Nirvana - Baby Feeders

Big rock band of the 90s, grunge-out, dude.


Taken summer 1987, boys out and about. Kurt Cobain on right, then the drummer (before Dave Grohl joined the band,) and bassist on left, Krist.

Pic taken in Krist's mother's basement, christmas 1987. Boys play, right after killing and feeding on a young lady, 14 years old. And don't think this is a stage shot, look behind the drummer. You can see the curtains and plugs running off the elect in the ceiling and stuff, like in basements.


 Nirvana's last studio album...say no more, eh?

Nosferatu, fallen angels, vampyre, undead...


Sure, this sucks. Used to like their music - A LOT! But now, many of the lyrics make sense. Songs like POLLY, which is about the abduction, rape, and then murder, of a young teenage woman... Many others. Makes sense now. Kurt, like Eddie from Pearl Jam, or Layne from ALICE IN CHAINS, all talked about the abduction, rape, and murder of young girls. Over and over again.

THey were telling the truth, keeping it real. Used to think, "my...what a dark imagination that guy has..." Now it's, "telling it, eh boys?"

Visible and in our face. The whole time. We just never took these entities at their literal word. We better from now on.

See, because these lizards have been handing us our reality for quite some time now. Once the total reality of it all settles in on your head, then you'll understand. Only then.

And yeah, it sucks. There's no silver lining here, because, THEY'RE FEEDING ON US!

We're lunch. Understand? Lunch.




12/26/2004 10:15:00 am by cbswork