Not Evil Just Wrong (DVD)
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Not Evil Just Wrong is the film Al Gore and Hollywood are working hard to make sure you canít and donít see.

Too late. On Sunday, Oct. 18, more than 400,000 Americans helped make the launch of Not Evil Just Wrong the largest simultaneous film premiere party in U.S. history, airing on more than 7,000 screens in all 50 states.

With the hard work behind us, itís time now to count our blessings and celebrate our successes Ė right? Hardly. Right now in a classroom in Illinois, Al Goreís An Inconvenient Truth is being taught to our children as an article of science, not faith. Right now at a dinner table in Indiana, a husband and wife are looking at their kids, wondering what they might have to do if the factory in town is forced to shut down by mandate from Washington.

The premiere is over. The crowds have gone home. And the mainstream press is breathing easy once again Ė convinced that the story is dead, the buzz has gone silent, and the message we had driven to this point has run its ultimate course.  

Theyíre wrong: And your continued support for this film, its message, and this campaign will help us prove it. With your help, we can bypass the barriers to distribution that have been put up to stop you from hearing the truth.