, FL 33321, or had she first awaited the property's October, 2007 closing date?

And if Baby Renee could tell us her thoughts, what would she say about her untimely (but obviously pre-planned) passing? The sacrificial death of "Renee L. Abena Obama" must be investigated, as should the suspicious deaths, in 2007, of three former members of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ. The trails to these four deaths are there. I wonder, "Who in law enforcement has the courage to launch an official investigation? Will anyone finally decide to take the high road and do his/her duty?"

I also wonder for whom little Renee might have cast her vote — knowing what she now knows.